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    need information

    It about Tomb Raider Anniversary.
    I need help in installing the game. I'm big fan and suffer really much because was waiting so long for the game to appear and now can't install it.:-(
    Can u help me? Please! The problem I have is the following: can't install directx 9.0c. Is it my video card? Can it support it at all or just needs kind of new drivers? It's NVIDIA GeForce FX Go 5700. Or, maybe the cause is elsewhere. I have nobody to ask for help,so I'll really appreciate if you can give me a hand. Thank you!
    I have made a DxDiag file, but don't know how can it help?
    It's better if you can mail me:

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    Try updating your drivers, your graphics card shouldn't have any problems with direct x 9c. You could also download direct x 9c from mircosoft rather than using the games direct x files.
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