Thread: Failed to join game session PC

Failed to join game session PC

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    Failed to join game session PC

    I have not been able to join 1 game because of failed to join game session what do i need to do to get it to work?... And i use computer

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    Do you have any firewall software or a hardware firewall in a router on your network? make sure kaneandlynch.exe is allowed to access the internet. In case you may need to open and/or forward ports to your PC on your router, here are the ports which GFW Live! requires:

    Ref: GFW Live 'Troubleshoot Sign In'

    HTML Code:
    Source                    Destination
    UDP 1024-5000             UDP 88
    UDP 3074                  UDP 3074

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    ok thanks will try that now respond back if it wont work.. I have no problems connecting to live just joining games

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    yeah, blocking kaneandlynch.exe in a firewall makes no difference to getting connected to live (when I tried it at least) but it may affect the actual connection to the master server for listing the games and/or joining/hosting.

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    ive been experiencing problems as well. i'll play a Fragile Alliance session and wether i host or not doesnt matter, the very next session always crashes my game, and in order to get it running again i have to restart my PC. so in short, to play 5 sessions i need to reboot my pc 5 times. my firewall is not blocking K&L so im lost. it hasnt always been like this either it just started happening this week

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    This is a problem I have too, I can create and host a game that people can join but it's impossible for me to join any other game that's been created, I haven't been able to enter a single one yet. It's a frustrating problem.

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    Somebody got a solution yet? Its really annoying, I just started loving FA and now it doesn't work anymore! All of a sudden only approximately 1 out of ten sessions work for me

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    *sigh* Such a great game w/ great MP with such evil bugs.

    I have this too, but I've noticed often the reason I cant join is cuz the game already started.