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Thread: Falsified review scores on main K&L Page? (merged)

Falsified review scores on main K&L Page? (merged)

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    Originally Posted by TimmyTheGreek
    Thank you for doing my all-time favorite internet oxymoron. There's nothing that brings a smile to my face quite like the irony of someone, anyone, saying "your an idiot". It ranks right up there with "You're to stupid to understand" or the like.
    I know the feeling. I had the same smile when you claimed every rumor under discussion aren't rumors.

    Oh btw
    Originally Posted by TimmyTheGreek
    "You're to stupid to understand" or the like.
    should be
    Originally Posted by TimmyTheGreek
    "Your to stupid to understand" or the like.
    not to be grammatically correct of course, but for your example of "internet oxymoron" as you put it.

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    No, in the 2nd example, the improper use of the word "too" is the draw that most people usually fall into.

    Anyhow, you bore me. You've been slurping that same Kool-Aid the corporate shill has been downing, but you're infinitely less interesting since one could argue that you are legitimately bamboozled, whereas he is obviously just trying spin. Move along.

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    Certainly didn't come here to entertain you. Maybe you should find something better to do than join forums just to claim rumors are true.

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    As a graphic designer, I find it inconceivable that the person responsible for adding 5 stars above a review would not understand that it would be mis-interpreted as a '5 out of 5 stars' review/endorsement for the game.

    I have absolutely no doubt that the stars were added to consciously misrepresent the 'reviews' for the game. To argue otherwise would be to insult the intelligence of everyone here. We all know that this 'design decision' was not a coincidence.


    On top of which, this quote by Gamespy is STILL under the 'Latest Press' section of the Kane & Lynch website:

    Which seems disingenuous when this was a comment about a preview copy back in July...

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    Wow, Eidos. You truly disappoint me, I'm actually ashamed of being your customer thus I won't buy any of your games, ever again.

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    I wish people would turn on their brains.

    In the real world no company will ever fire someone who is considered an asset to the company over a single complaint. If someone complains about you (and neither I nor anybody but those 2 or 3 people involved know if anyone did or not in this case) and you get fired, you had it coming for a long time. So blaming anything else but that company's internal politics without proof of anything else is imprudent.

    Everything else is conspiracy theories and mob mentality.

    We are done here.

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