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Thread: Screenshot Comp. III - Results!

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    Cool Screenshot Comp. III - Results!

    A very well done to all 10 participants, I hope you'll be joining us for Round IV!

    But now, the, the winners of Round III are...

    Lo. and =Shrensh=!!


    And thankyou to all the following participants:
    • Lo. * 11
    • =Shrensh= * 11
    • Headache * 8
    • Dukem * 6
    • Treeble * 6
    • Athiest * 5
    • Seth Koopa * 1
    • Advent-Lara * 0
    • Goar * 0
    • Milli Croft * 0

    We hope to see you all, plus many more, next round!
    Don't be downheartened if you did'nt get sufficiant votes, there's always next time

    Now it's up to Lo. -as our comp founder- to decide what's happening for Round Iv.

    Meanwhile, Headache and I will update the scoreboard.
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    Wow thank you all for their votes! That was totally unexpected I can assure you! To be honest I struggled with my shot being that my game was corrupted!!! It's running fine on my computer but on my mother's it was horrendous! I'll admit it took me a long time to get the shot I posted.

    Well done to Shensh too!!

    I shall send our Shrensh a PM so we can collaberate on ideas for round IV.

    Let us hope this competition goes from strength to strength. Plenty more room for more entrants so dust off those games folks!
    Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

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    Thank you Treeble, I am about to launch round IV and Shrensh will be OIC the voting thread

    We've had a little think and hope that all will be pleased with the options of the long-awaited round IV

    Hopefully Athiest and Headache will maintain the score board for us all - thanks you guys
    Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

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