I live in the USA, and mail ordered a UK version of Ford Street Racing. I made a video a long time ago showing the team movements. If anyone still reads this forum, does it look like the same game?


Regarding the copying of the "crew" concept in Carbon, the Carbon implementation is different. There's only one crew member driving with the player, there's no switching between cars, no double drafting, and each crew member can only do specific tasks. One is a scout that finds "shortcuts" that there's no equivalent of in FSR. There are blockers and drafters though, but they don't help that much in races, but just having them present will increase nitrous or speedbreaker, increase cash winnings, and/or decrease the cost of purchasing cars or parts, depending on which crew members are in the crew and which one is active.

Regarding copying ideas, Ford Racing 3 copied the annoying (to me at least) motion blur feature from NFS Underground 1, plus the nitrous. Also FR3 has a bug where the engine rpms vary depending on the video refresh rate. Via support, this went all the way back to a programmer that determined what the problem was, but they never gave the go ahead to fix it.