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Thread: Final Fantasy VIII on the SE Store and Steam

Final Fantasy VIII on the SE Store and Steam

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    Final Fantasy VIII on the SE Store and Steam

    Final Fantasy VIII digital download out today
    – out now on SE Store and Steam!

    Running into glitches, bugs or issues? Contact customer support.

    Okay, so it's all well and good that they ported this and made it work for Windows 7/8, but the thing that irks me is that the music is the same crappy music the PC used back in 2000. Yeah, remember that abysmal soundtrack? Well, it's back with a vengeance and sounds as crappy as always. I'm sorry, but I absolutely refuse to pay $12 for this game if the OST is going to be the poorly-emulated Yamaha soundfont. I would rather have them release it with the correct soundtrack, not this crap, it just ruins the experience. I hope that they release a patch like they did for FFVII but not take a million years to release it when hackers did it less than two weeks after release. That's just plain sad.
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    yep, they could have filetered 2D background too, or at least include an option.

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    I want the music of the ost.

    SE probably will release/fix it just like they did with FFVII.

    I'm getting a bug here, after I open the menu the graphics on the map become low quality, any fix for this ?

    Before I open the menu:

    After I open the menu:

    If I enter in a town and go back to map it will get back to high quality, but if I open the menu and then back to map it will get low quality again.
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    FF VIII on Steam is region lock in Asian?


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    I still cannot see the logic or reasonable explanation as to why they opted to use the watered-down MIDI soundtrack, it is completely unreasonable and unacceptable in 2013. Perhaps in the late 90s' and early 2000's yes, it was perfectly normal, but 2013, really? Surely, Square Enix, who has access to all their assets, can most assuredly utilize said assets in the game and use the original soundtrack. I'm sorry, but the PC version ruins the experience with the pitiable PC version.

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    Thumbs Down We requested...

    We requested for localization tools - SE said no.
    We requested for additional content - SE said no.
    We requested to scale textures - SE said no.
    We requested to add polygons to models - SE said no.
    We requested to add shaders - SE said no.
    We requested to refresh 2D arts - SE said no.

    We did not ask lags, bugs and freezes - SE gave it to us.
    We did not ask DRM-protection - SE gave it to us.
    We did not ask for a built-in cheats - SE gave it to us.

    But... thx for eyes_on_me.wav and other HQ music...
    Probably I did not buy the game, but the soundtrack...

    When 坂口博信 left the company, SE died.
    When Yosuke Matsuda joined the company, SE has crumbled into dust.

    Epic fail, guys.
    However, you have long been interested only in money. I hope you choke on them.

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    What kind of release is this? You keep the PC version music, but not from the PSX version? Really? You can sure as hell count on me not getting this game.

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    They don't want our money.

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    Thank you Square Enix for Final Fantasy VIII on steam.

    thank you for supporting the steam platform.

    things i know i will enjoy about this release.

    a CD free game i can enjoy without swaping discs.
    the magic boost mode to make the game harder to get stuck in.
    and the pocket station game for windows.

    most importently the ability to buy the game on the pc (i know it was on pc before)
    some things i would like to see fixed.
    the bgm sounded kind of better on the psx so could we get a ocrastrated soundtrack? rather then midi?
    some higher poly count models would be nice.
    some extended scenes would be nice.
    a rerendering of the cut screnes reworked from the team working on the the videos for dissidia would be nice.
    in any case thank you for bringing 8 to the steam platform. looking forward to more games on steam.

    lastly please lift the region lock on this game. i am a american living in a us region (military base) in japan... and i find it hard to belive that your game is not available for the japanese audence to replay?

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    Question Bestätigungslink VIII

    Habe bei steam VIII gekauft aber noch kein Bestätigungslink bekommen will es zocken !!^^
    kann wer helfen???

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    The Lifestream
    Contact customer support.

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    Steam only? Seriously?????

    Ok so I bought Final Fantasy VII when it was released for pc because it is my favorite game of all time. It is an amazing game and I loved every minute of it. Now my second favorite game of all time has been released, and I actually expected to be able to play this game. Unfortunately it seems to be steam only. Quick questions. WHY?????????????????????????? HAVE YOU PEOPLE LOST YOUR MIND???????????

    It was bad enough having to register to play the game and log into an account before playing, it was bad enough that the god awful cloud save system was implemented when 9 times out of 10 the cloud server was down, though they did fix that in a patch but at the start it was a bloody nightmare. And now you have made THIS game steam only? I have no idea what kind of stunt you are pulling here but if this remains steam only then I will have to pass on this title, and I will forever hate your guts for doing it. And for the record, if you continue to do this for future games, then you will have lost future sales from me as I will not be bound by DRM on such a scale as this. I mean come on, it is a SINGLE PLAYER game not a multiplayer. I can understand having to log into somewhere to play a multiplayer game, but not single player. FFS!!!!

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    With all due respect, with Square Enix's store, you can't redownload, with Steam, you can.

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    Originally Posted by Grimoire
    Because that will make them release a music patch and care about the issue more? They took months to release a patch for FF7, why would they take the time to fix FF8? Sorry, but I'm not buying it. They are apathetic and will never fix the audio issue. It's bullcrap.

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    With all due respect, I could not care less about being able to redownload or not. I do not want to use Steam to play a SINGLE PLAYER game. End of story.

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    FF8 launch Nightmare!!!!1

    i was pleased to when i saw that ff8 was available on steam, for only 9.99 i thought it was bargin...however

    i bought and downloaded, they took my money quick enough, then the problems began

    when i click on the the ff8 icon on my desktop i am send too an square enix screen which asks me to link to my fb/steam accounts, which i did. then i had to sign up to square enix, which i did, but i cannot launch the game, it keeps sending me to a screen to confirm my e-mail, which i have done as i am currently writing this on my account!!! all i want to do is play the game which i enjoyed so much when i was younger, if i knew that it would be this much hassle i would never have bothered, square enix where is your online helpers to resolve these problems, ea and blizzard have support staff on hand to solve these issues but i cannot find answers here, its disappointing to say the least, all i wanna do is play the game, why on earth is there a stupid screen that directs me to square enix, and not actually start the game up............................................................................answers please!!!!!

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    Unhappy Please fixed BGM to PSX vesion !

    Why?Your fixed FINAL FANTASY VII's BGM to PSX vesion not long ago but this FINAL FANTASY VIII is still use MIDI?why?

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    final fantasy 8 on steam error 9000 LET ME PLAY MY GAME!

    i bought this game not 20 minutes ago, downloaded it and got ready for a good walk down nostalgia lane, i start it up and it says loading... then error 9000, every time i start the launcher error 9000, what is the problem here? from what people have told me its a network issue, to be specific an issue on YOUR side not mine, i want to play the game i paid for, i PAID for, so whats the fix to this problem?

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    Purchased FF8 today on steam. Getting error 9000 on launch.

    Does anyone have a solution? There is a thread on steam from other users with the same issue and nobody seems to know how to fix it.

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    [BUG REPORT] Fighting Gayla instead of Ruby Dragon during dream sequence?

    Playing Final Fantasy 8 PC version from Steam

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    Consistent Crashes during Timber mission (Steam Version)

    After defeating the fake president/Gregoro, I'm watching a scene where 3 blue and 1 red soldier are talking on a bridge overlooking a railway station.
    When the soldiers are done talking, the screen starts to fade to black.
    At this point the game crashes.

    I have tried severail times, I even deleted and reinstalled the game.
    No matter what I do I cannot get past this point, because the game crashes consistently each and every single time I try.

    So could someone please explain to me why this happens and how to fix it?

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    FF8 HD Steam Crash on CD2

    The game stop in an error on CD2 after the battle vs Norg and searching ellione in the library

    any workaround for ths prob?

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    Ok, this problem happens only with german language files. with english files all was fine.

    pls fix it ^^

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    Square Enix - please can you sort yourselves out and FIX the terrible Steam PC release of FF VIII that you have so badly messed up!

    The music and sound quality are shocking!
    The blur filter you've applied to deal with higher resolutions is a disaster on the in game world map!

    It took thousands of complaints and months for you to fix Final Fantasy VII (7) - and here you've gone and done exactly the same thing again!!!!!
    What type of company are you that you feel you can release a broken sub-standard product and charge people money for it?! Worse of you are messing with people who love the games you used to make.

    Please fix the PC release of FF VIII - until you do, myself and many, many others will be spreading the word not to buy the game - the internet gaming community is a very large and tight knit group, and they are making sure the name Square Enix is getting spat on after how you've released such terrible ports.
    You would think that, after the success of FFVII on Steam, you would care more for releasing a good quality original product.

    You can do better than this and we look forward to seeing an original, pure version of FFVIII.

    I know for fact that I speak not just for myself but thousands of other gamers - your customers.

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    Final fantasy VIII

    Hello everyone, i have a question, can I play Final fantasy VIII on steam with xbox 360 controller wireless? (I have adapter)

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