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    Final Fantasy VIII

    Buenas, mande un email a la antigua squaresoft, para pedir un parche o algo, que solucionase el problema que tenia con el Final fantasy VIII, y me dijeron que hablase Con vosotros Eidos, ya que sois la distribuidora de dicho producto.
    El caso, es que me cambie de tarjeta grafica, y hace unos 7 años que tengo el FFVIII, y me dispuse a rejugarlo, pero con la grafica nueva no me deja, cuando aparece el logo de Eidos se me queda bloqueado (conjelado). Me dijeron que hablase con vosotros, por si podiais facilitarme un parche o algo.

    Mi Pc es un: AMD 3500+ 64bits, 1Gb Memoria DDR 400, Tarjeta grafica: Nvidia Geforce 6800XT.


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    Bablefish translated to this:

    Good, it sends an email old squaresoft, to request a patch or something, that solved the problem that tapeworm with the End fantasy VIII, and said to me that Eidos spoke With you, since you are the distributor of this product. The case, is that it changes to me of grafica card, and for about 7 years I have been having the FFVIII, and I arranged myself to rejugar it, but with the new grafica it does not leave me, when it appears the logo of Eidos to me remains blocked (conjelado). They said to me that it spoke with you, in case podiais to facilitate a patch or something to me. My PC is: AMD 3500+ 64bits, 1Gb Memory DDR 400, grafica Card: Nvidia Geforce 6800XT. Salu2

    Have you tried using the emulation mode?

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    Quieres jugar VIII, o VII? Tienes que bajar el Riva TNT parche.

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