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Thread: My Letter to Square Enix

My Letter to Square Enix

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    i just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you at Square Enix for giving me so many great memories and affordable enjoyment. Final Fantasy VII was my introduction to a glorious world full of adventure and magic. i am now 34 years young and have two boys of my own and i feel truly blessed that we share the love of your products. i didnt really notice until quite recently that a special feeling comes over me when i put one of your products in my latest Playstation and that Square Logo pops up and the opening credits begin to roll. i still take great joy in discovering and rediscovering this art you make and so generously share with the world. i know it takes a lot of work and many people working together to get your much anticipated treasures to market.My hope is that this email will reach just one person involved in that labor of love and that they know how much joy and great memories they have brought into the lives of my family and I. i regret to tell you that i have found it difficult to register the wonderful additions to my Square Enix collection that i have downloaded on my Ipad. you will just have to take my word for it. Thank you so much for banishing bordem creating worlds where we all want to be Moogles or save the world with some good friends. That sense of accomplishment i feel when i finish a Square Enix game is very real and stays with me long after the real world has crept in and complicated things. i encourage my sons to explore the worlds and chartacters that your team creates because i truly understand that there are valuable lessons and an environment of creativity fostered by your noble endeavors. My name is Adam Le Bleu, i live in San Diego with my beautiful wife and two boys Jacques and Santiago and our german shepard Rey. My only hope is that someone will let me know that they read this and understand that it is no small thing you all are doing at Square Enix. Believe when i tell you that you make this a better world to live in and i can never thank you enough. My boys and I will be eagerly waiting for the next tale we can make a part of what little time we have on this planet. i do not have much of an education but i know when genius is at work and your team has been consistent in that regard for most of my childhood and all of my adulthood. i mean this sincerely and truly. There is a culture, a style and a depth you do not find with your competitors. Your products have always been affordable and unforgettable. i feel so strongly about the impact you have made throughout my life that i would like to take whoever takes the time to read this out to dinner if they ever pass through San Diego. Thank You.

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    My Letter to Square Enix

    Hey Everyone, i wanted to share a letter that a friend and I wrote and sent off to Square Enix conveying our thoughts on recent and hopes for future SE. Just putting it out there, and general discussion looked like just as good of a place as any.

    Square-Enix :
    This letter conveys the opinion of two life-long fans, written in single form.
    I want to begin this letter by stating that I’m a huge fan of your company. My first RPG exposure came to me when I was in the cafeteria of my middle school undergoing an earthquake drill and a pseudo-friend of mine was on my right hand side showing off a little booklet to several other peers. I inquired what it was he had, and he passed me the instruction manual to Chrono Trigger. I remember to this day thumbing through the crisp and colorful pages, filled with extreme interest to play that very game. Soon after, I played it. A black screen with nothing but the sound of a distant bell waking me up, walking down the stairs to get my allowance and to pet that damn cat, and then to visit the festival…with playable mini-games, leading to a time warp warping to all extent of imagination. My second exposure also happened in middle school. I was sitting in home room and a friend of mine was sitting next to me. He was looking at a player’s guide. He closed it, and I could see on the front cover a figure standing, with a giant sword on his back. Final Fantasy VII. The day I received that game, I remember sitting on my bedroom floor, sticking it to Shinra, visiting an old friend in an old bar, and realizing that Square RPG’s were the true gift of the video game world to fans, that the thrill, excitement, pure emotion that those games stirred up inside meant only one thing. RPG’s were my absolute favorite genre of video games, and more specifically, Squaresoft RPG’s. Final Fantasy, the Chrono series, Breath of Fire, Threads of Fate, Xenogears, Parasite Eve, Legend of Mana, and even to a point Kingdom Hearts, the most well respected RPG collection created by none other than Square. Untouchable. Unforgettable. Unequaled. And don’t think I’ve forgotten Enix. My hat goes off to Star Ocean and Grandia. Dragon Quest? Excellent, Excellent.
    So what the hell happened? The next several paragraphs are going to outline some current issues/concerns of the more recently released games I have and some general ideas related to said issues and concerns.
    First off, let’s talk towns. In any RPG, one of the most amazing aspects of the adventure is to work your way to a brand new town. You go into the town, explore, talk to random folk, buy some upgraded equipment even if it only increases your stats by one or two points, and just absorb the scenery and the music. The first example that comes to mind for me is all the way back to Final Fantasy VII. In the Sector 7 Slums (which hell, is more of a town than I’ve seen in any recent Square game), there is a house you can enter, for no point at all. No needed story point, no item to grab, nothing. You can walk into the house, walk though a door that says “toilet” just to be in the bathroom, walk through a different door to go into the bedroom to look at a random bed and decor, and then leave. AMAZING!!! And forget big plot points in RPG’s being those key breaks for sections of the game. I imagine, as for myself as well, that many gamers gauge progress in an RPG town to town. I want to get to a town and do all of the aforementioned activities listed earlier in this paragraph. Then a game comes out…like Final Fantasy XIII. How many towns are in FFXIII? Think about it for a second. Honestly it shouldn’t take more than a second to figure it out because there’s not much to think about. And then, tell me, let’s say you’re playing the game and get to this town-esque locale, what extra stuff can be done? …pathetic. I also play other RPG’s, and there was one recently that I will refer to later in this letter as well, for good reason, that to my surprise had a coastal town, a town in the snow, a town in a forest, an in-the-mountains sort of town, and even a town in the desert. Ni no kuni. You were shown up, Square-Enix. It’s not difficult. You need at least four towns in any given RPG, and the size of the towns rarely even matter. All we need is a town in the forest, a mountain town, a seaside kinda town, a nice wintry town, and a desert town if it applies, just at the least. An example regarding the impact of towns on the overall experience comes from Tales of Vesperia. The fated stormy port town. I can’t remember whatsoever what story happened during the visit to that town, but oh do I remember the scenery. Oh, and military outposts don’t count as a town…and the same military outpost in different time zones do not count as multiple towns…yeah I’m talking about you Final Fantasy XIII-2. We need towns that we can explore, houses to walk into, adorable and forgettable NPC’s to talk to, and to shop….which brings me to the next paragraph.
    Shops. Oh how I took you for granted. What I loved about towns the most was the opportunity to get some shopping done. I would go into a new town, with a decent amount of accumulated money from the journey from the last town, and would joyfully look for signs with unreadable lettering outside of buildings letting me know that I could go inside and buy away. I’d walk into one of those buildings and there would be a counter, sometimes two. I even appreciate the armor/weapon shop-in-one set up. I’d stock up on new equipment, find my way to a magic shop, stock up on spells or whatnot, and then find my way to the item shop. It was exciting, refreshing, a purely gratifying experience. And now I once again bring up FFXIII. Some may say, hey, there were many different shops. And I’d reply, there were, BUT AS A LISTING THAT YOU GOT THROUGH BY CLICKING ON THE SAVE POINT! I don’t want to shop at a save point! So maybe some fans complained and Square-Enix was given that feedback prior to making FFXIII-2, and decided to remedy the issue. Hence, Chocolina was created. Well that’s barely better. Hell, Chocolina traveling everywhere you so happen to end up, “Hey, I’m Chocolina, and I just so happened to be at the bottom of this dangerous dungeon just as you were traversing here needing my convenient services.” Even the peddling robots in Xenogears in random dungeon locations made more sense than Chocolina. It hurts me to say this to you Square-Enix, but I’m so thankful that there’s other RPG’s out there like Kuni and the Tales series that still do this right.
    Let me now take a moment to give you credit that’s due. The Jump ability in FFXIII-2, very appreciated. But please, and I mean please, never limit your jump ability to auto jump anymore, give us some freedom! And I realize that previous Square titles didn’t have this feature, but it’s been a great addition. Helps break up some of the monotony of walking the same area from time to time. Kuni, yes, Kuni again, starts off with your character not having the jump ability. Then you find out that you can unlock that ability by spending your merit stamp cards…does it really serve a purpose anywhere in the game, no, but it was fantastic. So all it takes is to program the ability of the character and nothing new in the rest of the game itself. And Rogue Galaxy, you jumping beautiful bastard of a game….you really were popping up like crazy.
    My next concern involves side quests. Before I go any further, I just want to be up front and say that fifty different hunts do not equal fifty different side quests. And I must say, I love the hunts like in FFXII and FFXIII, an amazing addition. But FFXIII, we need more than that. FFXII was a good example of hunts and plenty of other side quests coming together. Kuni, yet again, same thing. Please don’t give us a linear game with very little room to explore and top it off with 50 hunts and call it a complete package. It’s not enough.
    Next topic, I recently heard about the number change of Final Fantasy Versus XIII to Final Fantasy XV. How the hell can you announce a game 7 or so years ago, and consistently release screenshots creating the façade of continued progress, but no real status updates on the game? No potential release date? How the hell is that right by the fans?! Oh, instead of putting out a game that peaked my interest after suffering through Final Fantasy XIII, which was well into development, let’s brush that Versus idea under the rug for a while and give the fans FFXIII-2. WHAT!? I will say that I would solely spend the 4 or 5 hundred dollars on a PS4 just to play FFXV, but it really pisses me off that there won’t be a release on the PS3. For the past 7 years, you’ve dangled this amazing looking title for a PS3 release, well before the PS4 was even talked about. Wetting the appetites of fans for the longest time, then to just say, hey it’s coming out, but we’re going to move it out to the PS4 with no release on the PS3, when it doesn’t take an idiot to see that hey, 7 years ago they were developing this on the PS3, so there can’t possibly be a reason it couldn’t still be put on the PS3, except for the simple smacking of your fans in the face. And speaking of Final Fantasy XIII, three of them? Really? Wait, wait….REALLY??? And I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy them, and even if Square-Enix released 10 more sequels, I’d buy all of them, on pre-order even. But COME ON, compared to every other Final Fantasy game and the majority of your other series, why the hell make that many sequels. Hmmm, most fans criticized FFXIII, so I got an idea…let’s give them a sequel….hmmm, slightly better game, but still not as amazing as any other Final Fantasy game, OH! So I got another idea…let’s tease an announcement and then hold a press conference… (we’re awaiting the big FF reveal promised)…..HERE YA GO, LIGHTNING RETURNS………really?
    To be continued....
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    I was so impressed by Chrono Trigger. I have a copy of it for the original SNES. I have a copy of it on FF Chronicles. I have a copy of it on the DS release. The adventure that game opened me up to, astonishing. Time travel, memorable characters, an emotionally charged story, heroic saving of the world, arguably the best RPG of all time. Several years later, and I couldn’t prepare myself for the impact, Chrono Cross. Never has a game hit so deep emotionally, lingering years after, a nostalgia constantly longing for more on the inside, never, at least yet, to have been bested on a similar front. The characters, the MUSIC, wow, the story, that scene after the final credits, standing in the real world, just took a game that already hit so hard and kicked it over the top. Both games, sold really well. Both games, consistently high ratings/reviews….where’s the third one? It’s been 13 years. I heard that the majority of the Chrono team was taken to work on Final Fantasy XI, which was an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING title and I’m glad that game happened, hell, I logged months and months of game play spanning several years. I’m not a hundred percent sure if that was the real reason a third never came out….but 13 years? So you can come out with multiple Final Fantasy XIII’s, but no third Chrono game? I’m pretty damn sure you hear this all the time. It doesn’t make any sense to me why this game was never developed. Hell, Chrono Trigger was charming, Chrono Cross was mesmerizing, we need more!
    We absolutely love the experience given to us by your company of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. The original game, Dirge of Cerberus, Advent Children, On the Way to a Smile, Crisis Core, it is so amazing to have that much story on such different mediums. I’m not sure of the ratio of fans between Japan and America, but are you telling me that there’s not a big enough fan base to release Before Crisis somehow in the United States? I heard a rumor about a possible 3DS port of the game in America, so why the hell has it not been released? The game is already created, doesn’t even need to be updated whatsoever, just port it! I want to experience the beginning of the story, to play the origins of the greatest video game series/legacy ever created. Oh, and Square, do you remember the main antagonist in Crisis Core? A 1st Class SOLDIER that could even hold his own against Sephiroth? Genesis Rhapsodos? Sound familiar? Even while constantly holding a dumbapple, he could simply exude the presence of a badass. So after the events of the story, he basically sealed himself beneath Midgar awaiting the day that the planet would need protecting again. Well, fast forward to the chronological last piece of the Compilation, Dirge of Cerberus, and collect 3 G reports. And Genesis awakens, hmmm, maybe because the planet needs protecting again from something? He picks up Weiss, tells him they have work to do, flies off…......THEN WHAT? What’s the plan to wrap up this Compilation? Give every Final Fantasy VII fan the satisfaction of truly completing the greatest story known to them. Finish it.
    I was extremely excited last year about the 25th Anniversary of Final Fantasy. At least over here in America, a couple of 30 dollar tumblers, a plush or two, some playing cards. Anger swelling. Moving on.
    Manuals. What the hell happened!? As you may recall from my previous recollection of my first exposure to RPG’s, it was the manual that really grabbed me. Have you ever opened up a fresh copy of an RPG, took out the manual, opened it, and the scent of a colorfully thick and tightly bound manual just hit you? A few non-negotiables: color, story synopsis, character bios, screen shots, and a mini-walkthrough is appreciated. Don’t give me a black and white, thin manual with a couple of controller outlays and a bunch of warnings. I absolutely hate when I get excited about a decently weighty manual, just to find that only the first few pages are in English, and the rest is divided into different languages for the same material.
    Let’s move on to World Maps. Can there not be a world map in every RPG? Walking across a world map to the next location, listening to that world map theme, power leveling on the world map where if you want to use a Tent in the open air, you can. It’s something needed. Moving directly location to location, or having a point and click system of a map or like Final Fantasy XIII-2’s pick a time/location situation, not cool. Ni no kuni. World Map. Is it weird that the word that comes to mind is Juicy? You could bite right into that world map, and it’d be the best tasting world map I’ve seen in a long time. Justified, I’d presume, not weird at all.
    Let me now list a few things here. Winning cat food at the festival in Leene’s square to bring home to your cat. Walking around in Costa del Sol and coming across a soccer ball-being-kicked-around game, and just interrupting it to kick it into the wall or into an unsuspecting furry and fiery team mate, playing a quick game of Speed, playing around in an underground casino of the dead, losing your Quetzalcoatl card in a friendly game of Triple Triad to that bastard in a cozy fisherman town, feeding the moogle a Kupo nut in it’s own little arcade game or fishing out an item in the claw machine. Apart from battle systems, character development, and storylines, there is something else that makes an RPG a great RPG. Mini-games, pointless interactions, those little details that flesh out an amazing battle system, amazing character development, and an amazing storyline, are what used to make Square stand out even further from the rest. Now, I hate to say that I’m losing faith.
    Now in closing, from both of us, again, Square-Enix, we respect you. We respect the games you develop. Let us all take a moment to tell Call of Duty, Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed, Gears of War, Halo, and all the rest of those pitiful excuses for successful games to go eff themselves. We will support your endeavors until the day we die. We will urge others to support your endeavors until the day we die. But please, support your fans. Please, do what we all know it is that you do best. Bring it back. Again become what you once were. I want to think, no, know, Square-Enix, Untouchable. Unforgettable. Unequaled.

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    My Letter to Square Enix

    Good day, everyone here. I may introduce myself, by telling you my English isn't perfect.

    Now, this is a formal letter for fans, and specially, to 4 persons who have been working on Final Fantasy for a while: Motomu Toriyama, Yoshinori Kitase, Shinji Hashimoto and Tetsuya Nomura.

    To Motomu Toriyama
    First off, I will be direct. Final Fantasy XIII is garbage, it's probably the worst RPG I've played in years, and it's a disaster to the series. I won't place any argument, because my opinion is subjective, but still, I want to make you know that Lightning pissed off many many fans, specially older ones. I know, that what a company needs is money, and that FFXIII was a huge economic success, but if you really want to have respect for your western fans, you should respect us first. And I'm not saying this as a threat, but as a recommendation, because we also know you directed one of the most critically acclaimed, and most loved Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy X, wouldn't you like to get down of your cloud and return to these days when Tidus and Yuna used to be loved?

    To Yoshinori Kitase
    You used to be a great guy. You used to be an amazing producer, but most importantly, you used to be an amazing director. I still remember the days of Final Fantasy VI, when it came out here in the west as Final Fantasy III, we all fell in love with it. To date, it's the best RPG of all time, ever, and you, Mr. Kitase, you directed it. Then, you directed another masterpiece, Final Fantasy VII. What happened to you?! You used to feel the love for games that we do, and I know that money is important, but if you want money, don't remake old games, but at the same time, stop making such ridiculous projects that don't look like the Final Fantasy we once crafted. We don't want "new" things, we don't want flashy battles, we want Final Fantasy, the one that, to date, it's the best game of all time, in my honest opinion. I know the Yoshinori Kitase that directed the best game ever, is still there, but with games like Final Fantasy XIII, it will never come back. Nor Kitase-san, nor Final Fantasy. The real one. So please, Mr. Kitase, return to the direction of a new, non-urban/futuristic, Final Fantasy game. And no, not a sequel to Final Fantasy VI, I don't want that, I want a new game directed by you, and only by you, without the supervision of anyone else, because I know, that nobody else in the company, save Mr. Ito, has the same respect to your master, Hironobu Sakaguchi.

    To Shinji Hashimoto
    Mr Hashimoto. I really don't know where to begin here. I highly respect all of your decisions (even when I don't like them), and I don't like them. But I know your work isn't as easy as mine here writing this. But seriously, you are the face of Final Fantasy out of the creative studio. You once promised a FFV and VI remake, but we haven't heard anything yet. You said Mr. Hiroyuki Ito is beginning a new project. But yet, we haven't heard you admitting the mistakes you have committed, which is the most important thing of your job. As a fan, I'm begging you, just take a look to other western franchises and companies, they aren't what Square Enix is, and I'm pretty sure you know that the company isn't good as it is today. The thing is pretty simple, you don't have to title everything from the company after the series, you can admit your mistakes, nobody will complain, in fact, everybody will LOVE that, and I'm sure that we, here westerns, will respect you all more than we do not do, today. And I'm being as frankly as I can be. I beg you Mr. Hashimoto, simply, stop rehashing Final Fantasy, with all respect. This is so simple, you create, we buy, but don't give us several terrible games, give us masterpieces, so that these critically acclaimed titles, become a commercial success. And all of us, you and us fans, will be pleased.

    To Tetsuya Nomura
    Tetsuya Nomura. I will be honest, I really, really would like that any of you actually read this letter, a letter coming from the number 1 Final Fantasy fan of the world. Mr. Nomura, I will begin by saying that, I dislike your designs. However, I'm not anyone to criticize them, as I'm terrible drawing. But what I really can say is, that we both have the same passion for it, and we both share something in common far away from Final Fantasy: our main influence is Yoaka Amano. And I'm pretty sure you're doing a great job with Final Fantasy XV, which looks amazingly good. But I will be honest, and I really want that you be honest with us fans too. It's not a Final Fantasy game. I know you can't change the title anymore, I know that I will be mostly ignored here, but as a fan of the series, to you, a man who worked in the very same studio with Mr. Ito, Takahashi and Sakaguchi, I can tell you, that if somebody inside the modern Square Enix has my support and my respect, is you. Because you respect what they left behind, although it's a real shame that isn't reflected on the game(s) you are directing. I applaud, though, the fact that you want to revolutionize the franchise, but I'm talking for several pissed off fans, we don't want hack n' slash games, we don't want Matrix games (with all respect), we want FINAL FANTASY. And I'm pretty sure, you can do what Amano-san did do in Final Fantasy V (the art), but please, I beg you, stop the modernism in the series. Your work on Dissida was amazing, by re-working the Amano concepts into a whole new level. What I love, the fantasy, the medieval setting, was present in that game.

    To Hiroyuki Ito
    I don't have any complain on you, Mr. Ito. I just want to ask for Final Fantasy XVI, with elements from FFVI, IX and XII, the best Final Fantasy games to date.

    To Phil Rodgers from Square Enix Western division
    Mr. Rodgers, we're westerns. And as westerns, we know what we like, and we know why Final Fantasy is such a successful franchise. I beg you, to please, please, do something about this subject, you are the nearest that we, westerns, have to a voice. A voice, that is shouting silently.

    Generally, I beg you Square Enix, please, talking for many many fans you have no idea, we aren't Japan, and I'm pretty sure we do LOVE Japan so much, and you, people, are the most talented studio in the world (no doubt about that), but you can't prove that with what you're giving to us. The franchise is trembling, you probably know it, but you aren't facing it, I'm not asking you to stop, I'm asking you to take us under consideration, for once, Just once. We love Final Fantasy, I LOVE FINAL FANTASY, I wouldn't, I wouldn't be here writing this, with all the love of my heart to, what for me is, something more than a simple videogame. Final Fantasy, is one of my reasons to be, and you, unconsciously, are taking it from me, and from us, the older fans, those who have been under the rain for more than 13 years. You can do something better, I know Mr. Toriyama can direct a new game, which will be as good as FFX was, and I'm sure Mr. Kitase will direct a new Final Fantasy VI-like game, and I'm pretty sure that Mr. Nomura will follow the steps of Yoaka Amano, and his next work will be a classic Final Fantasy game style, and I'm sure Mr. Hashimoto will admit we all are humans, but please, do it. We don't want hack n' slash games, we don't want pink haired girls, we don't want urban styled games, we don't want reality or futuristic fantasy, WE WANT FINAL FANTASY. I know you can understand that simple sentence.

    Sign, Edmundo Romero, from México, a guy who LOVES FINAL FANTASY TO DEATH.

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    Notice for Square Enix (Squaresoft)

    Dear Square Enix,

    I am writing this letter to inform (recommend) to you about current title releases. You are releasing FF14 on next generation consoles. Now, I have looked through the pictures and trailers, but honestly, this game has no heritage in the Final Fantasy series at all. It seems like you are adjusting to meet the demands of graphics rather than immersing players into a rich and deep filled story with emotion and laughter. Customization of swords, magic, characters, and weapons have been lost through the generations. Battle strategies have also been lost. Soundtracks are still good, but are not introduced into the game play to put the consumer into the shoes of that character, what the character is actually feeling and going through. Emotions are still there, but not as solid and in-depth as previous titles.

    FFVIII was one of the first Final Fantasy games I've played. With the lack of voice acting, one can truly make up his or her own characters voice based on circumstance and soundtracks. With the immersion of a side story as Laguna. Players would constantly try to figure out what the connection was between Laguna and Squall. Now, new title releases such as FF14 might appeal to the new generation of gamer's. But, the people who grew up with the loved Final Fantasy titles knew that there was no other game like it. But, the series is starting to go from individualized and emotional, to blending in with the "norms" and action only. There was a special balance in the old Final Fantasy series that caught the emotion of us and the thrills of battle.

    As part of the Final Fantasy gaming community, I would love to see the old techniques used more widely in upcoming titles. A true gamer knows that a game is not made by the graphics, but the intensity of the story-line and game play, customization, and freedom.

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    Is this troll central?
    This has got to be a joke, if not why are you even on SE forums if you hate everything they've done for the last 10 years? lol get out of here, please.

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    Hello. Forgive for bad English.
    Why the company not to develop the application with online service on similarity battle-net.
    Its essence in that that by means of creation of the uniform account to unite all games of the company from different platforms.
    As it will carry out function of online shop suggesting to buy games.

    For console platforms and for the Android and iOS it isn't especially important, and for the personal computer platform very important. Because in that case if to put an obligatory option registration of the uniform account of the personal computer, it will be possible to reduce piracy percent considerably.
    In that case it should be added a regional binding. Which essence has to will consist not in restriction of purchases of games, and in after regional updating of games. For example opportunity to download a patch adding language corresponding to the region.
    I will give a simple example of work of such system.
    The user living in Russia or the CIS buys and registers game in the registration records, and then after a while downloads the official translation of game into Russian.

    Why it is necessary?
    Last year Final Fantasy III for android I supported Russian, but after new updating the poderzhka of language was gone. it isn't necessary to speak that it affected its sales in the countries of Russia and the CIS.
    On the other side of sale of Final Fantasy IV increased after Russian addition.

    1 . Existence of the corresponding appendix considerably will reduce distribution of illegal versions of production of the company by the personal computer and will allow to port games on the personal computer.
    For example series games: Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Drakengard, Kingdom Hearts.

    2 . Use of similar service considerably will increase number of purchases of electronic versions of games in not the English-speaking countries.

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    Dear Square Enix,

    Please make a sequel to Thief 1 and 2, and call it Thief 3. Or, if Thief: Deadly Shadows simply must be included as part of the official series, then make it be Thief 4, instead. Basically, a true sequel. One that is more inclusive to the originals rather than a standalone piece of artwork.

    This will be possible because the new Thief is neither a prequel, nor a sequel to the former games, as explicitly stated by Eidos Montreal. This opens up the possibility for a true sequel, or something that's at least truer in style and delivery to the originals.

    I have yet to play the new Thief. I will next week. However, I've seen and heard enough to know it's missing some key elements that made the original games great. Mechanics that stood the test of time to still be relevant and highly desirable today. Namely, freedom of movement that allowed you to navigate the levels entirely however you desired, and the ability to explore the entire level without load points, gameplay-breaking cutscenes, movement animations that briefly yank the controls away from you, or points-of-no-return linearity. Yes, in the old games, you could jump whenever you want to, climb on whatever you want to, lean wherever you want to, shoot a rope arrow into any piece of wood that you see. These things were lost with the new Thief, as apparently 2014 wasn't deemed as being ready for 1998 flexibility, freedom of controls and emergent gameplay. The old games existed in a universe that had colors. Sadly, Thief: Deadly Shadows and the new Thief somehow landed in a time and place that only has three or four colors in its rainbow (drab blue, brown, orange and gray). Oh, and Stephen Russell is gone. A part of Thief died the day it was announced he would not be voicing Garrett for the new Thief. The replacement is nowhere near as enjoyable as Stephen Russell's voice. And a soundtrack that sounds nothing like Eric Brosius' hallmark ambient contributions for Thief.

    Please, if a new Thief game is going to be made, as I hope it is, please do not give a "carte blanche" again like you did with the new Thief. The parameters should be such that: the old games exist, should be honored, should be used as a template, and should be treated as canon. And whenever the developers wonder, "What should we do here?," have them think to themselves, "what did T1/T2 do, and what would Looking Glass Studios do?" That will lead them down an enlightened path. Evolve things in natural ways that are consistent with the Thief universe, if it makes sense to... but don't go off on weird tangents that devolve the game's freedoms and fun. Contextual movement, contextual rope arrows, contextual AI alert music, linearity to levels, small levels, short campaign, contrived gamey mechanics (shooting ladder pulleys, shooting crates down, incessant frame-searching, wire cutters for repetitive floor plate puzzles, screwdriver for removing plaques over and over again, no water to swim in, etc.): I'm looking at you. Those are devolutions.

    Thief 1 and 2 were triumphs of gaming in terms of level design, player control freedoms, exploration and shadow-based stealth. They weren't perfect, but there's a lot there to adopt for a new Thief. Sadly, the new Thief seems to have gone on a weird tangent, borrowing more from Thief: Deadly Shadows, which is arguably and metacritically the worst in the series.

    Neither I, nor any Thief fan I know wants a carbon copy of Thief 1 and 2, which is the strawman argument often raised any time the points above are mentioned. So please do not use that as an attempt to discredit my argument or use it as an excuse or reason to disband the old Thief games. A Thief that is substantially more in-line with the original Thief games could be a diamond in the rough in 2014+ gaming. I hope you are able to see that someday, and can cascade that to the future developers. People are getting tired of games looking and playing like every other game in the modern age. When's the last time you played a game with the detail, sophistication, intricateness, freedoms, size, quality of Thief 1 and 2?

    If the next Thief game needs to be more of an "Indie" lower budget sort of game in order to make you more comfortably model it after the original games, so be it. Please consider doing so.

    PS: Despite the critiques, please know that I'm still thankful a new Thief game is coming out. It could very well be a good, fun "game." But, like Thief: Deadly Shadows, it's already obvious that it's missing some key elements of what makes a Thief game "Thief." We'll soon see if the net result is a game that feels like a Thief game.

    That is all. Thanks for listening!

    Update: Yeah, pretty much all of the above applies after playing... and some. My observations were correct. So, yes, still waiting for a real Thief sequel.
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    Everybody is posting their letter to SquareEnix so I want to do one.

    Dear everyone working at SquareEnix,

    I wanted to thank you for all the games that you made. I enjoyed the Final Fantasy series (my favourite is FF7 because it was my first Final Fantasy game I played) and the Kingdom Hearts series (I love Disney and Final Fantasy). And thank you for the Secret of Mana on the Super Nintendo as it was the first RPG that my sister ever finished (I had fun playing with her on this game).

    Here are some ideas I came up with:

    I read on the internet that they were about to remake Final Fantasy 7-9 on the Playstation 2 with improve graphics and extra bonus materials back in 2001 but canceled it due to money loss on Final Fantasy the Spirit Within. It will be a great idea to remake Final Fantasy 7,8 and 9 onto the Playstation 4 with improve graphics, voice acting and bonus materials. This will earn the company more money, pleasing fans and bring in new fans. The reason why I suggested this is because they are classic games and people will enjoy playing it. Also you cannot play Playstation 1 games on the new console. You had already remade Final Fantasy 1-6 on different consoles and are doing Final Fantasy 10 on the Playstation 3. All this had been done with improve graphics and have extra bonus materials. It’s not fair that Final Fantasy 7-9 have no remake so it’s about time that they should get remake onto the Playstation 4.

    Here is another idea, make an awesome Final Fantasy anime. It will be similar to Final Fantasy Dissidia where the Heroes of each Final Fantasy are sent into another world where they have to defeat the villains in order to save all the worlds. There will be conflict between the heroes as they try to work together to beat the villains. Some villains will be working together while others work alone. It will have heartwarming moments, amazing fight scenes similar to Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children and Dissidia, funny moments to lighter up the mood and the most important story with plot twists. And it will have monsters from the Final Fantasy series as well as summons/espers/eidolons, friendly creatures chocobos and moogles, and a person called Cid.

    Also, please make a sequel game to Final Fantasy 7 that explains the secret ending to Final Fantasy 7 Dirge of Cerberus. Make Cloud and the others playable in this sequel game as well as adding in new and old characters. Make the gameplay fun and keep it true to Final Fantasy 7.

    Here an idea I got based on Final Fantasy: All the Bravest, a Final Fantasy RPG crossover game with all the heroes of the Final Fantasy series from 1 to 15 with the exception of 11 and 14 since you create your own heroes. This will be on the main console (Playstation 4).
    Each characters will have their own abilities from their own game (all the FF7 characters will have materias, all FF8 characters will have GFs, FF9 characters will gain abilities through equipment and so on). They can all travel to each of their own worlds using a special airship and you can go to any place through the world map like in FF1 to 9. Also you can create your own characters like in FF11 and 14.
    The visual graphics will be like Final Fantasy Dissidia. The battle gameplay will be similar to Final Fantasy 7 to 9. It will be turn-based as well as ATB (Active Time Battle) and you can have four characters in your party. You can put in your favourite characters in the party and make your dream team that you always wanted (example: Cloud, Squall, Lighting and Terra, or you can have Zell, Tifa, Basch and Vivi). You can also switch characters during the battle like in FF10 and 12. You will game over if the four active party members are all KO. There will be new teamwork moves where certain characters can attack the enemies together with a powerful moves or spells (similar to FF4: the After Years). You can have Squall and Lighting team attack or Vaan, Zidane and Bartz team attack or Vivi, Porom and Palom team magic attack and so on. There will be a story, fun side quests and optional bosses.
    You can also unlock costumes and/or skills through side quests. These are:
    Cloud (in his Advent Children costume with new limit break and abilities with his fusion swords)
    Yuna and Rikku (their costume and abilities from FF10-2)
    Fusoya and Golbez (party members in FF4 and FF4:the After Years, are unlockable character in this game)
    Seifer (guest character in FF8, is a unlockable character in this game)
    Beatrix, Cinna, Marcus and Blank (guest characters in FF9, are unlockable characters in this game)
    Larsa (guest character in FF12, is unlockable character in this game)
    Different costumes for characters from FF4, 7, 12 and 13 (from their sequel games).
    There will also be new worlds for them to explore. One of these worlds will be something similar to FF10 the Farplane where decreased characters from the Final Fantasy series will come and join the party. They can only be in your party while you are in this world. These characters are:
    FF2 - Minwu, Scott, Josef and Ricard Highwind
    FF4 - Tellah
    FF7 - Aerith and Zack (Zack’s attacks will be based on FF7:Crisis Core)
    FF10 - Auron
    FF12 - Reks and Reddas
    Also there will be online battles where players from around the world can fight each other in a friendly tournament or normal battle using their favourite party members.
    I’m not sure if I got the information right or I might have missed some characters. If I did, just correct it.

    I came up with this idea when I was listening to the boss music for FF7. I put the volume up and when it reached 17, I thought what game will FF17 be like? Maybe they can re-use the characters from FF7 and put them in a new story in FF17. The same can happen with FF8-13... oh wait! This is getting complicated. Let me try to explain again.
    It will be similar to the Legend of Zelda series where the main characters are the same but the stories are different in each game. They can re-use the main characters of FF7 and put them in a new game where the story is similar to the original game but with different plot twists and lot of surprises. The gameplay can be improve and I like the graphics to be similar to FF7 only with improve graphics or it can be the same as Dissidia (I mean the in game graphics, not the intro and ending movies). They can do the same with the other FF series, using the main characters and put them in a brand new story/game. Also, this can be a different franchise, branching off of the main FF series.

    Thank you for reading my letter and I hope you consider these ideas,

    Your faithfully,

    Fan of Final Fantasy (as well as other games)

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    Aka's two cents: What I want for a game

    Dear Square.
    I heard you love money. You want it. You need it (only to appease the shareholders if not to starve off bankruptcy). Here's how you can pull money out of my pocket like a Playboy playmate can with Hugh Hefner.

    A good story.
    Now, what do I mean by a good story? Something that not only make sense in the context of the piece but also doesn't end up contradicting itself come midpoint. Don't need to be metaphysical, quizzical, whimsical with ton of meaning and symbolism. Nope. You can if you want too but don't strain yourself. If you do, you'll end up with stuff like FF13 which I heard got a massive return rate in many country. I would have return mine, if they had taken it back for more then 10 cents. Most of the good stuff I played from you were made by other company, with you as publisher. I say that to any of the white knight in the forum who will happily defend your honour from what they perceive as insult. I mean, Reddit is still around for a reason isn't it? Seem easy? Well, no. Here's two game that show you how easy it is to mess everything up: Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward and Final Fantasy 7.
    In ZE.VLR, you play as a time-travelling guy trapped with eight other people in a Saw-esque game. You have to complete every ending before getting the true one. What's the reward? Nothing. The idea was to save peoples by bending continuity to his snapping point, which the characters and Mastermind said it wouldn't work, so they can send a person back in time. This is impossible cause they did mention that only consciousness can do that. Then, they say that there's a clone which is the key cause he's .... out-of-time due to the fact that he's a clone and not born normally. That's it. I'm not making this up. Look it up for yourself. Beside attempting to save said people by finding the solution, sending the guy's consciousness back in time, and write a letter to himself with said solution doesn't seem to cross anyone's mind. That's because of the Grandfather paradox would erase said letter. So, everything is pointless all around. No payoff. Nada.
    In Final Fantasy 7, you race around the world to stop Sephi from using the Meteor. When the "hero" give it to him, they race to active Holy to stop it. There, Aeris get "killed" by Sephi in the ancient city. "Killed" cause base on the stabbing, she wouldn't die right away. I know someone made a video on this but this was my poking stick for FF7 fans since I completed the game, back in 2006. The problem lies in what you learn in this place. "You need to send your prayer to the planet". If you remember Cosmo Canyon, Bugenhagen said that all soul return to the planet. If your smart enough, you realize that this summoning require a sacrifice... which the group isn't willing to do. So, came Sephi and ACTUALLY SAVE THE DAY by stabbing the girl, which they decide to drown sending her soul and plea to the planet. While Fans get in a uproar when I say this, they have a hard time debating this fact. So, how could I take seriously a badguy that sunk his own plan and spend his time trying to correct his little "whoopsy, did I do that". I remember calling the friend who loaned it to me saying that I beat the game by disk one and he be completely incredulous.

    Good Gameplay.
    I know you are trying to get your game accessible to everyone, but that doesn't mean you can make a game where you press one button to win. You can make a system that is easy to use, but hard to master. I'll be the minority and say that Final Fantasy 8 had good ideas. The Junction system was clever, if poorly implemented, where you could build your character as a mage or as a fighter. If you just had enforce a bigger bonus for spell that goes against your GF (say Black magic spell with Carbuncle or Mages spell with Cactuar) and limit the number of GF per character and what attribute they do and you'd have a system where you'll have to think about who goes with who and what thing junction where. Leaving some spell around for Healer or Black Mage to set the world on fire or heal it. Everyone could use it, but only those dedicated could get the full potential of it. I know games can't be 100% perfect but I could bet money that people in the forum could take a minute and come up with a decent idea to fix a gameplay problem in any title that they didn't like. This should be the number one focus of any game. You can forgive a lot if the game is really fun.

    Tone down the Graphic.
    The graphic should be last. Do I need to remind you that, while your graphic for Final Fantasy - The Spirit Within was out of this world and about 15 years ahead of his time. Do I need to remind you how much of a failure that was? Why, if we are like moth before a flame to the next generation of graphic, then did that movie fail? The reason was because it was nonsensical, dull and uninteresting. Today, you get outdone by Bastion, Risk of Rain and other indie developer who strike gold by making ugly looking game that are a total blast to play. Ok, maybe not as much as a "blockbuster" title backed by a company but still far pass Acceptable into "MAKE IT RAIN, BABY." That's a major problem now, as console and PC gamer are experiencing extremely long loading time due to the high graphic demand of some game while they goes down a street. Thing that were present during the Full-Motion Game era that we thought was just a thing of the past. I don't mind low resolution or even a bad looking game if I don't need to wait 2 to 5 minute per load like THIEF (THI4F? THIEF REBOOT? THIEF 4?).

    That's all I have. Forum user, feel free to defend whatever you wish by attacking me. It's not like I'll read, or care, about your post. As for the other one, If you got anything you wish to add to what would make a good game beside the three I already mention, leave it down here.

    See ya.
    PS: This post was made during loading time of my latest session of Thief. Make of that what you will.

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    Dear Grimoire,

    I wanted to thank you for all the news you gave the fans on this forum.

    Also, I have a question to ask you. Will any of the members of Square Enix read my comments/letters on here? I got great ideas I like for them to use but maybe they can't use it because of company's policy. Are we allow to suggest our ideas to them?
    Also I am worried about the company because I read negative comments about their games on a website. I wondered if they are reading fans' letters/comments and trying to better themselves as a gaming company. I might be worried over nothing. I just want Square Enix to carry on making fun games for us to play.

    Thank you for reading this,



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    Hi there and thank you for your kind words, FantasyDreamKey (I am just about to post more updates ^_-).

    Yes, members of the team definitely check the forum on a regular basis, however you might also want to submit your ideas via Square Enix’s Unsolicited Idea and Content Submission Policy email or in comments at the SE blog. All constructive criticism is more than welcome.

    Thank you for posting!

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    Originally Posted by Grimoire
    Hi there and thank you for your kind words, FantasyDreamKey (I am just about to post more updates ^_-).

    Yes, members of the team definitely check the forum on a regular basis, however you might also want to submit your ideas via Square Enix’s Unsolicited Idea and Content Submission Policy email or in comments at the SE blog. All constructive criticism is more than welcome.

    Thank you for posting!
    Thank you so much Grimoire. I have just done all that. I hope they like my ideas. I also hope that my ideas inspire them to make more fun games.

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    You said it! I am disliking these next gen consoles because I cannot play my old favorites but I will love the Final Fantasy story to death these new games are nice but I agree that they need not to worry about so much as the platform but really focus on the "solid and in-depth" emotions and story lines. I want the new games to give me goosebumps! take a movie i own for example "Advent Children" this movie gives me goosebumps every time i watch it.

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    You really have some great ideas and I would also love for them to remaster the games for the PS4, I am dying to play every single game they have created!

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    A letter to Square Enix about Final Fantasy.

    Forgive me if this is in the wrong area but I looked all over Square Enix's US website and could not find a way to send comments or critiques or any form of opinion to them so...I turn to the forum. I'd like to stress that this isn't aimed at other gamers, fans of the Final Fantasy series or really anyone who does not work directly for Square Enix. Now, onto the letter.

    Dear Square Enix,

    I've been playing Final Fantasy games since I was roughly seven or eight. I've played nearly every single game with the words "Final Fantasy" in the title, excluding Final Fantasy Online, Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XIII (And it's sequels). I've spent well over a thousand hours enjoying your games. I believe I spent over a hundred on Final Fantasy I & II for Gameboy Advance alone. I say this not to imply that I am a Final Fantasy master who knows all the lore and every secret in the games, etc. I say this to clarify that I'm not someone who played one or two games and feels entitled to judge the company who's brought so much to the world of gaming.

    I say this because I am deeply, deeply disappointed in you Square Enix. The last Final Fantasy game I played was Final Fantasy XII. I ended up snapping the disc in half and throwing the pieces into the darkest corners of my room. The last Final Fantasy game I played and enjoyed was Final Fantasy X, and to a much lesser extent, Final Fantasy X-2. There was a time when I heard rumors of a new Final Fantasy game and was thrilled, I'd go out and tell everyone I knew who enjoyed gaming that there was a new Final Fantasy game coming out. They were, for me, the pinnacle of games that had a long, meaningful story with fun mechanics and encounters that required you to stop and actually think of how to get past situations.

    Now, I see your games and I keep thinking "What happened?" I've seen fans of Final Fantasy who worship the franchise swear that after Final Fantasy XIII and it's sequels that they won't play another Final Fantasy game again. regardless of how good it turns out to be. What happened to our turn-based RPG's that encouraged us to invest time in leveling up to beat a boss that required a specific party setup, to games that had stories that may not have made a lot of sense but were enough to grasp your imagination and keep you enthralled to the point where you'd play the game over and over?

    I have deep hopes that Final Fantasy XV will return to the core of what made Final Fantasy the benchmark that all RPG's were compared against again but I have my doubts as well. It seems like you've decided that everything that was iconic and truly great about Final Fantasy needs to be changed. I doubt anyone but other fans of the series will read this, I doubt I'll even get a positive response from them. I just felt that it needed to be said in a calm, reasonable manner that it feels like you're more worried about what marketing and critics and reviewers think of your game then the people you're actually marketing it to, the fans who've stuck by you since they were old enough to play your games.

    Please, Square Enix, please stop focusing on how much you can make off the game or how well it's reviewed. Focus on making a game that you can truly be proud of, that the fans will enjoy and that stays true to the concept of a Final Fantasy game.

    With my sincerest respect,
    Josh Lyle.

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    Thanks for the laugh.

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    Well, I don't know too many people who are jumping-for-joy happy with the series these days. So, I don't blame the guy for writing his letter. Some people care, and some don't. He can still write the letter.

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    Originally Posted by alanman178
    and some don't.
    Like SQEX.

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    Originally Posted by alanman178
    He can still write the letter.
    Is what I mean.

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    That did give me a good laugh too. I think we should all take a moment to thank SE for destroying Final Fantasy. Actually Michael Jackson made a song that's perfect for this moment. SE don't care about us.

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    Unhappy Plea to SQEX

    Hello all,

    I am Andy and I have been a fan of this series since I was very young. From ff legends on my game boy all the way through to ffXIV, I have spent hundreds of hours wrapping myself up in the epic storylines, music, battles and experiences that we all know and love in ff titles.

    I am posting just to share a few of my recent thoughts on the series. I read some posts on IGN about a square enix producer (can't remember the name or find the post) who wants to bring a new FF title to the Vita, and made a plea for NA gamers to show their support. I'm not sure how we are supposed to do this so I thought I would post here.

    However, I have to ask why release FFX on the vita if SQEX didnt think we'd support it? That's inconsistent approach to supporting the vita. meanwhile, where's the love for FFXII? this should be re-released on vita systems ASAP.

    As far as new titles go, I am very excited to play FF explorers. Vita owners don't have much to look forward too from SQEX. I think that SQEX is dropping the ball if they don't see the potential for experiences on the Vita. yes, it doesn't have much of an install base, but the problem is a lack of software. Look how pokemon releases cause DS sales to skyrocket, and so forth. It's really a simple concept...

    You guys need to realize that RPG lovers are still here and we are just desperate for a quality FF experience on the Vita. Give the Vita a fully numbered FF single player title. Give Vita a new tactics game. Give Vita a new multiplayer online game akin to FFXI. We would also like to see FF XII ported to Vita.

    And on another note, where is Dragon Quest going? Are we going to miss out on DQM 2, DQ 10, and DQ 7 remake? These are the games I want. Just offer them for digital download on the e-store already!....

    on another note, moon hunters looks really cool!

    Thanks again for everything SQUARE ENIX, but if FFXV and Type O is all the US is going to get for the next three years, then thats WACK. Don't miss these opportunities...

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    I was disappointed how square enix making bad decisions of their Final Fantasy series. I mean no female characters playable in XV and also noctis is only one playable i mean i was hoping playing the other male characters but i guess not, then Square enix will make another dumb idea making sequel or dlc. Only games I'm buying from Square enix that games will have fun like final fantasy game with single player that has varied of male and female characters. More games on the 3ds and vita thats not final fantasy explorers or bravely default. maybe Final fantasy xii hd remaster on vita and ps4. Square enix please go back where RPGS were great. You guys are becoming like sega, konami, and crapcom

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    Square Enix refusing to listen to fans!

    dear squre-enix, i wright this today to discuss as i see it, why this company is failing, how to get it back on track and make it profitable once more.

    I should start by saying that when i was young, i played every RPG game squaresoft had developed, everything from Final Fantasy to chrono trigger. one thing this company got right back then was to make great quality game that people loved. it hit the proverbial nail on the head.

    I today now am in the process of developing my own mod for a game called Command and Conquer. i have successfully been able to gain access to several talented producers such as mark scaggs, lewis kastle and many others.

    so with that said, what made the games of the past so great? why is square failing? and how do you fix this problem?
    I would start by looking into the past and see what made you're company great, at the time, the main bread and butter of you're company was innovation and the replay value someone could gain from that product. fact is people are willing to pay for a great game, this is proven time and time again. national poles here in the US alone state that the market highly desire's a game from the past such as chrono trigger or secret of mana. poles indicate a sales estimated bare minimum of 3.5 million sales alone in the us.

    I am now 28 years old and i would still shell out 80 bucks easily for a well developed secret of mana or chrono trigger game but it is Final Fantasy, the game i once loved that made me hate you're company with such a passion. i do believe there is hope for you're company yet, you just have to go back to what made you're company so successful form the start... i wish you luck and moreover, i hope the higher up's gain insight to exactly why people are getting worn down with to constant release of what all but seem to be a rehash or retelling of the same thing over and over a gain, not to be mistaken as if all the Final fantasy games tell the same story, but rather, as a consumer i feel like i am being beaten over the head with the same thing over and over a gain...

    i hope you're company the best, i hope the bigwigs learn from this and recollect themselves to make something great before its too late.
    if not for the youth, then for the 3.5 millon older fans who still have passion in their heart that dove them to be where they are today.

    Sincerely; Matthew, C. Ross.

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    Dear Square Enix

    Dear Square Enix,

    I am writing you today letting you know that the exclusivity deal you struck with Microsoft over Rise Of The Tomb Raider still does not sit well with me. Your decision to listen to Microsoft's money instead of working to please your fans on every platform obviously blew up in your face. Tomb Raider(2013) was one of my favorite games from that year and I even bought the Definitive Edition on PS4 when it came out in January of 2014 so needless to say I was greatly anticipating playing the sequel on my Playstation 4 and was greatly saddened when I learned that you and Microsoft had partnered up to make Rise Of The Tomb Raider exclusive to Xbox for holiday 2015. Do I need to remind you that Tomb Raider's success is in part to fans and gamers across multiple platforms? The reboot would not have been the big success it was had it not been in part due to people buying the game for their Playstation 3 or PC. How do you expect to do even half the numbers you did for the reboot by limiting the game even for a short amount of time to one ecosystem? Have you looked recently at which platform is leading in terms of number of systems sold? By the time Rise Of The Tomb Raider is ready for it's release there will likely be 30-35 million Playstation 4s in the homes of gamers, not to mention the PC crowd that would have bought the game on Steam. I along with many others believe you have made a great mistake and it's obvious that you have dug yourselves a hole with the deal since you now have a whole lot of people demanding answers.

    For the time being I will be boycotting all of your other games and thus not buying any of them until the Playstation and PC communities get answers as to when they can expect to see Lara Croft's next adventure on their platform of choice or you dissolve your contract with Microsoft and get to work on developing Tomb Raider for the other two communities. The ball is in your court Square and I hope you make the right decision and treat people that have supported you with the respect they deserve.

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