Thread: [Workaround] - Framerate bug (low FPS)

[Workaround] - Framerate bug (low FPS)

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    [Workaround] - Framerate bug (low FPS)

    Discussed in this thread

    Figured I would save people digging through a 4 page thread.

    If you're experiencing the bug where framerate ingame appears to suddenly drop to 1 frame every 3-5 seconds, there is sort of a 'fix' .. ok bad word, more of a 'workaround'.

    You are probably using a USB keyboard (and the majority experiencing this are specifically using the Saitek Eclipse II). If this is the case, disconnecting your USB keyboard should resolve the issue.

    From what I've heard, plugging your keyboard into a USB->PS/2 adapter is resolving the problem, however you may also have luck with other USB keyboards. So if you have an older/alternate keyboard, try using that.

    Hope ya'll find this info helpful and if you want use the link at the top of this post to discuss the issue further.

    Possible FIX: Thanks to prefix for this one ... Go into your device manager, look for something(s) called "Human Interface Device". You may find 1 or more of these, disable them. You will not necessarily be able to disable them all. Start up the game, and you should be ok.

    This has been tried on both Vista AND XP, and appears to resolve this for atleast some people. Will post if this is a fix for all people as feedback is provided.

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    Top man. I'll sticky this for ease of reference

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    I'm sure this will fix all the problems, until i see otherwise

    if so can i get sent a free copy of the game?

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    hmm so if i disable the kb...HOW DO I PLAY?

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    I got a Saitek Eclipse II keyboard too, but disabling HID just disables the entire keyboard making it impossible to play the game

    I've contacted Saitek to hear if they got any suggestions.

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    This "fix" is unacceptable, other games run fine. Will this be fixed?

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    Bluetooth Keyboard also affected

    I just find out my Bluetooth Keyboard also affected by this framerate bug and crash more offen than USB keyboard.

    I´m using the Logitech DiNovo Media Desktop.

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    Yeah, that's BS. What kind of game would not support USB keyboards? This does not seem like the reason, as I am using an ITSG regular USB keyboard, and I'm also experiencing lag every 1 to 5 seconds.

    OMG, this game is BS with all its issues.

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    Hello there,

    i got this bug, too. problem is I dont use USB devices, so it cant be the keyboard, and theres also no devices listed in the HID menu.

    any idea how to fix it ? I tried 2 different PS/2 keyboards and it happens with both

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    Wicked Sweet

    wow this worked like a charm (disabling the hid's)

    i have the saitek eclipse 2 kb, and its through usb. i noticed when i unplugged the keyboard, the framerate was fine. couldnt find the adapter to plug it in to the kb port, thought i was screwed. i got game tap for 99 cent for the first month just to play this game (then im cancelling most likely, i know, cheap lol. if they get some more good games i'll stay tho)

    one question tho

    what effect on other games will disabling all that hid stuff do? im not a total moron with pc's, i built my current set up from scratch (q6600, 8800 gt superclocked 512, gamestream 700w psu, 2 gigs crucial ballistix ram, xclio super tower) and i play pretty much every fps there is. anything that u can blow stuff up in, or noob ppl, i play.

    i also frap (game video recorder) alot and video edit

    just wondering do i have to go back and enable all that hid stuff when i play other games and frap etc?

    im gonna post a link to this topic over at the game tap forums. theres a few ppl having this issue and it could fix up some of em

    big props to the person who found this work around

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    As a Newbie, I am always searching online for stuff that can help me. Thank you for your help.

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    I am not using a USB keyboard and get a servere case of this problem to the extent I can't play the game if I want to, like move or look anywhere. There seems to be no answer as to what causes it for me. It's been over a week and I've not been able to play a game I've purchased which is pretty poor form. I doubt me or any of my friends are going to get Kane and Lynch 2.