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Thread: Voting - Fun Screenshot Competition: Round XII

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    Big Grin Voting - Fun Screenshot Competition: Round XII

    Time to vote on Round XII of The Fun Screenshot Competition!

    Voting Rules

    One vote per person.

    Entrants may not vote for their own entries. Non-participants are welcome to cast a vote and points shall be awarded on a scale of 1-3 (Three points for your favourite descending to one point for your third favourite).

    Please Note: Dependant on Lo's decision, the entrant with the most points upon closure of the voting will be contacted by PM to inform him/her of the competition's status and/or information regarding the revitalisation of this screenshot competition.

    Entries in Order of Appearance:

    Treeble: Come on, gimme a hi-five!

    Lo: Lara offers a Native a light for his 'Peace Pipe'

    Humbug: I really should have called that electrition out!

    Milli Croft: Hehe, i have a strong gun.

    Dukem: Close Encounter of the 'Spearish' Kind

    Captain Mazda: Blast-off!

    Alternatively, You can view all entries at their original size HERE.

    Good luck everyone!

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    My votes:

    3 Points: Captain Mazda, good shot evil toxic spit!

    2 pionts: Treeble, don't now how you got Lara to do a hi five, but its great!

    1 point: Lo, I should think the natives needed their peace pipes, they were a bit angry!

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    The votes from Venus are in and verified!!

    Captain Mazda: 3 points. Lara looks like she's had her body parts removed and had them put on backwards

    Dukem: 2 points. I haven't even got to that point yet and she looks like she is determined to get that thing through the spear trap! Look at her body tensing!!

    Humbug: 1 point. I really love the way you have captured Lara in mid-air! She looks as though she's stuck to the fence and her shadow beneath is really cool

    They were all really fantastic! Good luck everyone!

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    Lo: 3 points - Very creative, makes me think what a Tomb Raider FPS would look like...

    Treeble: 2 points - Worth a good laugh ;]

    Humbug: 1 point - Lara's fascination with flashy lights once again proved harmful.

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    Captain Mazda - 3 points - excellent action shot, you can almost feel the inertia.

    Lo - 2 points - purely for capturing one of those 'first-person' moments that happen from time to time with the old-skool Raiders.

    Dukem - 1 point - top spike-smashing action , love it!

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    You guys are so good at this!

    Here are my (and my cat's) votes:

    3 points: Humbug - Lara looks kinda relaxed there on an invisible seat playing an invisible guitar.

    2 points: Treeble - Hi-five back, Lara

    1 point: Captain Mazda - my cat, Allsorts voted for this one. She walked onto my laptop, somehow managed to download the pic to my pc and switched my Wif-i off, just to make a point and I took the hint. I kid you not.

    Well done everyone!

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    Cool 2nd and 3rd place tie...

    3 points: Captain Mazda
    1 point each: Treeble, Milli Croft, Dukem

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    Humbug - 3 points - shocking, eh?

    Milli Croft - 2 points - shotgun action!

    Dukem - 1 point - I just happen to fly past those corridors, so it's nice to see a still for once.

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    Here are my votes
    Milli Croft - 3 Points
    Captain Mazda - 2 Points
    Dukem - 1 Point

    Great shots everyone!!!
    'I Make My Own Luck..'
    - Lara Croft

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    My votes:
    Lo - 3 points
    Treeble - 2 points
    Captain Mazda - 1 point

    Isn´t easy to choose... all screenshots are great!

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    Time for a new round yet?

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    I was wondering if we were having another round too.

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    Thumbs Up Results XII

    Ok, so these are the results for round XII:

    Captain Mazda - 16
    Lo - 9
    Treeble - 9
    Humbug - 8
    Dukem - 6
    Milli Croft - 6

    So Capt'n Mazda, congratulations and, whenever possible, open round XIII!

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