Thread: FFXIV: A Realm Reborn – beware of scams

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn – beware of scams

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    seriously this is a lame way to put the name in blacklist SE, PLEASE DO SOMETHING!

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    it seems really good, i have bought some ff14gold from the site your suggested, their customer service is better than others, i have add it to my bookmark, thanks

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    Oh yes do, my blaclist would be full in a matter of days - this is currently chat in all 3 cities, even sanctuaries look the same on cerberus >.>

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    I hope Sqaure Enix is aware of this!

    I stumbled on this link this morning.

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    It's already so bad shout is an utter joke.............Way to let the game flounder with gold spammers Squeenix.................

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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Heroesjourney.

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    yeah i stumbled over that one myself a few days ago but didnt bother to say anything since you already did......i just stumbled over this site where they are selling CD keys for FF XIV
    just curious if its legal or expencive for me (60 dollar) so i will wait...just hoping they (that be SE) will start selling the digital download.I havent seen any pc version where i live...yet...only

    nm the last....they finally started to sell the digital DL but i still wonder if its legal for them to sell the cd keys like that
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    Thanks, Lars39. The team is looking into it.
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    Rolleyes Banned for getting hacked by a gold spammer.

    So two nights ago I was suspended because some gil spammer somehow got into my account, on my character and spammed the server.

    This thread is not about why I got hacked. There are plenty of threads about why it happened and prevention this thread is about why its taking square-enix so long to process these problems. Today I woke up the moment customer support was open, waited in the long queue to only be told I am going to have to wait for support to even get to my claim. I've read places where it can take up to a month and a half to process this problem?

    Why the hell is this even an option. Yes there are hundreds of thousands of complaints a day. But you completely lose customers by bypassing them in this regard. Blocking the players account for a month and a half in an mmorpg is unrealistic especially if the player (Like myself) was competitively trying to play. Whats the point in playing a month and a half from now when I literally spent the first month of gameplay online 10is hours a day.

    You need to prioritize the people who cant log into your game with the people who have stupid problems like glitchy software issues. The software issues are on your end and are not easily rectified. Banned players because of a hacker is a 20 minute ip address check, or quick chatlog check by the player within a timeframe.

    My question is, how many other ppl are still locked out of their account? I havent even recieved a confirmation email that my ticket has even been looked at just the word of the tech support guy who said to check DAILY at my email and mog station. DAILY?! Thats absurd. Meanwhile my paid sub is dwindling down.

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    I've got the same problem, although my account has been both suspended and terminated while a ticket has been open. Beyond frustrating!

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    wow, thats ty.

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    Good news! Just got an email, I was also terminated. Hopefully thats just some bull automated crap that they send to us.

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    Jorzies have you attempted to contact them yet? As after my suspension my characters were fine until like 2 hours ago (After customer support left) which now my characters aren't even on mog station. I'm about to send my incident to the better business bureau. I also have a relative who is a lawyer who might find this to be a case he'd possibly be interested in taking.
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    Hi I got banned too!

    First i couldnt login the game (Code 3102 was shown)
    i wrote to the support and asked them for help.
    than i got an email that i have been banned for gold selling or some other things like this.
    Awesome is that i have been banned AFTER i wrote the first mail to the support.
    I also joined the Live Chat, thinking i'll get some answers.
    After i made clear the i am the real owner of the account i was told that i was automatically banned by the system.
    They told me that they have to check this but they couldnt tell me how long it takes and what will happen with my free playtime.
    Iam wondering how long it will take to check the ips ... real it could be so easy
    but hey it was an automatic ban so ...... what should i think ^^

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    This is exactly the same reason why I am very upset at the customer support of this game. It makes no sense to ban a player for gold spamming when its OBVIOUS it wasnt the player and that the account was compromised. It's my opinion that SE needs to revamp their customer support and train their people for this type of problems which are prevalent in EVERY MMO. It's incredible that something that can literally take 1 mins to do and 5 mins to confirm has taken me more than a week.

    On monday I received an email saying that within 2 days they will address my issue... well its wednesday... already 2 days have passed since I received it, from the time i received it, and I have not been contacted by anyone from SE.

    I am very upset. Right now, I really want to play again, but already the friends that were playing with me are all telling me that they might not want to keep playing and if they don't play its likely I wont either.

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    I've got the same problem, although my account has been both suspended and terminated while a ticket has been open. Today one guy spammed gold messages with my account, too. I hope it want take so long with the support.

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    I purchased Realm Reborn less than 24 hours ago through digital download. Almost immediately I got an email saying there was suspicious activity when I tried to register the serial number. I thought nothing of it, downloaded the game and fell asleep. This morning I went through the character creation screen, but then realizing I didn't know which server my boyfriend was on, canceled it. I have not seen a single square inch of this game. Not a single thing beyond the beginning of a very long cut scene to which I closed my client out of because I had to go. I attempted to log on today and my account is suspended. No email explaining why, no reason. Thanks for nothing, Blizz... I mean Square Enix.

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    Yeah yeah a new day without an answer from the support or any changes in my account....
    another lost free day .....
    i cant understand why someone put an automatic ban system on a mmo.... oh yeah normal support costs money ^^ a bad realy bad automatic system is for free ......

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    Originally Posted by sh4do4ce
    i cant understand why someone put an automatic ban system on a mmo.
    Really? You really don't understand why all MMOs I have ever played ban then investigate apparently stolen accounts?

    Sadly it seems there are large numbers of players who have carelessly allowed their account details to become known to others, or as SE have already noted use the same login details on several sites so that one site compromise means several of their accounts are vulnerable, meaning SE is now snowed-under with tickets and it's taking them a long time to deal with them.

    And yes, I KNOW this doesn't apply to anyone in this thread, it never does apply to people posting in threads like this .. the facts however speak differently, MANY people do this.
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    I don't understand it Kraggy. I can see why an MMO would put an automatic account lock, but not a ban... and not just a temp ban but a full on ban.. to the point where you don't even have a character anymore (at least it doesn't show up in the mog station). That to me seems unreasonable.

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    Are Gil spammers being addressed?

    Gil spammers are getting ridiculous. Has SE announced anything about how/when they are going to address this issue?

    A blacklist option on a right click of a name would be nice, rather than trying to manually punch in their name into the Blacklist function meanwhile they have 4 or 5 spammers going hard at spamming making next to impossible to catch their name. Or maybe a limit as to how much you can post per second like they have in pretty much every MMO.. A report button?

    All of the above?

    Links to SE posts about the issue would be appreciated!

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    As far as I know, they have not said anything about how or when they plan to fix that. They did however add a news in the launcher one time of a macro to quickly blacklist ppl. You could try searching for it.

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    They're "working on it", not very well it seems.

    The only macro I know is this:

    /blist add <r>

    which works when the spam is a /tell but is useless to block /yell spammers. Easiest way to handle the chatlog is to select then CTRL-C the text with the name then CTRL-V that into the name box in the blacklist dialog and cut out the crap leaving just the name. It's a pain but all you can do.

    As with so many things, SE know they need to do something which should have been done before the game launched, they have said a few times this is one of their priorities, hopefully it'll be in the first content patch if not earlier.

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    SE have a group they called the Special Task Force Unit, set up years ago when RMT ruled FFXI (SE used to call it the STFU but dropped the 'U' ), which did a pretty good job at cleaning up that game, although they never eliminated fishbots and some other things RMT's control of the AH got stomped on, but it took some time: SE never added an 'easy to report' mechanism.

    This comment was posted over-night in reply to a post on the game forums about RMT:

    The Special Task Force is not only combating RMT solicitation, but they're also taking action against users who use teleport cheats to gather and battle over and over. The team has been looking over every report submitted and taking action against users found to be involved in RMT activity, so we greatly appreciate you continued efforts in reporting these players.
    So yes, there is active work being done to deal with this problem, as a few folk in my FC on Phoenix commented they'd seen fewer mining bots outside Ul'dah (FEWER, not an absence of). It's slow, far too slow, but having not put any meaningful anti-RMT mechanics in the game before launch SE have a big hill to climb to get control back.

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    I've noticed several accounts that I had blacklisted have now been deleted so they are slowly but surely getting there with banning these accounts.

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