Thread: 11. Did you purchase the downloadable content?

11. Did you purchase the downloadable content?

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    11. Did you purchase the downloadable content?

    If yes, what did you think of the content offered? If not, what would you have liked to see included?

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    I thought the DLC was good, but could have been better

    Raid on Truk, while fun, was ridiculously easy in comparison to the other challenge missions - it should have been harder

    Sibuyan Sea was also fun, but it is probably the most one sided map available - if run correctly, the US has an overwhelming advantage - the last 50 times we ran this map, we never even had to engage the IJN BB's - we sunk them with sub/air power alone

    basically there were balance issues that could have been easily corrected

    other than that, just more of it - instead of releasing one map, release four

    or release more DLC - my BSM time has waned a bit because I've played every map so many times (and SP missions) - if there was more DLC available I'd be playing it every night

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    360 Version

    Unfortunately I did purchase the Content. Edios has a lot of bridges to rebuild with the community over how they support their games.

    Believe it or not, there are a lot of people only interested in multiplayer for this game. Basically I bought the content, paid 5 dollars for 1 map. I haven't even played the single player content because I don't like playing the computer when I have humans to play.

    Edios also abandoned BSM completely. The map was broken in 1080i, and as far as I know still isn't fixed. If Edios support for BSM II will be 1 mutliplayer map then I will be truly disappointed. I'm not buying any more content that consists of 1 map. They need to do a map pack with 4/5 maps in it. Not 1.

    Also BSM 2 is supposedly over a year maybe two years away from being done. I don't care if your working on a new game or not, you don't just abandon your community after 1 multiplayer map. You don't promise patches to fix issues and then not deliver and you don't put out broken Content (1080i) and then say we have your money were not going to fix it.

    I'd say Edios is very lucky enough people like this game enough to put up with that many slaps in the face. At the very least Edios should release community mod/map tools on the PC so the community can support the game. Heck I only own the 360 version and I'd be happy to go out and buy the PC version if I knew their would be more content made by the community.

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    My comment relates to PC so it was not a purchase but a free download. I'm trying to put myself into the shoes of the XboX 360 players assuming I paid $5-6 for this...

    Also for XboX 360 posters - can you please comment on what is your understanding on the DLC pricing: somebody raised earlier on the forum that even if you have ONE XboX 360 HARDWARE if you want to use the DLC with multiple registered "accounts" it has to be purchased multiple times?

    So personally myself would have paid the $5-6 for the DLC even for PC and even if I belong to the group who strongly believes this DLC should have been part of the original game for the original price. I really feared that EIDOS is going to charge for the DLC even on PC. - since they got the contract with VALVE to use Steam as a distribution platform it would have been really easy to accomplish.

    The maps

    SP map - the "challenge" - well I agree with mortalstakes that this exercise was a piece of cake relative to the original missions and especially the challenges. I was also disappointed since the scenario did not even exploit the full potential of the situation.
    Furthermore I was VERY FRUSTRATED that I did not have control over more than half of the US forces. If it was to create an additional SP map for this game I would have picked some other episodes from the Battle of Leyte Gulf that would have created a more tense and balanced fight between US and IJN.
    This SP map the way it got released would have been an excellent showcase for the game - something like I would have put into the DEMO so you get the sense of the game without giving out too much but teasing

    MP map - well without doubt it is a much stronger piece and the confirmation of that it was a positive "hit" is that any time you go up and try to play on-line a few servers are always running this map.
    Personally I share the viewpoint that this map is way off balance. Assuming equal skilled teams US wins without doubt. IJN only has a reasonable chance to win if at least the two US players commanding the air units are not cooperating correctly. Also as Lexxy pointed out in an earlier thread there is one ultimate "winning" recipe for the map - if you follow that you can't loose and this is especially true here when playing with US.
    The unbalance is a painful point since with a very few minor changes it would be a superb fight map. Just add Zeros for the Japanese side and even if they can only have two land based airfields at least add 4 slots of planes to them (instead of the current 3). The current "state" allows US to keep 33% more units in air is just not fair if there is no compensating factor somewhere else. (e.g. more BBs at least for the Japs alternatively)

    what would you have liked to see included in the DLC?
    EIDOS was under huge pressure after it became evident reading the forums that there were units showcased for the game not appearing in the original release (e.g. Iowa) They had to put these things in. Also seeing so many units in SP but not able to control and "try" them was something adding to the pressure.

    No doubt some new units had to be added to the DLC.
    Not knowing the difference in efforts of work however I would have done it differently.
    It is important to clarify 2 assumptions on which I base my DLC content.
    1. Understanding the "status" of the title on the market, it's strengths and weaknesses
    2. Allow 2-3 months of development time maximum.

    After all this my idea would have been:
    1. Put in the new units
    2. Implement an unit choice feature for multilayer maps to enable players listing in the new units in MP mode
    3. Put my efforts instead of working on a SP map to release a MAP editor - even if it is basic and primitive to enable AT LEAST EDITING the starting position of the units on the current maps. Something that with a low invested effort increases replayability.

    On a last note: if we try to look at the DLC more as a strategic project to increase the "useful life" of the product the laundry list of features would grow really long. But then a longer development time should be factored in.
    Alternatively EIDOS could have gone on a "subscription" option saying players subscribe for $15 a year of service and during this period EIDOS releases 2-3 maps every month or something like that...

    Possibilities are endless...

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    360 version

    I did purchase the DLC. And while I enjoy this game a great deal, I did find the price a bit high for 1 SP an 1 MP map. That being said I still purchased it and was glad to be able to expand my MP game play experience. (with the amount of time spent in even that one new map, the price after purchase was worth it.)

    Also... although it is obvious BS II is underway. I would purchase another set of DLC. Is this even a possibility? I wouldn't need to require "new" units, just some new real estate and more than 1 Map would be great.

    A Map like "Air Superiority at Luzon" only with PTs and a small convoy that must reach a way point as in "Battle of Surigao Strait" or a Map that features Sub use Primarily. There are many possibilities to expand the current game without designing new units.

    This current game has plenty of legs if we will be waiting till 2008 or 2009 for version II. But only with more content. I for one am willing to pay for it, in order to make it cost effective for EIDOS to provide it.

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    yea i purchased the iowa pack from xbox live, although i love the sibuyan map i was so gutted when i discovered i only got one new MP map other games map packs have 5 or so new maps (rainbow 6 vegas even did a FREE map pack recently)

    The follow on support after the iowa pack was done has been rubbish, atm I dont have a HD TV but I would be gutted if I couldnt play in max resolution.

    i hope there will be new map packs for BSM with about 4 or 5 new maps in, I think eidos need to rebuild thier relationship with the xbox community by offering a free MP map because for PC guys its fine if you only get one map cos its free to D/L but when I have to part with my hard earned cash I think its a bit sick TBH.

    The BSM map pack cost the same as rainbow 6 map pack but in r6v you got 5 times the content its like paying £70,000 for a ferrari and getting a bloody datsun cherry

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    One MP map and One SP wasnt enough tbh. The new units were only on the two maps so once again the replay value was lost. I agree more maps should be made and given to the community. This would be far short on what we really need. (a map editor) but it will keep us intrested in the short term.

    What would be a great idea is DLC with a single Large MP map. On each side of the map place two ship yards and two airfields. The ship yards can create any ship type, and the Airfields any plane type. (they will need to be limited.) This would at least add some Replay value.

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    I also found the the maps a bit pricey. I mean, Truk was so easy, I beat in in about fifteen to twenty minutes, and the multiplayer map is so one sided. So, better downloads would be better, but more would be perfect!

    We need more! I'm starting to get bored! I feel like because I know every map so well, it's like I'm stuck in the twilight zone.

    I think we all would have liked to see a map like Guadalcanal or heck, even Pearl Habor.

    We need more content, because like said before, some of us are starting to feel the smacks in the face we got. We need more content download.

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    Originally Posted by Dremora Warlord
    I think we all would have liked to see a map like Guadalcanal or heck, even Pearl Habor.

    We need more content, because like said before, some of us are starting to feel the smacks in the face we got. We need more content download.
    Comes from my heart. The game is so good to play, the limiting factor now becomes the "boredom" of repetitive replays of the same situations.
    If EIDOS is moving on to the new BS:M2 at least release some primitive or complicated map editor as DLC so the community can take matters in their own hands.

    Pearl Harbor: I do realize that it is a very sensitive subject for Americans. However as a scenario either as a SP or MP map it could be great. Since the map won't be played like it happened in the reality (complete surprise) it can be a HUGE battle.
    The IJN forces had 6 carriers supported by 2 BBs and the smaller ships
    The US had airfields, 2 carriers and 8 BBs at their disposal.
    These are comparable forces and the outcome of putting them against each other can be anything... Yes, why not give an opportunity to WIN Pearl Harbor for the US?

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    Oh yeah! I knew that it would not be historically accurate, but that would be a great battle!

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    Yes, downloaded it. But I hardly play it.

    The only thing the new map offers is lots of unit choices, which some people really like. I prefer good strategy options and the strategy choices on this map are very limited due to the victory conditions for the IJN. Historically, this battle was very similar to Surigao, so why should the IJN have to sink the CV and the US BBs, when all they really wanted to do was get thru the San Bernadino Strait and sink the US fleet at the Battle of Samar. This forces the IJN to play this map either very aggressively or very defensively, and that turns into a 2 hour match, if not more. This should be a "drive to a waypoint" match for the IJN.

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    I downloaded it. Personally I liked Sibuyan Sea because of all the choice's of units to pick from. However, it's a very lopsided map. The US has the edge on this map. Like Mortal or Dremora stated above, there is a strat that we use from the US side that doesn't even come close to engaging the Iowa's not one time. Although this makes for some very very long match's but it does ensure victory. Basically what we do is ignore the IJN BB's and direct all the air to destorying the DD's. Once those are gone you can have a field day with the subs on this map. I generally don't play the map anymore because of the unbalance of the map. I prefer balanced maps such as Coral Sea.

    A HUGE thing that I hate about this map is the fact that it does not support 1080i. I have a 61inch TV and having to play this map on 480p is just annoying. Not to mention, I play generally this entire game on 480p due to the fact that for whatever reason my 360 will lock up ALOT more if I have it set to 1080i. With it on 480p I only lock up once or twice a week. On 1080i its like every other online match I encounter this. You would think this would be on all games since this is how it has worked with BSM but I can play every other game I own on 1080i and not lock up one time. It's just this game that locks my 360 up and especially this map.

    Raid on Truk was a joke to me. I beat it the first time I played it in like 20 minutes. I would have preferred a much harder SP mission. The AI after 5 minutes into the match was very predictable. Not to mention the objective's were not to difficult to attain.

    For the money that we spent on 2 maps I was kinda disappointed in the end. I would have preferred a DL of at least 4 maps to play with. Only 1 online map was disappointing. We need more to choose from. For all of us that play this game day in and day out we are getting bored with the same scenario's. I know on every map where every unit start's and generally i can guess within the first few minute's of the game what the opposing team is going to do. Fog of War would have fixed this on every map. At least we would be more prone to scout out the opposing team instead of automatically knowing what's going on at the beginning of the match's.

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    I downloaded the content pack (PC).

    I did play the extra SP map and complete it quickly - However now I can't remember a thing about it. Maybe that in itself says enough. As for the multiplayer bonus map, I personally enjoy it - even with it's lopsided nature. I enjoy a challenge in that respect - plus it's one of the most diverse BSM maps there is, featuring a great many different types of unit - and a big map to roam on.

    Still, it emphasises the games problems. "Unit lock down" as folks say, really apparent: So many new units - very little oppertunity to use them.

    Overall, it was great though to get some new content. Just need more releases, more often - given the format of the current game. If the units were open and dynamic - and scenarios editable : a single bonus pack would have much more impact.


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    I purchaced the DLC within an hour of it's initial release! then spent the next 3 days working with other gamers over other forums in trying to find a way in which it wouldn't lock up! Thankfully the community figured out that setting your display to 720p made it playable(for 1080i/p HD TV users).

    Loved the MP map, mustof played it over 80 times. Never lost from the US side and only twice from the IJN. Now we basically just play from the IJN side for the challenge. Still only one MP map was disappointing as Sibuyan has basically run it's course in playability. Repetitive Boredom is setting in on every map now.

    Played the SP map 5 times. TOO EASY!! plus I couldn't control the Southern Forces and I couldn't destroy the Southern IJN before the AI controlled US forces could. Decent idea on it but the AI USN forces make this map a cakewalk. No replay value.

    Since we're not going to see BSMII until 2008-2009 Keep supporting BSM with DLC to keep the online community thriving. I mean heck use the SP maps and make 'em MP maps, use some of the SP scenerios for MP if it'll make it easier to get DLC up.

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    I had not purchased but got the free PC version. It was fun but too short and, while the price had been lowered, it still felt small or under-utilized. New units with limited usage. I think to extend the life a reworking of the original maps to maybe include some of teh new units would have helped the overall impression of the DL content. what it boils down to is that the DL content just needed a little more umph.

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    Free for me on PC

    which was btw the best thing edios could do for the game, it was mentioned in 2 reviews i read plus it got every one back onto the same version 1.1.1. Before numbers online had been critical mainly due to much of the community being unaware of the patches an split between the 3 version.

    The free addon was 1.1.1 only a people soon saw there was a new map out there, and all got up to date. So the free dlc was good for all imho

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    PC so free, i think this was a great idea, and more would be even better. I liked the campaigns, and think this is a grea model for future support of the series.

    I am sorry to hear people are using a strategy of focusing on DD's even tho it wins, it is totally historically not something that would have been done. But that is one of the problems i have with the game so far, that it is possible to win using strats that are nothing that real seamen and naval personell would have done. But one can't enforce historical accuracy, and if people enjoy the game, in the end that is much of the reason for it being here.