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Thread: Logitech Chillstream/360 Pad Triggers problem?

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    Logitech Chillstream/360 Pad Triggers problem?


    Not sure if this problem occurs when using a 360 pad on the demo of anniversary, but it certainly happens on my Logitech ChillStream pad, and in the Gamepad menu is displays as a 360 pad, so I am assuming the same may occur?

    Its a problem with the trigger (right or left, depending on what one I set it to) when I shoot the guns, the trigger does not like to be pressed quickly. So rapidly pressing the right trigger (which you will do during gun fights) does react quick enough, and instead of letting of several rounds, Lara lets of 2 or 3 max?

    Does anyone else have this problem with either of these pads? Have you fixed it at all? If so how?

    Any help appreciated!


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    I have the 360 wireless recevier now, and I have tried the demo (and the full game now I have it) with the 360 pad, and although the problem isn't as severe as with the chillstream, its still there!

    SURELY someone else out there is using the chillstream/360 pad for this game? And if you are using triggers for shooting (which is the natural button to use) then you will be experiencing this problem too right?


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    I have the same problem with the 360 wireless gaming pad, it's a hell

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