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Thread: Unable to connect / find game

Unable to connect / find game

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    my id is stuck!!pls admin fix it

    why i can't do join's always keep searching..i try to left the searching till i got work..but still doesn't join at all..
    pls respond it

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    Sorry, what do you want to say?
    Remove the Lobbies! Move the banners to the death screens!
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    'In Matchmaking Pool...' for over 2 hours now....

    So, not sure if anyone else is having this problem all of a sudden.
    The game has been running fantastic until I hit lvl 15. Games suddenly took longer to find, and fill. But i figured this was simply because of fewer players at that level and up?
    So as I played these games(with 20 mins inbetween for lobby time) I made some friends, added them, etc.
    Next time I logged on I joined a party, we joined the matchmaking and sat there forever. I decided to try solo, to see if maybe there was just no team matches. Now suddenly I can't get past 'In Matchmaking Pool...' I've tried switching servers, restarting game, restarting computer, linking and unlinking steam account. Idk what else to do.

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    Originally Posted by Mannichon
    joined the matchmaking and sat there forever
    Welcome to Nosgoth.
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    Hi Folks!

    i downloaded the last patch and i reinstall the game... matchmaking is working fine..
    Thx for support.


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