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Thread: Downloadable Content? [merged]

Downloadable Content? [merged]

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    Comeon guys i need a reply here. Not trying to be impatient here but Ive been playing Cod4 Neglecting Kane & Lynch Until its patched and The new maps are release ( That way I dont get Bored of it already) I just wanna know if We will have to pay any Microsoft Points for the New maps and weapons and will the patch be release this month before the downloadble maps or with the maps? Its been almost a month since Kane & Lynch was release so Id like for us all to have a progress report. Thanks

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    I'm waiting for new maps. For free ofcourse. Actual number of scenarios is wretched. Nevertheless maps are great. Good design.

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    Still no reply to my question? Also what happend to the post of the release date it was deleted?

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    Cmon Guys trying to be as patient as I can be can I please get a reply back by lets say friday? lol

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    I would also like to know that the Dev's Arent going to abandon us. They arent going to say hey were working on new maps and a patch in the process and after christmas release date for them that I was told by one of the Moderators dosent change. I just want a good solid answer thats all. I just wanna make sure Im not keeping kane and lynch waiting for new maps , weapons and a patch for nothing. Still waiting for a response thanks eidos.

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    Ok its been longer then one week this is really getting ridicioulous Im really at the point where im going to go return the game and get my 25.00$ I mean ive been more then patient more then fair and ive done absolutley no *ing opposed to every single other person on this forum who has done nothing but complained and everyone of them got an answer.... Seriously a week and a half of waiting and I still get no answer ... I mean ive only been an eidos fanboy since Hitman came out about 10 years ago and spent countless money on all of your products Its not nice to ignore your steady customers.

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    If I dont have a reply from anyone here by tommorow Im just gonna go trade in my copy of Kane & Lynch and will never EVER purchase an Eidos game. I dont care that Ive bought every hitman or Eidos made game before Ive went from an Eidos fanboy to a very very dissapointed customer. I hate coming on the forum and complaining about this but its sad that I cant get a single reply in 2 weeks seriously way to look out for your customers who have been loyal for 10 years. Not to mention I didint bash about the fake reviews on the website and that poor guy getting fired but its pretty sad that I cant get a single sentence out of one of the moderators or dev's or programmers in 2 weeks Im very dissapointed.

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    My Powersupply burned out so Ive been busy trying to fix it. I see that After almost a month I still have yet to have 1 *** reply from any developer programmer or even level desginer. This is pretty pathetic I WILL NEVER BUY A EIDOS GAME in my life. Ive spent countless money on all the hitmans and Kane & Lynch and to be ignored for 1 month straight on the forum is retarted. I am so upset with eidos right now I cant believe they keep there fanboys who have been with them since 96 hitman and they just *** ignore us. Im done with trying to be nice and Ill make sure I return this game tommorow. Thanks for the worst game ever and making me wait this long for an update/patch and new maps and you dont even give us a date or tell us yeah its coming. Youve lost one really good customer and Ill make sure to return kane & lynch tommorow and get my 25 dollars back. P.S I Told all my friends to get this game and told them how great it was gonna be. Shame on me I wont let that ever happend again and I wont ever spend my hard earned money on such a glitchy game with only 4 multiplayer maps. Thanks Eidos for taking care of your fans.

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    Im just Glad I got that out of my system I Say what I feel I should have said and I mean comeon who ever said "Patience is a Virtue" Obviously never waited for a reply on this forum...

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    An update was released yesterday and more maps are indeed in the works.

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    now by DLC do you mean the PATCH THAT RESET ALL MY STATS!?!?

    all i want to know is does this reset effect my games played for the 200 game achievment because it now claims that i have played not 1 fragile alliance session

    if this is the case... GOODBYE!
    because thats 75 games down the drain or about...60 hours of time!

    Originally Posted by Keir
    I can confirm that there will be some DLC coming.

    I can't give out the details just yet, but watch this space.

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    Why would you play this game just for stats?

    Dont people play games for fun anymore?

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    i do. but it would still be nice to have good stats.

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    and what does the update do ?
    is it for pc or for the 360 too

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    Online co-op. Please, please, please.

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    Originally Posted by alex5523
    my suggestions:
    1.- You can modify the map of the bank robbery making available to choose different characters like the vault breaker and so or make the game choose at random the characters, so like for example everyone needs to protect the vault breaker cause if he is dead then the players cant steal the money in the vault and they just grab the one in the registers and from the people.
    2.- And if you can add more cops and between rounds change the position where the cops appear
    3.- Have more things to do in the map, more objetives, so the round can last longer
    4.- Add the retomoto chapter from the rappeling to down the street, add some rooms with vaults.
    5.- If you can add coop online
    6.- If you can work on the cover system and the shooting controls

    I had no problems with the game ... this game is *** awesome bests games i've played since hitman i have no regrets nor complaints...Hell i would';ve even love to join the team .. making that music...i'm a audioengineer/producer from puerto rico...
    i loved the story.. and the fact that you learn to hate tehse guys is awesome especially lynch with those blackouts n all and the online is awesome tell ya the truth...and kane....
    you should makes like side storys... a freeware game... like Kanes side of the storyyy like the whole venezuela insident.... and like lynch side.... the night he killed his wife... i wanted ... to have like a ddouble weapong thing... like 2 45's or something... but frankly i'd rather that they make the other game liike make lynch more crazy like make him use hs hands more ya feel me?
    he's a *** psychopath i mean like him having an episode like the one he had in the bank ... but as soon as he runs out of bullets he just maul at pople with like limbs n stuff kinda crazy very graphic but hey... i know lynch can pull it off.....

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    I see my poor thread is going in the wrong direction. Ive been busy with work and all but I see they came out with the patch and suprised me rather then telling me in my thread Regardless I Decided to keep the game for a little while longer does anyone know when these new maps are supposed to come out? Will there be New weapons too? Also how many maps and they will be free ofcourse right?

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