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Thread: FFXIV: ARR Beta


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    FFXIV: ARR Beta

    For registering Final Fantasy XIII on Square Enix Members back a couple of years ago, people were given the opportunity to participate in registration for the beta test of then-upcoming Final Fantasy XIV Online, given a choice of either applying for the PC version or the PS3 version tests.
    As people probably know, the initial reception of FFXIV was poor enough that the PS3 verson of the game was pushed back indefinitely while the myriad of issues with the PC game were fixed.

    Now that XIVver.2 has been officially announced as "A World Reborn", what sort of plans are there in terms of future beta-testing, if any? Since it's now full steam ahead for both PS3 and PC, will the old PS3 beta applicants from the original promotion be honored for the new game, a new promotion take its place, or some other course of action?

    I'm just curious considering that I was one of probably many people who were eager to at least try the PS3 build of XIV, but were unable to do so because of mechanical and critical circumstances.

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    Good Question... I hope that we are still concidered for it.

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    same.. I hope they have an answer for this. If we are not able to use the original code from ff13... will there be a chance for a new one.

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    Same, I was planning on playing XIV as I played XI for 5+ years, but due to them reworking the entire thing, that didn't happen.

    I also signed up for the beta thing on PS3 with the XIII code, and would like to participate in it for A Realm Reborn.

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    Yoshi-P as well as the community team have stated that those codes from FFXIII are still valid, and if you registered them you are still in the queue for when the beta starts this autumn.

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    About how far back should I be looking on the XIV boards for that? I've tried looking but not having much luck on it.

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    Are you only able to apply to Alpha if you have a pre registered key /previously played FFXIV?

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    Alpha test registrations are limited to players currently subscribed to the current game.

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    Hi thanks for responding.

    If what you say is the case, then how come inactive accounts can also register?
    Where is a new fresh account that never consumed a FFXIV cd key, cannot?

    Surely if you didn't have an active acccount, the system would stop you from registering?

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    They have stated that the Alpha was limited to current players. If you were a previous player, it may flag your account as having XIV contents, and allow you in, but it was said previously that alpha was limited and that the beta would open to more people.

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    Right, so in short, they've made an oversight or mistake in the process and it's letting people in whom otherwise shouldn't be.

    Then my report was correct.

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    e hola primera ves que me meto aqui que se puede aser con los puntos que tengo acumulados (sera que se puede comprar juegos)...

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    FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn - Character Creation (Alpha)

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    Hi want to test FF:ARR alpha on PS3

    where can i sign?

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    In all seriousness, if they have Alpha Test Apps for ARR PS3.. I want in asap. -_-

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    I have an old beta code (I think, at least) that I registered from buying FFXIII back in the day. The rumor is that they will be honored, but in what order and when is also a question I would have.

    Any guesses? Will an ancient (at least in Internet terms) two year old PS3 beta access "promise" be my ticket in?

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    Well, starting from the worldwide alpha test which is 11/26/2012, and beta which is between end of Jan and beginning of Feb, I'm guess the ps3 alpha test would be in the beginning of next year, most likely exclusive to JP since it wasn't mentioned during live letters.

    And yes, because you used your promo code from FF XIII, you'll most likely be invited to the ARR beta test. I think those that did not have a code have to do an app to register for it. But just to be safe, I'm registering when the time comes, if I don't see any form of invitation otherwise that is. =)

    Answer's Found:

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    ok so im wandering if FFXIV a realm reborn is for sell in the USA or if there is some were i can get it?

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    FFXIV:ARR is currently in the alpha testing phase (JP only until the 26th) and is not being sold currently.

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    so is there a relese date yat for the USA that is?

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    A release date for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A REALM REBORN hasn't been set for PC or PS3 yet. The first of four alpha testing phases has concluded in Japan, and towards the end of this month, testing will commence that includes players from North America and Europe that signed up for the Alpha test. Definitely keep an eye on your e-mail over the holiday weekend.

    Currently, per the producer Naoki Yoshida's comments, the beta testing phase will begin at the end of January or start of February. They plan on releasing a new roadmap, which is a basically a new schedule to show how things will progress up until launch. It is a delay from their original roadmap, but the team expressed that they want to take the time necessary to see that the game lives up to the expectations of fans.

    They also want to include as many fans as they are able in the alpha and beta testing phases, so if you're not accepted within the first round of emails, don't despair!

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    "Since the login to FINAL FANTASY XIV in the last 30 days could not be confirmed, you are not allowed to log in to the official FINAL FANTASY XIV forums."

    I have 2 collector copies of XIV that i bought on day 1 and i can't log in >.< I am really hoping they fix the fail that i waisted $160 on and let me test this game once again. If anyone got a download link to the client i'd appreciate it, been looking around and haven't found it.

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    So I have a question about my character. I missed the date when I was supposed to transfer my beta char over and im unsure about whether he is gone forever now or not. Is there a way for me to check? or possibly a link to somewhere that allows me to do the transfer now

    I was able to apply for alpha access, so Im hoping that is a good sign.

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    no answer from anyone?

    Bump for good questions

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    Im trying to sign up for the alpha test for final fantasy 14, but it keeps saying that my square enix ID or password is incorrect. I have tried countless times, but it still wont work. Does anyone know how to sign up for the alpha test without it saying something is incorrect?

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