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My Last Plea

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    If you remember this thread:

    I sent 2 emails to eidos support, they sent 2 back, but their reply didnt seem right. They told me to try something that has nothing to do with the game, and the second thing they told me was this:,983

    Again, this has nothing to do with the way Ford Racing is made. I'm starting to wonder do eidos even care about the game, yet alone, are they the ones who made it?

    I sent them a 3rd email, with this file attach:

    This is the controller data in the game, and i sent them the file so maybe, just maybe they can look at the file and maybe fix what needs to be fix. But its been like 6 days, and no word yet.

    So my last plea, if anyone owns this game or if you know anything about fixing stuff lol, please look at the dat file in notepad or wordpad, or buy the game and try the game out on your controllers.

    If i cant get any help, i will break the game, then throw it in the trash in a few days. I own the xbox version which is amazing btw, so i am not mad, just confused on how people can make a game, then dont even care about it, yet alone lie on the back of the box or put false information on the box.

    On the back of the box, it says a joypad/controller-10 button is supported, but yet none of the controllers work, hell it even has controller layout options in the config game settings, but amazing, when you remap the controllers, you start the game, it doesn't work.

    WOW, just WOW.
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    55 views, no reply.

    Oh well, i'm done, game going into the trash. Thanks alot eidos, for making a game and not caring. I just love the tech support here, really i do.

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    Apparently, Eidos does not care about it's customers.

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    or they dont care about ford racing lol.

    I still have the game, and when i get back from work tonight, i will mess around and see what i can do, really see can i fix whatever needs fixing. Infact i will try up until sat night, if i cant do it by then, i will just give up.

    And if i fix something, i will let you know.

    The xbox version is fun, and if you have a xbox you should buy it. But i do want the whole collection of ford games on the pc. I already have ford racing 2001, ford racing 2002, ford racing 2003, now i want to keep ford bold.

    Btw, another ford game is coming out for the pc:

    I sure hope you can use a damn controller lol.

    Also like i said if you own a xbox, check out the list:

    I just bought this game called: ford vs chevy, its pretty good also.

    Peace, wish me luck on trying to fix the problem.