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    Extend Booster

    Since February 2nd there are problems with MM. How about extending booster becouse of that? People was not able to play for almost half of month becouse of that.

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    I second this. I saved my immortal booster since closed beta only to have it going to waste while I just find empty lobbies and queue for hours fruitlessly. They were extended in the past when MM broke far less thoroughly than it has been for high MMR players over the last two weeks. It would be very inconsistent if they aren't replaced this time around for those affected.

    P.S. I still can very rarely get into a game. Friends of mine can find one within 5 minutes while I can queue for two hours and get absolutely nothing.
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    Problem with finding a game still exists. Its more than 2 weeks since February 3rd patc.
    How long it can take to fix? Do You guys really wanna loose more players becouse of not fixing it?
    Bossters ware not extended, maybe as an apology add 2x 7 days all Boosters for everybody?