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Thread: Problems killing T-REX

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    Problems killing T-REX

    Can anyone help me! the game will not allow Lara to run away or fight trex, there is just a sign in the right hand corner of the screen a circle with a diaginal line through the middle? This is in the lost valley, I am beggining to wonder if it is the game or me.

    Thanks Jos

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    It is an interactive cutscene, you need to press a particular command to get through it. On the PC it will come up with arrows, you press that direction on the keyboard/gamepad. On the PS2 it will come up with button prompts.

    If you do not see the prompts reduce the resolution you are playing the game to something like 800x600 and turn of full screen effects and anti-aliasing, if that does not work turn of all extra graphics effects.

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