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Thread: Comments on the Screenshot Entries

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    It makes sense to keep a library of pics. It's a shame you've deleted some of them in the past Lo. As I've said before, I have a few thousand screenshots that I've captured from all the old-skool Raiders over the years (from way back when Print Screen was my best and only friend up to the the modern day capture-monster that is Fraps ). The screenie comp would be a doddle for me to enter each week if I could get hold of my pics, but they're on a blank DVD (as in I've not written on it) and they're in amongst a couple of piles of identical DVDs. That's a good 200+ DVDs to check in drives that are tetchy at best.

    That's why I tend to actually play the games and get fresh shots. I've got to reinstall TR2 for this weeks comp

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    If you wish this to continue, please make a new thread.

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