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Thread: About my AutoHotKeys posting

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    About my AutoHotKeys posting

    About my AutoHotKeys posting that seems to be gone, now?


    Please, I need to ask, before they delete another one of my messages.

    And BTW, Butler Winston Smith, your PM mail is filled-up, mate?

    So, was my AutoHotKeys posting okay, in the other section?

    Or is CD doing any-thing about problems like these, right now?

    (If TRA was your normal UnReal-based PC game, I would have simply posted a much simplier and safer User.ini for TRA's internal "Console Commands", IF there are any?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiger View Post
    Please, I need to ask, before they delete another one of my messages.
    They? The only ones gone seem to be deleted by yourself. I, however, don't know if other mods deleted some other of your posts about this. If you do a search for AutoHotKey plus your name in Anniversary section, you'll find at least a dozen posts. It's okay to mention the program, but if you advocate it as a universal solution to every problem, it starts to looks like advertisement which is not allowed here.

    btw and afaik, Butler Winston Smith doesn't visit here any more.

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    TRA AutoHotKey fun-and-needed keys, perhaps?

    (That's Good to Know info.)

    I just sent you a PM filled with all of the addresses and details,
    named "TRA AutoHotKey fun-and-needed keys, perhaps?"

    And I am very sincere about AHK being completely free software, folks.
    (Like if you find any nags or hidden gimmicks, I'll just not do this AHK thing.)

    Btw, this is my third-version, but with NumPad-only.
    And it is on out-of-the-way keys, much safer and simplier to use.
    But a decision about keys, in TRA-Exe-NumPad.ahk, still needs a bit of study. (I like them, but that's only "one opinion" to me.)

    And heck, I just "studied" going head-first over a bear, from a long-staircase in Peru, using my "Forward AD" key and that hidden "Show Enemy Health" cheat. And that sort of "TRA FUN" needs some serious "sharing" to me, mates!

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