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Thread: the obvious poll

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    Cool ... my two bits

    Quote Originally Posted by LisaB View Post
    ... Sooner or later, gamers will tire of good looks that taste bland and want something that isn't as pretty but is a lot better. ...
    hmmm, i would have thought that the sentiment would have eventually become: looks as good and plays great, since technology clearly will not rewind ...

    ... on second thought, while both of these qualities are subjective, I think the chances are much greater that gamers can agree on what looks good and it is far less likely that gamers will converge on what plays better ...

    (why is there no option for barbecue???)

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    100% Original.

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    Thumbs Up

    Quote Originally Posted by Spong View Post
    *Blows dust off thread*

    I voted for the original too. It's disgusting that Anniversary is winning, it's an insult. But that's kids for you
    Indeed it is.

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    Gotta go with Anniversary. The controls are better, the game looks much more epic and breathtaking, and the story is much better told.

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    Anniversary, of course... it has better graphics, details, gameplay, everything... I love it!!!

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    Original is still better in my opinion, graphics are not everything. l prefer fighting my own boss battles how l want to, actually having optional exploration and enemies that are scarier, faster and more likely to jump out of nowhere. Also the secrets were harder to get in the original and there was more area's, all the side rooms from the The Cistern were removed, and many of my favourite area's from Palace Midas, or they were shrunk so they were unrecognisable.

    And there was nothing in the original half as frustrating as that third platform in TRA's Great Pyramid!

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    100% agreed!

    TR-1 lets you take different paths, try out new strategies everytime you play it. The T-Rex in Lost Valley is a great example. Sometimes you want to run straight at it and kill it face to face, sometimes you feel scared and overwhelmed by its size () and run and hide near one of those waterfalls, inside the caves and kill it from there. And if you are in a good mood, you could even spare its life and completely avoid it...

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    I agree with aussie500.
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    ummmm... sorry original...


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    Otherwise I liked TR1 more. In Anniversary I feel like a superwoman while in TR1 I felt like a common adventurer/archeologist who has to fight for her survival. I really liked how I didn't see the sky in every other room. Anniversary made me feel like I could call a helicopter anytime to come get me, and it had places that make absolutely 0 sense like the Egypt pits and Lost Island cog structure. Boss fights and dodgemode were also dull in Anniversary. Original T-Rex was "OMGOMGOMGWTF" while new one was "Meh, stupid interactive cutscene, awful piss off - dodge fight"

    Original was realistic, dark, scary even
    New one is bright superBarbie version

    In commentary devs laughed at the old Midas statue but I think it was mysterious. Anniversary version is just generic and bland

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    The original nothing beats it.

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    I personally prefer Anniversary.
    I like the original though.

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    i have to say original, just because you will never be able to beat its atmosphere, if they had kept each level and then use dthe original music, especially in the cistern and the pool in the caves where th emusic usually comes on them i may have said anniversary
    You know, I really don't know. I would've thought I would say the original, without a doubt, but I'm very impressed with this remake. I had expected to enjoy it, but not nearly this much. I suppose I like them both equally, which is pretty amazing.

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    Sorry to help dig up an old thread, but I'm new to the forum here and wanted to answer this one...

    For me, it's Anniversary, hands down. I started my TR journey with an old copy of TR2, and never even played all the way through, so I missed TR1. My first full game was Legend, and I went from there. I hear lots of great things about TR1, but without having experienced them myself, I have to go on a side by side comparison of the game graphics...and for that Anniversary dominates. However, just to be fair, I'll find a copy of TR1 someplace and dust of my old PS2 machine
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    Have to go hands down for original. Think original is way bigger and the characterization more believable. You could get lost in original but TRA is very linear.

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    You read my mind! I love Anniversary, it's one of best games of my whole life, doesn't matter what the other said, I have wonderful times with playing Anniversary, that's just remind me great memories of play the original game on long time ago but like been better, it was also fun, so much fun!
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    Still the original and best. The level design of Lost Valley and Atlantis was better in original.

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    ^ditto to that. besides, imo, the classic enemies, especially in Atlantis level, were way more difficult to tackle.

    that said, I still voted for Crispy. Anniversary has some impressively detailed graphics and the score is just gorgeous. apart from that, i like to treat TRA as a tribute paid to the 1st TR than a game that would in any means even try to compete with the original

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    I still prefere the original, at least in that one is not an excuse to talk about the parents all the time.
    And the Atlantis level, i like better how you going up through corridors, instead of just grapple scene, wich is annoying sometimes.
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    Again for the better Atlantis level I choose original.

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    I am still not sure, I can't vote Anniversary because I have not finished the original! SO it wouldn't be fair

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    Original was landmark in gaming so gets my vote.

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    Some of the levels are bigger in original and prefer the way it did the Lost Valley T-Rex bit and Atlantis tower climb.

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