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Thread: Get Tomb Raider 1 Running on Windows Vista! (32-bit version only)

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    I was thinking about getting games for my new Laptop, and TR games came to mind. Especially since I've never played them on a Computer Been wondering what I've been missing while not playing the golds. It's OS is Vista, on it has download pages for the golden mask demo and full. But as someone here mentions I have to own the cd so does that mean I can't download? I HAD TR1 for the PC, and still have the Box but don't have the cd. So can I or can't I download without Bruce Willis coming down a heavily armored helicopter blowing me to Kingdom come or my laptop blowing up in my face?) thanx a bunch.
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    Nope, not (legally) as far as I know.
    I know that TR3, onwards, can be found online at various places.
    I think it'd only be the demos for TR1/2. (and TR3G).

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    Is there a website they still sell these things and I can have the cd's shipped or something. Otherwise I'm gonna have to go bargain hunting old flee markets for used and abused pc TR games. Fry's might um.. have something old. Bytheway if I buy the golds and will they be different than the regulars? like have different paths than the consoles and or some completely removed/not there? *sighs* time to look stuff up at ebay and get ripped off for scratched up/ abused Cd's of games I already own for PS1.
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    Not sure if this has been posted here but it is well worth noting. Chris from Mintra Systems created a TR1 installer and it is simply excellent. No setup - does it all for you!

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    Thanks a lot for this! works prefectly! Just a little question, the game starts windowed and I don't find the way to switch it to full screen. Can anybody tell me how to do it?

    And thanks alot again, great help!

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    Hey - that's odd - from a clean install, everything should be in fullscreen mode by default See C:\Program Files\Core Design\Tomb Raider\OpenGLid.ini - InitFullScreen should be set to 1. Do the graphics look fairly clean or are they pixellated inside the window? Finally try pressing Alt-Enter to see if that switches to fullscreen mode.

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    hey, thanks for helping! i don't have C:\Program Files\Core Design\Tomb Raider\OpenGLid.ini
    the graphics look good, it isn't very pixellated. Alt-Enter also doesn't work

    Thanks for the help again!

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    No problem. Did you choose to install to some other location than the default? Or if you're running 64-bit Windows it might be C:\Program Files (x86)\ ... or something like that.

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    The location is the one you mentioned, C:\Program Files\Core Design\Tomb Raider, but there isn't the file openglid.ini anywhere on the computer :S
    I'm running the 32-bit version and i'm playing without Glidos if that changes anything.

    Thanks alot!

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    Ok. Could you open a command prompt and run (exactly as I have here): dir "c:\program files\core design\tomb raider\" > c:\trfiles.txt

    That should make a file in C:\ that has a listing of all the files installed by the game. Could you attach/copy this into your next post so I can see if anything else is missing and hopefully track this down.

    This file being missing is probably what's causing the windowed gameplay so the good news is we can fix it

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    El volumen de la unidad C es VistaOS
    El n£mero de serie del volumen es: CE33-6997

    Directorio de c:\program files\core design\tomb raider I

    01/12/2009 21:25 <DIR> .
    01/12/2009 21:25 <DIR> ..
    18/11/2006 08:16 265.396 DOS4GW.EXE
    18/11/2006 08:16 83.774 HMIDET.386
    18/11/2006 08:16 317.317 HMIDRV.386
    18/11/2006 08:16 220 HMISET.CFG
    30/11/2009 22:27 10.675 SAVEGAME.0
    01/12/2009 18:31 10.675 SAVEGAME.1
    01/12/2009 20:39 10.675 SAVEGAME.2
    01/12/2009 21:20 10.675 SAVEGAME.3
    01/12/2009 21:22 10.675 SAVEGAME.4
    01/12/2009 21:25 10.675 SAVEGAME.5
    01/12/2009 22:19 46 SETTINGS.DAT
    18/11/2006 08:16 220.037 SETUP.EXE
    18/11/2006 08:12 768.611 TOMB.EXE
    18/11/2006 08:12 11.888 TOMB.SP
    18/11/2006 08:16 766.067 TOMBUB.EXE
    15 archivos 2.497.406 bytes
    2 dirs bytes libres

    Thanks for helping me Mintra.

    I've just seen this on
    When playing Tomb Raider I in software mode, there are no background sounds.
    When playing Tomb Raider I in software mode, only Windowed mode is supported.

    Any idea of how I can switch it to hardware aceleration?

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    Hi - the files you have there didn't come from my installer, else you'd have a whole lot more of them and no TOMB.EXE. Are you sure you didn't install someplace else with mine? If you launch Tomb Raider from a shortcut, where does that shortcut point to?

    My installer uses DOSBox so none of the VDos32 problems should apply. Of course it doesn't mean there are fewer problems, just different ones

    Hardware acceleration is the default in my installer - the setup it installl uses OpenGL for the graphics so if your graphics card supports it, it will get rendered by hardware.

    Actually, reading back, I'm stupid and in hindsight I'm not sure you ever used my installer from! Rather, you're using the one this topic is about - which might have been what's causing the confusion about files Sorry! I don't know anything much about the other one - you're probably right with what you said.

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    Thanks Mintra, I'll try your installer now, I already read alot about it!

    I just tried your installer and it worked fine, I now have music in the main menu and the game also runs in fullscreen, but when I select new game or lara's home the screen turns black and I get a message that says "dosbox dos emulator doesn't respond".

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    Sorry - I don't know why that is. The DOSBox version doesn't only seems to work on some people's machines, guess you just got unlucky

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    Hi, I would need some help please!
    Thank you very much indeed

    1) Uninstall TR1 from your hardrive if it is currently installed DONE, OK.
    2) Go to DONE, OK..
    3) Scroll down and find: Tomb Raider I preconfigured for use with VDos32 DONE, OK.(Software rendering).
    4) Follow the link and download the program. Run the program to install Tomb Raider I preconfigured for use with VDos32 (Software rendering) DONE, OK..
    5) Go back to DONE, OK.
    6) Download the latest version of VDos32. DONE, OK.
    7) Open VDos32 and click the Unlock button. DONE, OK
    8) Unlock VDos32 and return to the main screen.
    No, it doesn't work. I find the button "unlock over internet", below I find "idle", than the button "close" if I click close no way to load program

    9) Select Load Program and find TOMB.EXE in C:/TOMBRAID (by default).
    10) Tomb Raider 1 will run!!

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    This game is also open to me? Who skins? I will no sources?

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