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    hello all!
    if we say that we wanna involve the atlantic sea battles in next game ,i found an intressting thing here^^
    the original construction plans of the tirpitz as pdf file!
    maybe or im sure this hill help to make an beautyfull original model
    its in german but watch plans!
    also many helpfull details of all other german BB´s
    check it, questions to language ,call me


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    Great job. I'll have to download these once I get back from work.

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    Yep, nice accurate ship diagrams. Good stuff.


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    Did you know that you can contact the National Maritine museum in London and ask for copys of the original plans for Ships of pretty much any era.

    They will copy them and send it any where in the world for a small fee (for searching for the plans then copying and sending)

    Great if you want to make a scale model or Ingame model

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    Nice Akagi Keep them plans if we get Mod Tools for BSM2 (or even BSM aint given up yet) ive done a bit of 3dmax hehe we can do some Battleship building

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    Both the Nat Maritme Museum and the Admirality in the UK are very very helpful and have indeed given me plans for not only units but fleet operations materials on both WWI and WWII, including both combat and merchant movment orders and routing and more. There is a HUGE amount of accessible material on all units of all fleets among the communty of naval historians and gamers over the past 200 years, assembled in many ways and now available in great profusion on the net for almost any naval era or campaign.

    And with contemporary software for modelling, any unit can be made for any engine or format.