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    Next iphone

    Hi All.

    If we see another iPhone in the next few months year what new features would you like it to include? I'd like to see a better battery and ability (native to the OS) to store files on the HD with bluetooth.

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    Smile Greetings

    Hi mackagata, and welcome to the Eidos forums. You mention "video games" in your sig. What games do you play?

    Regrettably, I don't see an iPhone in my future, as I don't have a need for a cell phone at this time, and therefore can't justify the expense of an iPhone for myself. As for batteries, though, we'd all like to see better batteries in all devices.

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    I'd love a better battery in my 3GS. The thing's battery doesn't last quite long as I'd like.

    That said, you won't see a new iPhone until next June/July. That's when Apple typically updates them.
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