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Thread: Voting - Screenshot Comp Round X

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    Exclamation Voting - Screenshot Comp Round X

    Time to vote on Fun Screenshot Competition Round X

    Voting rules

    One vote per person.

    Entrants may not vote for their own entries. Non-participants are welcome to cast a vote and points shall be awarded on a scale of 1-3 (Three points for your favourite descending to one point for your third favourite).

    The entrant with the most points upon closure of the voting will get to choose the two themes for the next round.

    Entries in order of appearance:

    Dukem: Jail 101: Successful Guard Evasion

    Treeble: Embrace me!

    Humbug: Awwww no I'm gonna land on my head!

    Lo: 'Uh-oh - I thought the getaway car was supposed to have an open top'

    Milli Croft: Jump to the Egyptian Gods

    TouchOfPink: What way's up?

    View all entries HERE

    Good luck everyone!
    Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

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    Votes from Venus are in and verified!

    Dukem: 3 points. I love this shot simply because it involves a degree of skill. Lara without weapons evading the MP in such a swan-like and ladylike fashion is paramount to survival!

    TouchOfPink: 2 points. I find this interesting as an activity shot. Lots going on and Lara seems to be hugging an invisible ball or something! Hard to time one imagines!

    Treeble: 1 point. It's an almost angelic shot of our heroine and we all know that Lara is certainly no angel!

    All entries were most impressive so thanks to all who entered, as always, a tough choice where voting was concerned :

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    Here are my votes;

    Milli Croft: 3 points, great atmospheric shot.

    Touch of Pink: 2 points, good shot looked a difficult one to get!

    Treeble: 1, as Lo says your shot makes Lara look angelic!

    They where all great shots this time round, it was very difficult to decide.
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    OMG! Thank you both for my points!

    3 Points - Humbug, I personally love this shot, because I know how difficult it is with the camera angles in Anniversary
    2 Points - Lo, great shot! Looks like a very interesting level that I have not yet played, and as usual, great timing!
    1 Point - Milli Croft, I love this level, this part gave me goosebumps!

    I admit, it was a realy hard choice for 2 points with Lo and Milli both having great shots!
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    Thank you Kiki! It took a few goes to get her mid-air

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    Thanx for my top marks Touch of Pink

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    Thumbs Up

    3 Points - Treeble, Oh i love Bolivia in NG.
    2 Points - hambug, beatiful background and funny position.
    1 Points - Lo , nice Screen. I love the level() and the Catsuit.

    And thanks for your points.

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    Actually it's France Milli hehe Fankoo for my point!!

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    Ohh, hehe. It looks like England.

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    Lo - 3 points - lol at the caption and the entire TRLA is a great looking game.

    Milli Croft - 2 points - slick viewtiful black catsuit in Egypt? Success!

    humbug - 1 point - with some luck she could land on the little pool below, poor Lara.

    We seem to be having so few entries lately.

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    Am I allowed to vote?

    I'm gonna anyways:

    Lo = 3 points - this is just too funny and spot on screen taking
    TouchOfPink = 2 points - the slogan does it for me
    Humbug = 1 point - if I could tie this with TOP's then I would, I often get the feeling Lara is gonna land on her head.

    These are all good. I wish I had the games on pc now.

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    Smile My votes...

    humbug ~ 3

    Dukem ~ 2

    Lo ~ 1

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for my votes guys! Rai004 you can vote if you don't enter.

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    humbug-3 points

    Lo-2 points

    dukem- 1 point.

    great shots everyone

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    Thanks for my votes , and sorry for being so late in posting mine.

    Treeble: 3 Points - Absolutely love this shot! 10/10 for awesomeness!

    Lo: 2 Points - , Lara's not going to be so happy about that!

    Touch of Pink: 1 Point - Hehehe, Lara sure took a leap of faith in that piccy!

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