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Thread: Screenshot Competition Round VII

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    Smile Screenshot Competition Round VII

    Time for a new Screenshot Competition. Round 7!

    This round will run from today the 22th of July until next Sunday the 29th of July.


    * Only one entry per person per round.
    * Screenshots should be original and not copied, edited or Photoshop enhanced. Screenshots depicting in-game bugs will only count if the current round has allowed bug pictures as an individual 'theme'. All other rounds should contain pictures of Lara Croft in ordinary gameplay. Shots taken from cut-scenes are disallowed.
    * Each round will span 7 days, after which time the voting shall commence in a separate thread.
    * Voting will also last for 7 days.
    * Entrants may not vote for their own entries. Non-participants are welcome to cast a vote and points shall be awarded on a scale of 1-3 (Three points for your favourite descending to one point for your third favourite).
    * The entrant with the most points upon closure of the voting will get to choose the two themes for the next round.
    * Two themes must be offered - one must be a level from a particular game (All entries can include screenshots from Angel of Darkness, Legend and Anniversary), and one must be a random theme. The dual theme ensures that those who do not have all of the games can still participate in the competition.

    Round VII:

    Post a screenshot using one of these two themes:

    * Lara in Egypt (TRA/TR1 or TR4)
    * Lara with her guns
    (she must hold her guns in her hands / you can take any gun, it musnt be the pistoles)

    Please give your picture a title.

    Good luck!

    (i hope these are good themes )

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    Important note

    Please remember to use the Comments thread and don't post anything other than screenshots here.

    Thanks and, good choices Milli

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    Uzi Fury
    "I'm up for a little heresy"

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    when cornered the female tomb raider may become aggresive

    i know this isn't great i just wanted to take part. it is the taking part that counts (yeah right) hey i heard that laugh who was it?

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    How to unearth relics

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    No Ticket No Ride

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    Red Face (Embarrassed) Crocodile dodge

    So embarrassing.

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    My contribution this round:

    Catmummy shootout

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    Bottoms Up!

    Here's my screenshot. It took me a few goes to get lara captured in mid-air with weapons drawn. This is the Desert Railroad level of TRLR. No bugs involved, just a carefully timed side-flip. I took two but this one was the funniest even if not that attractive LOL

    Bottoms Up!

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    Arrow The Lost Valley Shoot-out

    'I Make My Own Luck..'
    - Lara Croft

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    Competition closed, here you can vote for the screens:

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