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Thread: Where do you want to go in Deus Ex 3? (post your top three picks)

Where do you want to go in Deus Ex 3? (post your top three picks)

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    Where do you want to go in Deus Ex 3? (post your top three picks)

    The original Deus Ex had great locations: the statue of Liberty, New York City, Hong Kong, Paris, Area 51/Naval Base/Bunker ... Then in DX:IW there were Seattle, Cairo, Trier (what the hell?) and Antarctica (followed by the Statue of Liberty again to make 5)... not quite as cool and the maps were all pretty small. I really hope that we have some big cities for this one!

    My top three picks:
    1. Washington DC
    The original Deus Ex had a great political edge to it which made the plot more relevant and interesting; from the analysis of the trailer images it has been suggested that this game might be going back to an era in the DX universe even closer to now than the first game was. Besides being the perfect city for a politically charged storyline, DC is one of the most recognizable cities in the world. It would look great in trailers, would start the game on a really high note if it began on the Mall near the Washington Monument and the Capitol (maybe if there were demonstrations there for/against the Biopolitic Act?), and it would be really fun to run around the capitol in the game!

    2. Tokyo, Japan
    This one is a no-brainer. Invisible War didn't seem like it was as global a game as the first Deus Ex; they completely forgot Asia! Hong Kong was one of the best locations in Deus Ex. I think game developers tend to avoid using Tokyo because it seems too huge, but all you would need are a couple metro stops: Hachiko crossing in Shibuya, Akihabara, maybe Yoyogi Park? Maybe you could take a bullet train across the countryside? I have to think that pretty much all DX nerds would love to go to Tokyo. One of the best locations I can imagine for DX3!

    3. Rome, Italy
    When you think of great European cities this has to be right at the top of the list! Recognizable architecture and an epic sense of history, which would fit in well with all of the Leonardo Da Vinci stuff. Rome would be the perfect place to go to find out more about the Illuminati and historical secret societies. Another great possibility for the European city would be Venice - I remember really enjoying the canal section of Hong Kong in DX (even after beating the game several times I was still finding new stuff down there) and it would provide a totally different feel.

    Where do you want to go in the next Deus Ex game?

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    1. Whole World Trade Center building , New York and some mission parts from streets of New York.

    2. Whole Pentagon building, Washington DC and some mission parts from streets of Washington.

    3. Area 51, and some small ghost villages outside Area 51 or in Nevada.

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    1. Siberia - Somewhere with wide open terrain and forests where the old Soviet establishment managed to hide secret projects aimed at designing super agents.

    2. Australia - Where groups of survivalists have camped and trained for so long, waiting for the rest of the world to destroy itself, that some of them have even begun taking a more active role in the process.

    3. Some city affected and greatly changed by climate change such as:
    - London - Made much colder by the Gulfstream being shutdown.
    - Venice - Reconstructed to deal with a higher sea level.
    - Cape Canaveral, Florida - Abandoned after being mostly destroyed by recurring category 7 hurricane superstorms (also a consequence of Gulfstream shutdown). Besides, space missions are now launched via one of a number of space elevators established along the equator.

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    Jerusalem (no Illuminati style story is complete without involvement from Israel.)


    Buenos Aires



    And yes, Venice would be fun as hell! More variety with some underwater action going on.

    And, some action in air would be good too. As much as I hate to say it, I would like to see Deus Ex kinda use a formula like James Bond movies. There is almost always some action in every movie in each of the following terrains:


    I would like to see that as well. We had a *little* water in the original Deus Ex. I'd liketo see more. I'd also like to see some air action, maybe similar to No One Lives Forever, but definitely more involved and a little more serious.

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    Not to be arsey but I really dont care WHAT the locations are as long as they are BIG and EXPLORABLE.
    Even the tiniest hint of those minature shoe box levels from IW will have me on a plane to Canada....

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    Jerusalem is a very good idea. I would like to see the fate of the middle east in a the near deus ex future .

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    Originally Posted by eightbits
    Jerusalem (no Illuminati style story is complete without involvement from Israel.)
    /Godot slaps forehead!

    Too right, eightbits. How could I forget Jerusalem?

    However, I hope they move away from the usual Muslim vs non-Muslim conflict in the background. Most futurists and writers like Salman Rushdie predict many Muslim vs Muslim conflicts, rather like the 30 years war between Protestants and Catholics but on a much larger scale.

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    Yeah, I agree. No need for modern/futuristic Judaeo-Christian/Islamic conflict. That would actually hurt the game and (dare I say) the purity of the Deus Ex story. Deus Ex really doesn't need it and can't really benefit from it.

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    I would quite like Liberty Island to feature in DX3.

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    Originally Posted by humbug
    I would quite like Liberty Island to feature in DX3.
    Actually, yes: I guess it should, shouldn't it?

    What decides a lot of this is going to be how they continue teh plot. How much of IW will be acknowledged and what ecning will they refer to.

    Unlick the amalgamation of Deus Exs endings that IW went for in its backdrop, the endings IW are very disperate.

    In fact, looking at the images of persecution, segregationg and hatred toward nanotech in the trailer, I would guess that they went for the extreme Knights Templar ending?

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    I hope they make it a prequel to the first Deus Ex. If they put it later, they should basically just forget that IW happened.

    And Jerusalem would be a great location!

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    Jerusalem could be cool, but to be honest, I'm tired of the Nights Templar and all that. We need some new conspiracies! (Methinks it's time to write a book about the plots of the Space Gorgons quickly)

    As to locations...

    I'd like to revisit New York.
    Somewhere in the far east is necessary (The Tokyo idea is cool, or maybe somewhere less travelled)
    Here. (Maybe I'm a bit biased... South Africa's probably better for GTA )

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    Definately NOT somewhere in Africa, or somewhere outside the city. In both Dx and DX:IW the more exotic places were way less fun and had a less good atmosphere (outside Vandenberg in DX and Caïro in DX:IW).
    -I'd like to revisit New York.
    -I'd like to revisit Hong Kong or visit Tokyo.
    -Somewhere in Europe would be cool, but not in an 'ancient' city like Trier. London would be nice.
    -Moskou or some other big city in Russia.

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    1.) It is a must to return to New York. Deus Ex 1 began and Deus Ex 2 ended on Liberty Island. It's only fitting to return there.

    Hopefully, like Deus Ex 1, there is access to a city block as well.

    2.) A high-tech lab/facility, could be located anywhere. Deus Ex is all about high-tech areas.

    3.) Anywhere but Egypt.

    Any other location should only be introduced because it's necessary for story progression. I don't think it's necessary to just put the character in a place for the sake of showing an exotic environment (a jungle-setting wouldn't make sense in Deus Ex gameplay-wise).

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    See Canada in there somewhere..

    Id love to see somewhere in Canada mabe added..Toronto..the C.N tower would be an interesting rescue, and Las Vegas would be a neat place. Mabe Quebec you could include something about the Duclair heritage, ya I know the whole Paris thing...just an idea

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    Ocean Lab

    Id also love to see another Ocean Lab, I guess ATLANTIS would be a tad far fetched lol

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    A small hick village ?
    Cuba ?
    Jerusalem, definitely.
    And New York, but this time in a really posh neighborhood

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    Originally Posted by JoeGreensKiller
    Id also love to see another Ocean Lab, I guess ATLANTIS would be a tad far fetched lol
    Absolutely. There's something infinitely fascinating about Ocean Labs.

    Much moreso than run-down countries like Jerusalem and Cuba.

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    I would definately like to go to:

    1) New York (Liberty Island), just like in the first game! (--> must have for every Deus Ex game!)
    2) Tokio, as someone already mentioned...
    3) Some mysterious place like Area 51. This has to add up with the whole conspiracy theme in the game

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    Ya the Ocean Lab was my fav hands down, but I was thinking about and, there was AREA 51 and it is sort of shrowded in mystery, so im going to say ATLANTIS again, minus the far fetched.

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    In invisible war you had post-collapse safehold cities built on the ruins of classic old ones like Cairo. Most of the world population had been killed off and the remaining people are left impoverished and politicized. And it's all connected by some sort of super bandwidth internet for disseminating ideas.

    Just make the cities bigger and have some sort of transport system like the amazing magLev in Minority Report that goes up buildings.

    I would do a partially submerged Arcology in New York with rising sea level.
    Or a huge corrupt Moscow city with a MagLev connecting the districts. So you have districts for:
    industry: arms, technology, food manufacture etc

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    Real locations

    I just hope that the game goes to distinctive real places. One of the coolest things about Deus Ex 1 were the New York levels that had such famous landmarks in them such as the Statue of Liberty and Castle Clinton. Even Hong Kong seemed real with the market and the apartment buildings. France was awesome as well.

    Area 51 was kind of boring. That location has been in a million games.

    In Deus Ex 2, the locations looked nothing like anything in the real world. The only exception was maybe the part in Germany. Seattle was really really bad. Cairo and Antarctica were stupid too.

    Anywhere would be cool, as long as it seems like a real place. Washington DC would be amazing.

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    Los Angeles, DC, Moscow.

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    there was definitely a pattern to the settings in the deus ex games. you start off in secret base inside a major american city, then an emergency forces you into the main part of the city (most of the action taking place in the slums). then you hitch a ride to an "exotic" non-western location. then you wind up in a European city where you meet the head of the Illuminati and assault paramilitary troops holed up in a church. then pretty much the rest of the game plays out in secret labs and military bases.

    and yeah, i'm poking fun at the cliche, but this motif seems to work. here are some ideas that i would like to see -

    a southern city - like Dallas, or Atlanta. or hey - new Orleans. that would actually be perfect, with all of the paranoia arising after the shoddy government response to Katrina.

    a major Indian city, like Bombay or Delhi. by the time that this game is set, India could very well be the 1st or 2nd largest economy in the world. this would also be an opportunity to play on the nuclear tensions between India and Pakistan. however, this would only work if DX3 were a prequel, because i think in DX1 there was a book stating that at some point India and Pakistan had actually exchanged nuclear warheads. so in case that doesn't work out, my backup choice is Moscow. you'd definitely have to deal with the Russian Mob, the FDR, and/or a political faction that wants to restore Communism. Maybe if you make certain in-game choices, they could send a Russian Intelligence Assasin after you.

    A space station. maybe the ISS, maybe a base on the moon, but it would be so badass to have to assault a space station. i would really like the idea of being able to aquire a space suit and spacewalk out on the surface of the station. but the gravity would be so weak that if you jumped you would float away. and die.

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    Originally Posted by joseph5891
    A space station. maybe the ISS, maybe a base on the moon, but it would be so badass to have to assault a space station. i would really like the idea of being able to aquire a space suit and spacewalk out on the surface of the station. but the gravity would be so weak that if you jumped you would float away. and die.
    That would be Deus Ex 3's "The Library".

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