Yes... i have a 4core dual vstra motherboard, onboard sound and all that. This game's sound wont work "ingame" many posts say this on this forum with no reply. stupid eidos or whoever made this game. i have tried changing the line in the "TOD_PC" file from 3d sound = Off to = On. This is deffinatly a problem either the onboard sound. or maybe the motherboard isnt supported properly.

Annoying how you upgrade from a7n8xe deluxe to have half your games not work, the joys of pc yey i love it yeeeeee


4 core dual vsta

Intel e6420 cpu

1024mb ram

x1950 pro agp 256mb

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I fixed the no sound probelm by completly removing my onboard realtek drivers, and re installed the "latest" version. Unistalled Open AL and re installed Open AL from the shellshock nam 67 DVD. Make sure u do all the restarts in between un install and re install!!!!!!!!