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Thread: Any questions?

Any questions?

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    Originally Posted by cazzer
    Have you tried parking two boats next to each other? then if you keep jumping from boat to boat it should give you the achievement in about 10 jumps.
    Thats the first thing I did.

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    Big Grin Never Mind Got it

    Originally Posted by GTARuler2
    Thats the first thing I did.
    Just got it by putting the boat near a hill and grappleing to it and landing on it.

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    Probally because the game remembers how many boats jump stunts you did in the last couple of hours.

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    hy..i lost my save game..i was at misson 14 cann anywone send me a savegame at this level...sorry for my englsih

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    its not allowed on the forum 'you may not post attachments', sorry

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    can you send me the save to email ?? if you can here is my email .thank you

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