Thread: **DEV's.. please read!**

**DEV's.. please read!**

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    **DEV's.. please read!**

    Love the game.

    But im worried about the mp part.
    You guys need to fix these things or its doomed online.

    - Full rotation of the map list(just one map and then back to mainscreen?!)

    - Atleast 4-5 more maps (4 just not gonna cut it) and make them free or you will split up the community with the ones who bought them and the ones who dident.

    - More upgrades

    - Another gametype maybe? (2vs2 against the A.I, still the same but with a rival gang also trying to get the heist/score)

    - the ability to atleast pick one of the different characters

    - minimum of 3 players to start a game


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    Thanks for your post. I'm compiling a list of feedback which I'll pass onto the dev guys.

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    Originally Posted by Keir
    Thanks for your post. I'm compiling a list of feedback which I'll pass onto the dev guys.
    Thx, appreciated keir.

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    I just wanted to say that we are here and we are listening to the input from the community.

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    I'd like to be able to textchat. Both in the wait-menu and ingame.

    Also dedicated servers will boost the online activity.

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    Originally Posted by Zacker
    I just wanted to say that we are here and we are listening to the input from the community.
    Welcome to the forum!

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    Originally Posted by Xcom
    Welcome to the forum!

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    Originally Posted by Zacker
    I just wanted to say that we are here and we are listening to the input from the community.
    Makes me warm inside.
    Thx for replying and congrats to an awsome game.
    Hopefully you guys can fix the minor stuff with the mp part so that this game will be played for a long time online.

    Oddly enough, i have yet to suffer from any weird lag or instable netcode.. this is usually a common problem when developers make their first mp game.
    Not in IO's case though

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    Absolutely love a lot of aspects from this game, but I also have a few things to say which make this game less great then it could've been. Just want to help clear some bugs out of the way, and share me and my brothers thoughts about some new additions to the game that maybe can come back in the form of downloadable content.

    1. Sometimes the game hangs itself after a random round. The screen goes black after a random playround and you can't even go to the Xbox Live Dashboard anymore. Absolutely no button works from there on. This is something that I would concider as severe and game-breaking.

    2. A few times I encountered that while I was connecting to an online game that didn't show it was already full, it kicked me back to the menu and come up with something like the following: "Failed to join game..."

    3. In the Disco level a lot of people where just running around in very small circles. Didn't make sence really, and it took away some of the fantastic ambience that was hannging around in there.

      On one balcony (the one near the exit door to the roof) there where also still people dancing the night away while I was killing agents. They just didn't seem to matter.

    4. Cops where still sitting in the car a few times during online mode. They could shoot the players, but the players couldn't hit them. Only possible way to kill them was to blow up the car.

    5. One time the player model disappeared during online mode and there was an MP5 running around the map.

    6. One time I blowed up the getaway-van and it just dissapeared right after it exploded. David Copperfield eat your heart out!

    7. The AI needs a good tweak I suppose. Even on the hardest difficulty the NPC's do a little much weird stuff. For example:

      • Hide behind a pillar without doing anything after being hit.
      • Run outside while everyone is shooting in that direction.
      • Go from standing position to kneeling position a few times after eachother. This while being out in the open as a target. Looks really hilarious if you ask me.
      • Walk in every direction except the one to take good cover. NPC's just can't decide which way to run... As in: left, right, left, right, kneel, stand, left, back, left, etc. Looks really dumb and makes me feel that I'm playing a videogame.
      • Civillians just run into walls and all kinds of silly directions instead of getting to the exit or safe places to hide.

      Make enemy's a little tougher by including a little more waypoints on the map for them or something. I don't know how it's programmed in the background, but the developers will ofcourse. Enemy's hit you allright, but they aint smart enough to take some clever cover. Most of the time they are just not paying any attention to whats happening. Thats why the game is a little too easy. Especially in the online mode. They also don't fire quick enough after they see you or your teammates which gives you the (unfair) advantage of pumping them full of lead way too quick.

      For me this is the most game-breaking thing to be honest. If this get repared then the game will absolutely rock!

    8. Speaking of the online mode; there could be some more maps in there as well. If there where a total of 8 to 10 maps it would be a lot more variated mode to play. A little more teamwork in the new maps would also be quite welcome.

      Maybe so that teammates need to take different directions once inside and keep control over their particular section of the map.

      Place the money in two seperate rooms. It will raise suspision between players to the max. They will need to do the seperate rooms together or split up in two party's.

    9. There also need to be more cops and some more civillians in the maps as well I think. At the moment it's a little too easy to go in gunsblazing and get the job done. The focus is too much on the players betrading eachother. Players can just shoot eachother at the beginning of a round and then continue the game on their own. Personally I think that you better have the players play together up to a certain point during the mission

    10. Maybe add a map cycle for the online mode as well. Comes in very handy if you ask me because there are some players that would like to play longer with eachother sometimes. By adding a map cycle they could do a few maps together instead of going back to the mainscreen all the time and meet eachother by luck or becoming friends right away.

    11. Customisable characters would be great in online mode. Create an appearance to you likings. Not too much options, but still a few so that it would feel a little more personal instead of playing with a random character.

    12. More weapons (where's the Shotgun?) in online mode would also rock!

    13. And last but not least; tweak the hide/cover option. At the moment it feels a little like a broken magnet. You sometimes get sucked to the wall immediately, and sometimes it just doesn't want to. Maybe tweak this so that playermodels get a little stickier while running into something. Don't know if this is just some parameter that could be tweaked or something.

      The Gears of War system is by far the best method to do this kind of trick. But it's a little too late to add that to the game now I guess.

    It may look like a lot of negativity towards the game, but it's not! Just want to help a little by making this game greater then it already is.

    Thanks for reading! I hope the development team will put this to good use!

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    Btw, im on the xbox 360.

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    My comments were also about the Xbox 360 version of the game.

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    Another thing that just hit me (while sitting alone in my hosted game....)

    Why not make it joinable game in progress? But people joining sit in spectate until next round starts.

    And make it possible to start even if your alone, that way you can atleast run around and shoot people, learn the maps, find routes and hidingplaces etc.

    I love playing with 8 people, but sitting there for 15-20 minutes waiting for my room to fill up?... nah.. that sucks.

    I have also noticed that people tend to start betraying other players towards the last round, not before.. i think its because after that round they get kicked back to main menu so they dont have to face their victims on the next map (if there was a map rotation)...

    This would be much better if there was map rotation, then the grudge would carry over to the next map and eventually there would be alot of grudgy people on the server, all paranoia about who will betray who... lol.

    This isent the case now though.. everyone works together, escapes, split the cash and the same through all the rounds but the last.. where one or maybe two players have the guts to betray the other players.

    Fix this dev's... please?

    - Join in progress
    - Map rotation
    - 1 player start

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    on the ps3 version, it would help if i could talk to my team so would it be possible to get a chat feture online in a update or patch and i think it would be better if i could customize my wee robber guy i give him the wepons i liked in single player like the shotgun. plus it needs more maps and more dedicated servers its realy hard to get in a game sometimes and when you get in the game they're is not enough players to start let me know if anything can be done so i know if its a good idea to get rid of this game

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    also thy're needs to be more gaame modes like 4v4 tdm or capture the breifcase

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    hi everyone.
    there are two problems that i think should be fixed.

    you should be able to use ethernet cards that are integrated onto the motherboard, apparently some of these cause a windows live problem, which might be much bigger than the scope of this game.

    more importantly, you should be able to play as lynch, at least after finishing the game in solo-play campaign. Not many people want to have another person crowded around their computer to play co-op in the first place. online co-op should also be available.

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    hi, I like this game alot, i think that its a game you can play over and over. but it seems that the online mode, is laking maps. <im no one to say> but i play the game alot and it seems it was rushed... dont get me wrong.

    >> im just putting this out> on the online mode i think you should join the 7 as a person that you can create( the customization of guns and looks.) it would be cool, because as your rank gets higher the better guns you can buy and kevellar.(i know that it would take along time to do & this and the game is allready out, but keep in mind if you make a expanshion to the game it would be a great feature!)

    >>Also if there was an online mode where you have 4 cops and 4 robers off the bat it could turn into a crazy battle because alot of the time a cop will turn on all the other cops and kill the cops, therefor he now is a rober and nolonger has a only 10% income of found cash.( ONCE YOUR DEAD YOUR DEAD, that will cause the teams to work together)

    >> i also think, if the mic chat was set to a proxcemity it would make the game more team envoled, so the people would first stick close before geting the money.

    >> possibly be able to pick up guns and heal teamates !ONLY ONCE!

    >>i thin level in a drug lords mansion would be a cool level

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    Hi there, I just registered to post some things that need fixing.
    I bought the game 1 month ago, for the PS3. And its awesome feels like a heat movie but i have never been able to play it online, EVER!!

    1. I can never play online with Kane and Lynch. (If you need i can record what is goin on.) I start PS3. Sign in PSN. Load up the game. Select Multiplayer FA. Ranked. Try "Quick Match" Says Joining room. Then Joining Lobby..

    I wait. then It will say Failed to join lobby, and quit back to main menu.
    watch the intro all over again. try again to join this time i try a custom server search. Join a server 1/4 players. I get to join the lobby, then wait 10 - 15 minutes. Finally the game loads. And i get so excited thinking i get to play.
    Then I see the game starts whoohoo.. Then 3 seconds later everyone gets kicked. It will say blablbla left. And you get to the screen that says "Lost connection to host."

    So I try to host a 4 player server. Guys join in and game starts to load. get the briefing. Game loads and we start to play but then again 3 or 4 seconds everyone is kicked. I have also tried over 1 hour to try and join a game, but it never ever works. This is making me so mad that i want to put the game disc into a microwave. and think i got the game for 60bucks.

    I have Burnout Paradise Demo, and timeshift and i never get any problems with those game in online play.

    And this is not only me that this is happening to. Alot of people are having this problem.

    The Devs need to figure out how to fix this problem.
    My connection is 512 to 780kbs, but i can't do any port forward since its controlled by the ISP. But i can play any games online without problems except for when the ISP connection is dead from a power outage.
    oh and Im in Asia and have imported region 2 of the game K&L

    And there are lots of servers to chose but I always get rejected or lost connection or cant even join the lobby..

    2. Sitting and fumbling with your thumbs for 15 - 30min for some to join really really makes me want to quit the game. You join a server for 6 players.
    there is already 4 waiting. But how long did they wait ? 4 or 10 min. then leaves the game and we would have to wait allover again. Im sure In your game test with the online multiplayer you already had people ready to join and start.

    In the real world we have to wait for players to join to start the damn game.
    And not everyone will wait 5min just to fill a server to start loading the game.

    My suggestion is to be able load the game and have like a warm up round until enough players actually join.And players joining would be in warm up also, and the game would the automatically start FA when the server/host has enough players.

    For PS3 please fix these problems..

    These are my only requests, and if more maps came with the patch that would be a nice bonus to add Love the game, but the multi part makes me was to burn the game.

    PS: I have read "Tech problems FAQ" But i didn't find anything for the PS3

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    I'm considering to buy this game. I'll get it even without these fixes you mentioned but... how big are the odds that they will acctually fix/add these things. It rarley happens, but I bet IO wants to fix the games flaws, so I hope they will listen and fix/add the things listed.

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    Hey can any of the IO Guys please give us a release on the DLC I mean it has been more then 3 months now guy has the Downloadble Conetent atleast have been submitted to microsoft for testing yet or what?

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    Originally Posted by Zacker
    I just wanted to say that we are here and we are listening to the input from the community.
    Coop for PC is a joke and Modding support would be nice.