Thread: My Rating is 4/5 **spoilers**

My Rating is 4/5 **spoilers**

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    My Rating is 4/5 **spoilers**

    Well I am finished the game, took a little longer than I thought, but overall it is an amazing game.
    The Story was better than any Die Hard or Rambo movie by far. I found my self laughing when they broke back into prison. There are amazing graphics, the Tokyo Night club scene is kick ass, and reminiscent of the Tom Cruise Jamie Fox movie. The street scene after the tower and the bank scene reminded me of Heat. I can't rave about the graphics and storyline enough. The only problem is the game play... Not only was it like everything was underwater, slow, and my system far exceeds the min requirments.
    I found a lot of the time when you would want to snap too at a corner to look around, it wouldn't and if you were crouched and wanted to move slowly, you got stuck. If it had been a lesser game I would have stopped playing, but the graphics and story kept me involved.

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    Thumbs Down

    You should have at least put *SPOILERS* in the header,
    I did not want to know what they did, done, doing or even considering of
    try taking into consideration people who have not got as far/completed like you

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    Some people are funny

    Well ok, I didn't think I reveled anything of value, a bank and nightclub scene....

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    u didnt reveal anything valuable, that guy is just being a jerk.

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    Yea, those things were mostly all in trailers.

    And is a friggin game where you rob things, how could there not be a bank?