Thread: [Duodecim] Who knows how to play? I'm lost, lousy, and bored.

[Duodecim] Who knows how to play? I'm lost, lousy, and bored.

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    [Duodecim] Who knows how to play? I'm lost, lousy, and bored.

    Hi, I went through the first portion of the game (prob.) by pushing buttons fast. Now my characters are (probably) underdeveloped and I'm no longer doing well. I'm at the beginning of the second story in this game. My KP count is completely depleted. I've tried recently, my characters cannot enter EX mode. Do I need more accessories? I do not know this game well. Many of this game's technicalities were missed because they were added and equipped automatically.

    I've opened up the Confessions of the Creator story line, though, just recently. Is this a good way of stacking kp points?

    What's wrong with it (my game isn't capable of performing EX moves)? Do I need to level down all the way so that characters could play more?

    Anyone playing this game?

    Any suggestion is appreciated, thanks.
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    Buy a strategic guide of the game, that usually help.

    I'll try to help you but it's been a while since I played it so I might have forgotten some few things.

    To enter Ex mode you need to fill up the gauge. To do this I think you need to lower/break your opponent's bravery. During the battle, a Ex core (I think that what it's called) will sometime appear. When it does, grab it as soon as you can. This will help fill up your gauge. Once it is full, you need to press both the square and R buttons to enter Ex mode. If you want more information, go to Final Fantasy Wiki on google and go to the website. It has the information that you needed (that how I got the information about entering Ex, mode. Thank Final Fantasy Wiki).

    To get the best equipment for your characters, I think you need to battlegen to get the materials needed for making the equipment. Also, in the Confessions of the Creator, one of the dungeons will have the materials you needed to make the best weapons for the characters (problem is, it's random).
    Another tip is that you should use the characters with the equipment that you most wanted. Reason for this is because you face a pawn that copies your characters you are using now. When you beat them, they sometime drop materials that you needed to make equipment or if you lucky enough, you might even get the equipment that you wanted (but both are very rare drop).

    What also help is a chocobo. The chocobo that is walking will sometime reach a X5. This will times your experience by 5. Also play it when it's on the day where you get more experience (your lucky day is a great day to play). If I remember right, you need to have both the X5 and play on the day where you get more experience.
    Then you need to go for Quick Battle mode and set your opponent level to level 100. The guide said to used Exdeath for your opponent as he is easy to defeat but I had problem beating him so I used Garland since I know his moves. Pick any opponent that is easy to beat, one that you know all the moves and is easy to dodge.
    Pick the omega version of Order's Sanctuary for the arena as it has plenty of room for you to dodge and will double bravery to the person who caused the break.
    Important note: when you finish the battle, wait till it saved. When it show the screen that gives you the options "Return to battle setup" and "Rematch", Don't pick them! Instead, restart your game. Reason for this is because if you select one of those options, your chocobo will move on and you will lose X5 bonus on your next match. You will have to battle till your chocobo reach another X5. If you restart your game, you keep the X5 bonus as the chocobo didn't move from that spot.

    Here are some methods:

    1) Let your opponent break you (which will cause your opponent's bravery to reach 9999) and run away from him till you recover. Once you recovered, activate Magic Pot summon (or use a auto version of this summon). This will copy your opponent's bravery and you will have 9999 bravery point. Finish your opponent off with the HP attack button. Note: you could be unlucky and have your opponent counters your summon. If this happen, then you need to restart your game.

    2) Let your opponent break you and wait till you recover. Once you recovered, activate Kraken summon and wait till it swaps your bravery with your opponent's. Then finish him off with the HP attack button. Note: again, if he counter your summon then restart your game.

    3) Make sure you have lot of bravery point before you do this (equip anything that give you extra bravery at the start of battle). Summon Tiamat which will triple your bravery. Hopefully, this will triple your bravery to 9999. Finish opponent with HP attack button. Note: as before if him counter your summon, restart your game.

    4) Best do this on the omega version of the Planet's Core because during the battle, the stage's bravery will increase over time until it reaches the maximum of 9999. Dodge your opponent until the stage's bravery reaches 9999. Once it does, summon Ultima Weapon and wait till it breaks your opponent's bravery. This will add 9999 from stage's bravery to your bravery. Finish off your opponent using HP attack. You could also use Odin summon to break your opponent's bravery, however, this has 50% chances of working. You also could use a summon that reduce your opponent's bravery but you have to use your bravery attacks to break them and that will take skills when you up against a level 100 opponent. Note: same as before, if he counter you, restart your game.

    This is the quickest way to level your characters to 100 (I should know, I used this to leveled all my characters to 100).

    Hope this help.
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