Thread: Kane & Lynch to have Anti-Co-op online

Kane & Lynch to have Anti-Co-op online

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    Kane & Lynch to have Anti-Co-op online

    "We wanted to make a multiplayer experience using the theme, dynamics and atmosphere of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men" said Kim Krogh, Lead Game Designer, IO Interactive. "Fragile Alliance is a new way to use co-op in multiplayer. Play it like a soldier and you'll lose, play it like a criminal and you'll win".
    Now this sounds cool and may be better than the standard online co-op that some people have been complaining about.


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    Wow that's innovative. Go I/O GO!. Kicking ass and taking names baby!

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    heh just checked out that link the fragile alliance co-op/anti ...looks awsome gonna be alot back stabbing alot team work and alot payback vengence

    thats some extra info onto what it has in it case anyone wanted more details

    gonna get this for my ps3 and ps3 headset on the same day love these sort games ...freedom fighters was great game aswell..anyone that likes this ..will love that game aswell check it out