Thread: FF7 PC version soundproblem

FF7 PC version soundproblem

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    FF7 PC version soundproblem

    Hi guys im from germany so pls excuse my bad english
    well i will try to explain my problem.
    i installed ff7 without any problems , then ive extracted the registration entries.
    After all i used the FF7config , changed the solution and then i did the soundcheck and also midicheck , all worked well but i still got no sound in the game even the music is avaible . maybe there are some threats about this problem but i couldnt find any ...
    pls excuse if ive opened a new one.

    thx for help my email fast answer would be nais
    i should write that i didnt patched anything or changed any settings

    hehe sorry guys but i found another problem , all my moviefiles got just 3 kb (rly ALL) so can someone give me a link for dling the moviefiles or send me uncorrupted files?

    ty for reading

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    All your movie files are 3KB? You must've downloaded the game somewhere. Please don't ask for support on pirated games.