Hey all! I'm Dark Otaku (as you can see)

I'm currently writing an unnoficial ff8 novelization. I've written up to the part where Squall, Zell, Seifer, and Quistis are riding in the transport towards Balamb city, so far. Any feedback, suggestions, criticisms, ideas, or comments are greatly appreciated, and greatly rewarded! (with more chapters :P ...seriously, it's the positive feedback that keeps me going)

Final Fantasy 8: The Unofficial Novelization - Prologue <- novel
Final Fantasy 8: The Unofficial Novelization - Forums <-forums

I just got the forums up today, so there's no new members yet. Feel free to join, as I'm looking for members, and eventually will be looking for moderators. Also, if you register, it's a good way to keep track of the novel, when there's new updates and such.

Please tell me what you think, and please please please stay tuned, as updates will be frequent.

(I promise this isn't spam, I'm merely raising awareness to whoever may or not be an ff8 fan. Please consider this as a contribution to the ff8 community)

thanks a ton!