Thread: Hoppa Chase turns into Slideshow

Hoppa Chase turns into Slideshow

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    Hoppa Chase turns into Slideshow

    I'm playing the Steam version on a 3.4ghz Dell Dimension 8400 running Vista Ultimate w/ a new Nvidia 8800 GTX w/ the most recent drivers dated June 1. Its been flawless at 1920x1200 until I get to the Hoppa chase level. The first cutscene is fine, but as soon as the level actually starts it slows down to an unplayable slideshow with framerates like 1 every 5 seconds.

    I've dropped it down to bare minimum features at 640x480 and it still does the same thing.

    I'm running motherboard sound, if that matters any. Soundmax ac97 drivers.

    Any clues? I love the game so far and would like to finish it.

    I haven't had any problems with any other games since the 8800 upgrade, this is the first one.

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    I have the same problem. I'm running a Core2 Duo 2.13 ghz, Vista home premium, 8600GTS.

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    I ended up uninstalling vista shortly after this post for some unrelated reasons. But the game plays flawlessly in XP w/ the most recent Nvidia drivers. Good game too. I really enjoyed it.

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    Waiting for a moderator or Eidos Guru.

    I too am having the same issue described in the first message under very similar circumstances.

    It really is a great game...I'd love to finish playing it.

    Just wondering if anyone will respond to this post?

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    Eidos Customer Support says...

    I emailed customer support, they had this to say...
    Thank you for contacting the EIDOS Online Customer Support Team.

    Unfortunately, this game was not designed to run on Windows Vista and therefore we cannot support running it on this platform. You may be able to get it to work by running it in compatibility mode for Windows XP (see steps below) but we cannot guarantee that even this will work.

    1. Locate the games program icon in the installation folder or shortcut on the desktop.

    2. Right-click on the icon, select ‘Properties’, and then click on the ‘Compatibility’ tab.

    3. Check the "Run program in compatibility mode" box and select ‘Windows XP (service pack 2)’ for the mode.

    4. Click on ‘Apply’, and then ‘OK’ to close the window and try launching the game.

    If you are not logged in as an administrator of the PC you may wish to tick the "Run this program as an administrator" box also.

    Many issues related to games not working properly with Windows Vista may also be related to not having compatible video card drivers. Make sure that you have the latest compatible Windows Vista video card driver. Check with either the video card manufacturer or your system manufacturer.
    There it is, I haven't tried running under compatibility mode yet, who knows.

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    hi i,m using vista 64 and i have the same problem i have tried all of the above and nothing seems to work.

    there must be a update or patch to resolve this issue as the problem seems only happen when your os is vista 64

    come on eidos fix this problem this is a great game

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    Found a workaround for this problem for us vista x64 users.

    Set the game's compatibility mode to "Windows 98/ Windows ME".

    Note, when you start up the game you will not see your profile, this is due to the way Rogue Trooper handles gamesaves on Windows.

    To fix the profile issue, copy your "Rogue trooper" folder from "C:/Users>"account name here">Documents" over to "C:/Users>Public>Public Documents"

    Presto, a fully working game of rogue trooper. This should also fix the performance issue, i believe. I didn't have the problem but my gameplay was noticeably smoother.

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    its not possible to change the game compatibilty for those who have purchased via Steam
    EIDOS / STEAM need to work out a fix, thought that buying an old game would have given me a nice bit of gameplay bug/problem free - turns out i was wrong..

    Windows 7
    8Gb Ram
    Quad Processor and still having issues during this chase scene..

    such a shame as i was really enjoying the game until now

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