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Kane and Lynch lifesize statue

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    Exclamation Kane and Lynch lifesize statue

    Hi folks,

    Since Oxmox already put them on their website, there is no reason to hold this back anymore.

    After several lifesize Laras and a Hitman statue, now is the time to ooohhh and aaaahhh about the next work of wonders by Oxmox.

    These statues already are an Eidos tradition. Designed by Studio Oxmox and produced by the German company Muckle these statues are the height of any collectors dream. Unfortunately they can not be bought directly from the manufacturer and are, as you can imagine, insanely expensive.
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    So what you're really saying here is ... "neener-neener we have one and you dont"

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    They are too cool. They even have eyelashes.

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    wow thats cool

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    Originally Posted by Keir
    They are too cool. They even have eyelashes.
    So they stand in IO office? When you posted the photo of the opening event, I thought these were some actors dressed as K&L.

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    Kane is probably saying, "Why the did you Kill the hostages!?"

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    Nice! I really want one of these for the office. I think I know what's going on my Christmas list.

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    I think this might call for a competition with a very special prize

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    Originally Posted by Keir
    I think this might call for a competition with a very special prize
    Ohhhhh . 24-hour tournament, everyone starts at $0 and the man with the most total Heist money at the end of 24 hours walks away with it.

    I'd participate in anything to win this bad boy.

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    Now that's just awesome

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    Seen that in person in Game in Kingston - was quite impressive

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    Well, if they were made, which I hope they would, I'd like them to be articulated, unlike that hideous hitman figure. I belive SOTA TOYS would do an awesome job. I have the SF Guile figure, and its the best video-game adaptation I've seen, with crazy details.

    PLEASE! WE WANT THE FIGURES! Or at least I do

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    Originally Posted by Kairiaku^
    Now that's just awesome

    But whoa! Kane is not partially bald! So the first version of Kane had normal hair?

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    I 2nd that, some 7" or 12" tall figures would be nice.

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    I saw those two at D3 - at first I was like "WTF!", then a second later, I saw that it was Kane and Lynch
    Pic, hurr;

    oobs, a little oversized, I hope you can live with that.

    What does one of those things cost anyway?
    Would be AWESOME to have one XD