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Thread: Downloadable Content? [merged]

Downloadable Content? [merged]

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    Downloadable Content? [merged]

    I asked this question under my topic Fragile Alliance and never got a response so im asking it here with the correct topic. How Long till we have some new multiplayer maps? I mean it dosent have to be a exact date but a estimate would be nice from one of the senior programmers/Developers/Level Designers. Will we have some new maps/new weapons before christmas? I really see alot of potential in this game and I feel its kinda cheesy that they only gave us 4 maps. Also if possible how many new maps will come out ive heard that there will be 10 new maps and new sets of weapons for multiplayer in an interview that I read a while ago and will this downloadble content cost us any money via xbox 360 marketplace points.Thanks once again.

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    I can confirm that there will be some DLC coming.

    I can't give out the details just yet, but watch this space.

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    Thank you keir Very Much. Seriously this is much appreciated . I was begginging to feel unloved... lol thanks though thats good enough for me and by keep watching this space do you mean my thread or the forums itself? aight guys gotta go make a living see you all in about 10 hours

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    Fantastic news.

    Been playing Fragile Alliance pretty heavily the past few days and can't wait for any future DLC. I'd love to see some large levels that really require team work to get all the money. Right now, a single person could technically snag all the money without the help of the rest of the crew. I'd like to see a place with lots of civilians, that require real team work to get all the money.

    I.e. a Large bank with lots of drawers, large vault, and lots of customers.

    1 team member gets the drawers, the other gets purses and wallets, and the last two hit the vaults with 1 or 2 dedicated to fighting guards.

    That way theres no way to get all the money unless you work together, and once all the money is gone, then it becomes the decision making time.... to betray or not betray.

    I'd love to see a lot more civilians in the maps, and more locations to rob is the main thing. For example you have the awesome Mall level, but only three stores in the entire mall are open and only a few (1 - 3) civilians. That would have been great if you're all divided up, one person responsible for 1-3 stores, and you all meet at the escalators to fight your way out.

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    It better be for free cause i paid too much for this crap.

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    It would be nice if I wouldent have to pay any marketplace points another good map suggestion would be a Casino or Fort Knox (Bunch of gold bars) Or even a yacht or a private residence anything that has money good cover and a fun getaway spot

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    Downloadable content?

    is their going to be downloadable content for this game like map pack.

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    I dont think there will be a mappack, perhaps for multiplayer!

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    thats what i mean a mappack for multiplayer. XBOX 360

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    future will show

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    I Already have a thread with the same title open and I have an answer from one of the moderators here look for your self. i

    ill /bump it for you so its on the top when u look.

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    /bump for tyranids I keep seeing posts with my title I might as well keep mine /bumped so everyone can see it without starting a new thread...

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    I first want to work that stuff before i ask for new maps!

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    yeah thanks for the merged thread SpecSniper,now its geting alot of replys. i am really looking forward to seeing DLC. LOVE THIS GAME!!

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    Hey not a problem just here to help my fellow peopz out and its an honor to see fourzerotwo post in my thread lol

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    /bump so the moderator can combine the other thread I have with this one. ( For some reason people started talking in my other thread and dont wanna spam your page)

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    my suggestions:
    1.- You can modify the map of the bank robbery making available to choose different characters like the vault breaker and so or make the game choose at random the characters, so like for example everyone needs to protect the vault breaker cause if he is dead then the players cant steal the money in the vault and they just grab the one in the registers and from the people.
    2.- And if you can add more cops and between rounds change the position where the cops appear
    3.- Have more things to do in the map, more objetives, so the round can last longer
    4.- Add the retomoto chapter from the rappeling to down the street, add some rooms with vaults.
    5.- If you can add coop online
    6.- If you can work on the cover system and the shooting controls

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    i agree. with all that you said they should add. like longer levels and more cops etc....

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    /Bump for the people who dont read titles just start there own thread and complain

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    how about some patches for the shoddy as hel buggy PC release?

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    Is this DLC gonna be on all platforms or just one specific platform. I hope it comes out on the PC too.

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    any news of the upcoming DLC?

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    Wait what happend to the post from one of the developers/programmers that said the dlc would come out after christmas its not here anymore?

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    This one are my other suggestions if you are going to release a patch for the game:
    -If you can add a song in the chapter cracking up as i think there needs to be a song there to add more excitement to the chase
    -If you can polish the AI of the game
    -If you can add more power to the grenades
    -Again the cover system and the controls if you can tweak them

    Any news for the DLC? how many maps are you working on? will it be free ( i hope so)? Any aprox reales date?

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    Hey Guys I was just wondering is the Downloadable content (Map Pack/ Gun Pack) Gonna be free or will it cost xbox gamer points? It wouldent be too fair to charge us more gamer points for the game that isnt even completed and has only 4 maps. Also whats the ETA On a patch and or patch and Downloadble Content Thanks.

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