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My Ideas for Kingdom Hearts III

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    I feel like the 13 hearts of darkness would look strange with the characters like pete. For some reason i just can never take Pete seriously hahah.

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    I could see Maleificent, jafar, and maybe Hades in there. Although I don't think he would join because he's too focused on taking out Herc. And he is the lord of the underworld. Im hoping to see more of Cloud in KH3 personally.

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    The Disney Worlds I Would like to see are Atlantis, Treasure Planet, and Wreck it Ralph.

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    Oh hell yeah, Treasure Planet and Wreck it Ralph would be awsome, and although I've never been to fond of underwater worlds, Atlantis (the non-little mermaid one) would be pretty cool too.

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    I think this should how the Teams be in Kingdom Hearts III, here are some examples:

    <ul>[*]Sora's Team:
    <ul>[*]Sora[*]Riku[*]Kairi[/list][*]The King's Team:
    <ul>[*]King Mickey Mouse[*]Donald Duck[*]Goofy[/list][/list]

    Also the Limit of only having 3 Members being in your Party should be Extended to 4, 5, or maybe even more than that.

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    @JBJB1029: First, I don't see Disney villains becoming one of the thirteen pieces of darkness, in my mind they just doesn't fit. I think Maleficent will try to control all the worlds by herself and/or the datascape, using Pete and maybe other Disney villains. Maybe Master Xehanort will manipulate them in some way, maybe he won't. On the other hand, I could see a Final Fantasy character being one of the Darkness, be it Cloud or Sephiroth, but I don't think this will happen and I think I wouldn't like to see this happening. But maybe Nomura, Oka and Watanabe can came out with something good involving FF characters. I think it's very likely to have a third Showdown of Fate.

    And, for the members in the party. Since this is the long waited Kingdom Hearts III, I don't think any other number than three members in the party would fit. But what I would like to see is mutiple parties. Something like

    <ul>[*]Sora, Donald and Goofy[*]Sora, Riku and Kairi[*]Mickey, Donald and Goofy[*]Ventus, Terra and Aqua[*]Axel, Roxas and Xion (if they come back)[/list]

    And so on. Changing parties against one boss, like in FF VII, when you're fighting the first stage of the last battle with Sephiroth. Keep KH II mechanich and let we change members on the fly, since I think other Disney characters will still be party members, at least when you play with Sora.

    P.S.: After a lot of time thinking, I would guess that the seven lights, at the very end, will be: Sora, Riku, Kairi, Ventus, Terra, Aqua and Mickey. While that doesn't make impossible to have others Keyblade wielders, as Lea, Roxas and Xion or even Naminé, it wouldn't make sense if the seven lights weren't the three worlds element, since Sora = Sky -> Ventus (air), Riku = Land -> Terra (earth) and Kairi = Sea -> Aqua (water). Mickey will problaby take the last spot. But if Nomura use another Keyblade wielder, maybe even killing someone to create this need, that would be very interesting. Again, don't see it happening since it's also a Disney story and lot's of children play it.

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    I think you're probably right about all of that, but then again, this is Kingdom Hearts, there's always gonna be something that we won't be able to anticipate, and it's probably gonna be awsome, whatever it is.

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    Originally Posted by Ryutim

    I think you're probably right about all of that, but then again, this is Kingdom Hearts, there's always gonna be something that we won't be able to anticipate, and it's probably gonna be awsome, whatever it is.

    I know, right? That's half of the fun, actually. Even if, after seven games, I already know that the character design matters, for the storytelling, so I noticed the Dream Eaters's symbol on Riku's back, I knew it would matter for the story. But I would never guess that he was a Dream Eater inside Sora's dream, talk about Inception. Also, I never noticed the X on Sora's cloths. Nomura is really awesome at being subtle. I'm really looking forward his next games, Versus and KH III. They're gonna be awesome.

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    What about some new Disney like:

    <ul>[*]Bambi[*]Chicken Little (2005 film)[*]Dinosaur (2000 film)[*]Dumbo[*]The Lion King II: Simba's Pride[*]Pirates of the Caribbean (film series)
    <ul>[*]Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)[*]Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007)[*]Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)[*]Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (TBA)[/list][*]And More [/list]

    Also should these Disney Villians be replaced (you could vote on that here at Disney's Evilest Villians - Ace Combat Skies:

    <ul>[*]Ursula with Morgana[*]Jafar with Sa'luk[/list]

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    Agreed. That´s really good.

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    Disney got Marvel and LucasFilms. I think would be awesome if they put Darth Vader or Iron man in the game or just the worlds

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    Iron man, Darth Vader, Sora, Mickey, and so on, all in the same game, I don't know whether to be excited or disturbed at the prospect.

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    Vader Vs. Mickey. who would've thought.

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    I just thought of something weird, Darth Mickey, lol.

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    Hah that would be quite a contradiction. Something i personally want in KH3 that would be cool is instead of gummi ship customization have something similar along the lines of keyblade customization. I would love to mix different parts of the keyblades you have obtained together. Then with each keyblade design or mixture, you get a certain upgrade in your abilities, Such as things like HP+10.

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    Oh, that'd be cool, although I shudder to think of the weird combinations that some people will come up with, it'd be awsome to have a mix between oblivion, no name, and way to the dawn (some of the only keyblades to actually have a sharp edge, there are others, but honestly, most keyblades are just massive keys, not blades, and that includes the kingdom key, which is just plain ridiculous. The main keyblade not being a blade at all, what's up with that?).

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    thats true. And then even some of them have curved edges. (like three wishes i think it's called)

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    I'm fine with curved edges, just as long as they have sharp edges (three wishes isn't curved, but way to the dawn is, if only slightly).

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    Originally Posted by JBJB1029
    I have ideas for the next Kingdom Hearts Game, for example Maleficent, Pete, Hades, Jafar, Ursula, Oogie Boogie, and even Captain Hook joining Master Xehanort's 13 Hearts of Darkness, and also being able to use a Keyblade of Darkness.
    One thing i always liked is that although Maleficent and other dysney villans played a huge part in KH1, and significant but somewhat less in KH2, they kept the line between dysney and Sqaure Enix villans. Dysney villans, im my opinion are more comic relief, where the square enix villans (Organisation 13) are the more serious 'We are the big deal' sort of villans

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    I agree, and I really hope they keep it that way. I just can't see Maleficent being subserviant to anyone, and there's no way that Pete could ever be a real bad guy, he's just an annoying sidekick, and he's actually more annoying to Maleficent than he is to the main characters.

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    all i know is SORA AND KAIRI NEED TO KISS!!! sick of looking up pics of kingdom hearts and seeing sora and riku "gettin it on"

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    in the next series of kingdom hearts, im hoping they will use heartless, the unversed, and dream eaters were alil much, the nobodies were fine, but nobodies, and heartless are really the only ones that i beileve should be put into kingdom hearts 3, thoughts?

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    I totally agree with you, the unversed were good, but they're gone now, and the dream eaters were just annoying imo, so they should only put heartless and nobodies in KH3, just with more forms (especially for the nobodies, they only came in a few different forms, and a little more variety would be nice.).

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    I would be more interested if they used a variety of all of those and introduce a new type of enemy. I'm suspecting for them to go out with a bang for kh3. After which we might start seeing a whole new kingdom hearts.

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