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My suggestions for Eidos

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    My suggestions for Eidos

    Ever since I saw the video for Battlestations what, over a year and a half ago? I was like, holy hell the first and best looking naval sim that was a non birds eye sim since Janes! Granted I knew it was going to be dumbed down to encorperate the "command the fleet" or each unit feel, I do have some complaints/suggestions.

    Firstly, why is there no quick mission creator or mission editor?!?! That would make this game PHENOMINAL if we could set up our own scenerios? ENDLESS possiblities lay with that development, even a simple drag and drop and issue orders editor would be leaps and bounds ahead. Id love to be able to set up a lone bomber mission, or a raid, or surprise attack, or a turkey shoot for gunnery practice etc. The multiplayer missions would be near unlimited, niche games like these often have hardcore followers simply because there is nothing else on the market to deal with. Sure there is Midways clone Pacific Storm, but the only other naval sim out there is Silent Hunter series, and there you are locked into a submarine, despite that that series has pushed the bounds on graphics and unit modelling beyond anything seen before.

    Second, SOUND!! The sounds are pathetic! When I broadside with 18" guns, I want to freakin hear it!!! Sound goes a LONG way in immersing you in a game whether it looks good or plays good or not! Take any of your favorite games, FPS, whatever, turn down the sound and see if you can play for any amount of time that you would with it on... unless its rediculously good in gameplay, which BSM certainly is not lacking an editor and having almost no mission options for the player!

    While the single player campaign is rather fun, I doubt i'll replay it once its done. once you know where the units are comming from, mission difficulty comes down drastically. How about a random placement of units on the same mission?

    Ship arty should be faster, flatter shooting and not have white smoke follwing behind it like its some rocket. Trying to lead close in units is rather difficult since its so exaggerated up close... its not going to take 5 seconds for arty to get to a ship 200 yards away.... simply zigzagging in a small boat while adjusting your speed makes it next to impossible to get what should be a near boreline shot.

    The videos made this game out to look like an amazing game... but heres another suggestion, why cant WE change the camera view around? Id love to poke around my ships other then the locked bird view, very limiting feature yet again.

    I've been waiting for this game for awhile and am I to find out that this is actually nothing more then a console port? console ports have no place in the computer gaming world, we like options options options! let the console players stick to thier 5 button controllers and easy/medium/hard selections.

    thats about it for now i do like the game, but its suchhhhh a tease because it could be sooo much more with so few changes!!

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    Originally Posted by grandkodiak

    i do like the game, but its suchhhhh a tease because it could be sooo much more with so few changes!!
    Yup - that's the consensus, and as Maxwell Smart would say with thumb and forefinger an inch apart: "Missed it by that much."

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    Hey grandkodiak, welcome to the forum!

    Great first post! I think this sums up the passion and thoughts of a lot of players. I'll pass this on

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    doesnt seem to be the favourite game for eidos.

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    No mission editor??????

    First post, and it's a complaint.

    Well, finally got round to dl'ing this game via steam, and love it.

    Next job, find the community sites to look for downloadable content, mods and missions created by the community......


    NO mission editor? Unbelievable.

    In these days of virtual communities, the one big thing that will ensure game longevity is community involvement, and that means, amongst other things, putting out a mission editor. Sure, the fine people at eidos have come up with some games, but I guarantee that there are dozens of people out their who have the time, ability and, above all, patience to create maps/scenarios based on their own pet part of the topic.

    It has been said of new software that 95% of users will only use 5% of the features (who knows everything that MS Word can do???), but I guarantee that if this fine game is opened up to the community then this game will be pushed to the limits.

    And, as a tempt to the beancounters at eidos, making the game more attractive means more sales.

    Do I detect a hesitation to do this, as it will mean the console drivers (xbox et al) will miss out? Well, sorry, but that applies to every game. You can't hold a game like this back just because a large number of people play using lobotomised PC's. Sorry. Game consoles.

    Nice one, eidos, but please let this game be all it can be.

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    I played through the whole game once and now I'm playing again so the game must be good.

    My first post (the week the game was released) still stands...IMPROVE THE SOUND! Any modders come up with a "sound pack" yet?

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