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Thread: FFXIV: Concerning Fees and Payments

FFXIV: Concerning Fees and Payments

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    payment issue

    Good morning, I have problems with payment since i didn't know the charge cost for every subscription was 1 euro (ffXIV). Yesterday i put in my card exactely 11 euro to do the entry subscription but since i didn't read about the 1 euro charge i did the payment anyway, more time because it didn't work... as a resault now i miss 6 euros in my card without do the subscription! It's just unfair because if there wasn't enough money they shouldn't have charge from the card! Please help me.
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    Wondering about buying FF XIV Realm Reborn

    Guys im a final fantasy VII fan, and i like MMORPGs.
    I'm interested in this FFs XIV but i wanna know how this system works, we buy the game but we have to pay monthly? if yes, how much €?

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    There is a monthly subscription fee, yes. The details can be found here.

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    Unhappy Paypal and the preorder

    i might just be incredibly unlucky but when i pre-ordered heavensward and selected paypal i wasnt given a window to sign into paypal to confirm my account , no options to link my paypal and se store account , support has been useless in helping with this so was wondering if any of the community had any advice for fixing this.

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    having issue with a paypal payment

    i had placed a payment on march 30th and still hasnt been picked up i contaced chat support to get this in response Agent Adam: Hello and thank you for contacting SQUARE ENIX Customer Support. Just a few moments while I review your question, please.
    Agent Adam: While I look over your ticket information, may I have your first name please?
    You: Adrien
    Agent Adam: Thank you Adrien. I understand you are having trouble with a payment?
    You: yes i had submitted a payment through paypal and has been pending for several days
    You: just wondering if it could be resolved usually this process takes an hour or so never had it over a week but first payment thruogh square enix with paypal
    Agent Adam: If it is still showing as pending for this long, then it is not likely to go through. You may want to contact PayPal directly to find out what is going on with the payment.
    Agent Adam: There may have been an error at some point in the process, and our system did not get the notification that the funds were availablg.
    You: it is awating authorization or a pickup on square enix's end according to them
    Agent Adam: Right, and somewhere, something happened and we never got the notification that the funds were available to be collected.
    Agent Adam: There is no way for us to manually do this.
    Agent Adam: It is just waiting until PayPal determines that the funds will not be collected and cancels the transaction.
    You: ok, so i have to wait the full 30 days for the refund?
    Agent Adam: It should not be 30 days. but that is based on PayPal, not us.
    You: so there is no help that you or the company could provide with this matter?
    Agent Adam: Unfortunately, that is correct, since we have not collected any funds, there is nothing we can do about that payment.
    You: well this is useless the must be something accounting could do here
    Agent Adam: Since we have not collected any funds for the attempt, we are not able to influence it in any way.
    You: well thanks i guess
    Agent Adam: Are there any different issues I can assist you with right now?
    You: no this is the only problem i am having and was hoping to have it fixed but i guess not
    Agent Adam: Thank you for visiting the SQUARE ENIX Support Center! Take care and hope to see you online!
    Agent Adam has disconnected.
    there has to be something the company can do about this they can see the money is there but cant pick it up?
    anyone else have this issue or is there something someone can do?

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    I bought FF14: ARR yesterday and it seem the status is still pending.
    Should i be worried?
    I also used Paypal for the payment method.
    I already contact the support team, but so far no reply.

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    Paypal problem with crysta. Account charged 0 crysta

    Well, your cs is terrible. Yesterday i paid by paypal for crysta to enjoy expansion wich i bought at same day. What happen? I added expansion code, Next i had to recharge my crysta points for sub time. I Paid by paypal and i didnt recived anything. I contacter your support, eu was offline so i waited 2 hours for na. NA support said sorry we cant help you contact eu. Ok, i waited till morning and i contacted eu, what they said? Sorry we cant help you, wait 48 hours and then contact us again. Really? You should atleast open my account till case will be resolved.

    IM VERY, VERY DISAPOINTED with your service. You waste my time, You waste my money, and i cant play stupid game for wich i paid.

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    Bought an expansion for FINAL FANTASY XIV and it DIDNT arrive in my home.

    HEAVENSWARD - bought thhat expansion waited 2 months for it. But it still didnt arrive in my home. The letter system says it already arrived to my hands? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE IF IM NOT USING WHAT I PAID FOR?

    60 dollars isnt easy for a brazilian. if you guys cant give me my CD, i want my money back. ¬¬ im too stressed.

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    Ok so it has been a year or so since I bought this game back in Mar. 2014. I bought off of amazon as a digital copy PC game. I used my free trial period and then I stopped when it ended, was not able to pay for more game time. I now am wanting to buy a game time card *60 days is all I find*.
    First off I can log into the mog station and I can sign into the square enix account management system. All I wish to do is buy a game time card and add it to the game and play. Since I can log into those 2 areas I would assume I should be able to get a game time card and play. I can't even find a game time card option or any other payment choices besides adding my credit card or adding crysta.
    I only have one code too, it is what I recieved from amazon with the game, I can only find it on amazon. It is my activation code I believe. I've read that there are 2 codes you need, maybe that is my issue since I only can find one. Am I doing something wrong or...?
    I think I just need complete, detailed step by step with pictures on how to set up the game and play. Like I said I already have a login account. Please help! I've done so much reasearch and have gotten nowhere.

    Thanks in advance!! : *)

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    You will need to purchase a game time card from a game store or similar. When you have a code, simply go to Mog Station and select Add Game Time Card under Your Account.

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    Question about subscription.

    I'm a newbie to MMOs and my free time that came with my purchase is running out soon. I was just wondering seeing as the subscription seems to go 14.99/month for 8 characters. Is there any way to get a cheaper subscription just for 1 character. Even like 5$/month or something? I'm just looking to play my one character and 168$/year 14/month is kinda steep for me. (Well maknly due to the fact I'm a currently unemployed highschool student for the time being)

    TL;DR Is it possible to pay >15$/month if I only want 1 character.

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    Exclamation Why is my purchase expiring?

    I purchased Final Fantasy XIV on the psn for ps3 for $20 about a month ago... Why do I keep getting notifications that my game time is going to expire? And something about paying monthly? Everything I read online is about people who downloaded a trial.. But I purchased the game.

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    Don't do it! They suspend you every month.. Fun game but be careful with SE they are really sneaky.

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    You have to pay $20 monthly on top of that, and even then they cut you off early and make a lame excuse.

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    and you will be kicked before month is over in suspect of you cheating... you probably didn't but thats the SE way

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    Large issue regarding digital purchase of Final Fantasy XIV for the mac.


    I recently attempted to purchase the digital download of the FFXIV game for mac from the official Square-Enix Online Store and have had an unreasonably large number of issues.

    I first purchased the product yesterday morning and quickly received an automated email asking me to 'verify' my order. This was quickly done via the SMS option without any trouble. I then received an email that my order required further validation which directly requested a picture of some sort of ID. (If it would be benefitial, I can provide a picture of this email.) Since the email was from the officially listed email on the Square-Enix Online Store website, , I complied. Shortly after this I noticed that the order was no longer in my purchase history and sent an additional email to figure out why.

    Eight hours later (yesterday night) I had still not received a reply so I attempted to purchase the product again. Surely enough the exact same thing happened. I then canceled the first order as I had no intention of buying the same product twice.

    This morning I received a conformation email that my order had been canceled but still received no reply regarding the validation of my second order. I then sent an additional email inquiring if any progress had been made with regard to my order which still received no reply, even regarding the validation of my second order which I submitted 25 hours ago.

    This has been a completely horrible experience but it doesn't end there. I checked my bank account today and the second order is no longer pending, the charge has gone through, which means that the validation process is completely pointless because it has merely served completely deny me the product that I have already paid for. The order history on my square-enix online store account still shows nothing regardless of this charge that I have incurred. I have attempted to contact all parties related to the square-enix online store in anyway possible to get this resolved, but at 11:58 PM on a Monday phone-based customer service isn't available, so this forum is all that remains..

    Has anyone experienced anything like this with the square-enix online store? What action did you take to get the situation resolved?

    I just want to be able to enjoy playing FFXIV and there isn't even a 14 day trial on the mac so this has been an incredible ordeal for me. Any advice is appreciated.
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    The issue was finally resolved but the fact remains that it should've never happened in the first place.

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    Is 30 days not 30 days?

    Ok not sure where to put this. I am a very long time player of FFXIV. I pay my sub on the 2nd of this month and today is the 30th {30 day sub} and i have no sub???? so what is this crap? Oh we know you still have time left to play but nah we are dropping you till you pay and lose the time we owe you muahahah? It is this type of thing that gets ppl saying bad things.

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