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Thread: Voting- Screenshot contest- Round XIV

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    Voting- Screenshot contest- Round XIV

    Time for voting!

    Give 3 points for your favourite entry, 2 for your second and 1 for your third.

    Everybody can vote and voting will end on Sunday 12/01.

    Entries can be viewed here:

    Treeble - Bet you wish you could do that, huh?!

    Rai004 - "Lara couldn't help notice, the bungee team had made cutbacks"

    Milli Croft- Sporty Lara

    LO - Lara goes swinging in the Red Light District

    humbug- I guess it's lava pit surprise for me then!

    TouchOfPink - Lara Launch

    Audrey_Santos - Have To Be Discrete

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    First place no doubt about it:

    Audrey Santos!! I have to be discrete!


    Milli Croft - Nice move and nice outfit!


    Rai004 - Looks great, seems she'stottally upside down, and standing straight too !
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    Hey guys! hese are my favourites!

    Audrey_Santos- 3
    Milli Croft- 2
    Humbug- 1

    Good luck everyone!

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    3 points - humbug

    2 points - Audrey Santos

    1 point - Lo

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    Audrey_Santos - 3 Points
    Milli Croft - 2 Points
    Rai004 - 1 Point

    Great shots all of you!!
    'I Make My Own Luck..'
    - Lara Croft

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    1st place: TouchofPink
    2nd place: Humbug
    3rd place: Lo

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    Thanks for your vote, RUGRLN and TouchofPink, much appreciated!

    My Votes go to;

    1st: Humbug - must have been truly difficult to take that shot, so heads up!
    2nd: Audrey_Santos - I can't help thinking Lara is trying to catch some rays for a tan
    3rd, TouchofPink - Another tricky shot of Lara mid somersault, one I tried to get myself.

    Well done and good luck everyone!

    Rai x

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    Thaks for my points guys . Here are my votes:

    3 points Touch of pink, great shot of Lara.

    2 points Audrey_Santos, pretty shot.

    1 point Lo, good shot and a funny caption.
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    Thanks for my points!!!

    Thanks for my points guys . My votes:

    3 points Milli Croft, pretty shot of Lara.

    2 points . Rai004

    1 point Lo, good shot and a funny caption

    Pretty shots all of you!!

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    Rai: 3 (She looks like her head is on backwards)

    Milli Croft: 2 (Beautiful close-up and stunning background)

    Humbug: 1 (Big it up for TR2 in Floating islands. That's an annoying part!)

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    3 Points : Audrey Santos - beautiful effects in the background
    2 Points : Lo - lol funny screen.
    1 Point : Rai004 - nice move

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    'I Make My Own Luck..'
    - Lara Croft

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