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My Ideas for Kingdom Hearts III

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    I get where you're coming from, but romance is an important part of most stories, and I think that letting people imagine that their favored couples got together in an alternate universe from the main storyline let's everyone get what they want out of it, without forcing the writers to hold back on any relationships they want to have the characters explore.

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    I think Chicken Little should have a more prominant role in Kingdom Hearts III, other than as a summon (Hey! They did it with Mushu! a summon in KH1, KH1FM and a card in KH:CoM so i think they should do the same with him from KHII to KHIII)

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    Yeah, and they did the same for stitch, so there's no reason why chicken little couldn't have a story/world in KH based off of his movie as well. He's not the first character I'd choose to expand upon, but there's definitely potential there.

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    Should the Movie Maleficent (2014) be (mentioned) in Kingdom Heart III?

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    Originally Posted by Bubba1029
    Should the Movie Maleficent (2014) be (mentioned) in Kingdom Heart III?
    I don't know, Maleficent is already one of the main villains in Kingdom Hearts since KHI, so they probably won't use Angelina Jolie Maleficent and stick with what they have already.
    Can't Wait for KHIII!!!!!, can you?
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    I agree with the fact of sticking to the original Maleficent. I think it's just better to finish with what they started though Angelina Jolie is very talented. Has anyone checked out the end to the 2.5 ReMix trailer where it shows a little snip of what to look forward to in KH3? There's been so many ideas thrown out already about what it means and who is talking and stuff that I'm all excited and antsy and can't wait! X3

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    Thumbs Up Kingdom Hearts 3 ideas. Open to suggestions.

    anybody has an idea on how to make the story more interesting for kingdom hearts 3. I am all ears and open to suggestions from others. Here's my suggestion since I'm not limited to disney and the final fantasy part of square enix. What would happen if you put a world of Akame Ga Kill into Kingdom Hearts 3. Here's my scenario. Xehanort dragged Sora into the World of Akame ga Kill! And when sora sees the evil nature of humanity, that would make him snap and join the dark side. What do you think of my idea? Since sora sees every world in black and white, I'm guessing pouring truckloads of grey will definitely make Sora join the dark side after he snapped and destroyed that world.I'm still here to listen to your ideas.

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    I'm a big gamer so I would like to see Sora travel to worlds based on video games like Mario, Sonic, Bomberman, and other games that I played. But I doubt that will happen.

    I like for Sora, Riku and Kairi to travel to worlds from the Disney Afternoon shows like Ducktale, Darkwing Duck, Talespin, and so on. Check out my post in the Kingdom Hearts 3 world to see what I like to see in this new game. The Disney Afternoon can be part of the main game or fun side quests.

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    There's a KH3 idea discussion thread already. If you want to put down what you like to see in the upcoming game, go here...
    Can't Wait for KHIII!!!!!, can you?
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    What do you think:
    Keyblade Ceremony of Light:
    "In your hand, take this Key. So long as you have the makings, then through this simple act of taking, its wielder you shall one day be. And you will find me, friend—no ocean will contain you then. No more borders around, or below, or above, so long as you champion the ones you love."
    Keyblade Ceremony of Darkness:
    "In your hand, take this Key. So long as you have the makings, then through this simple act of taking, its wielder you shall be right now. And you will find me, foe—no ocean will contain you then. No more borders around, or below, or above, so long as you champion the ones you hate."

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    I like for Sora, Riku and Kairi to travel to worlds from the Disney Afternoon shows like Ducktale, Darkwing Duck, Talespin, and so on. The Disney Afternoon can be part of the main game or fun side quests.

    Worlds that I like to see in Kingdom Hearts 3:

    Disney Robin Hood;
    Party members - Robin Hood
    Villains - Prince John and his henchmen
    Summon - Little John and Friar Tuck

    St. Canard from the Darkwing Duck cartoon;
    Party members - Darkwing and Quiverwing
    Villains - Fearsome Five, F.O.W.L., basically all the villains from the Darkwing cartoons
    Summon - Morgana, Neptunia and Stegmutt

    Duckburg from the Ducktales cartoon;
    Party members - Gizmoduck
    Villains - Beagle Boys and Magica De Spell
    Summon - Launchpad

    Party members - Baloo and Kit
    Villains - Don Karnage and his air pirates
    Summon - Louie and Wildcat

    Worlds my sisters would like to see:

    New York from the Gargoyles cartoon;
    Party members - Goliath
    Villain - Demona and the hunter
    Summon - The Manhattan Clan

    Party members - Bonkers
    Villains - all the villains from the Bonkers cartoon
    Summon - Lucky, Miranda and Fall Apart Rabbit

    Final Fantasy characters that I like to see:
    Main heroes of Final Fantasy 1 - 6
    Cait Sith from 7 (can be a summon)
    Laguna from 8
    Zidane from 9
    Vaan from 12
    Lightning from 13
    Sazh and the chocobo chick from 13
    I also like to see Final Fantasy characters that were previously in the other Kingdom Hearts games to be back in Kingdom Hearts 3.
    And to have a cute chocobo for Sora or Riku to ride on.

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    What would happen if you put a world of Akame Ga Kill into Kingdom Hearts 3. Here's my scenario. Xehanort dragged Sora into the World of Akame ga Kill! And when sora sees the evil nature of humanity, that would make him snap and join the dark side. What do you think of my idea? Since sora sees every world in black and white, I'm guessing pouring truckloads of grey will definitely make Sora join the dark side after he snapped and destroyed that world. Since Akame Ga Kill's a Square-Enix Manga, I thought we would all be more open minded about expanding the kingdom hearts universe.

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    Do you think Kingdom Hearts III should be in remembrance of Robin Williams (I) (1951–2014), after-all, he voiced Genie in the 1st film, and 3rd film of Walt Disney's Aladdin (franchise)?

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    Originally Posted by Ryutim
    I've never seen it, but I don't think so.
    If you want to see to see the Film, just click on this link, here.
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    Originally Posted by Bubba1029
    What do you think of the five basic levels of rank for a Keyblade Wielder:

    ∙ Keyblade Initiate (or Youngling or "Keyblade Hopeful")
    ∙ Keyblade Padawan
    ∙ Keyblade Knight
    ∙ Keybalde Master
    ∙ Grand Keybalde Master
    What do you think?

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    Originally Posted by Bubba1029
    I just realized something, a Lightsaber blade is a mass-less form that neither radiated heat nor expended energy until it came into contact with something solid. The power of the energy blade was so great that it could cut through almost anything, although the speed through which it cut depended on the density of the subject. In other words, if a KeyBlade went up against a Lightsaber, not only will the Lightsaber beat the Keyblade, but the Lightsaber will Destroy the Keyblade! So, I hope Nomura is working on a solution to this problem, if Star Wars does get included into Kingdom Hearts III.
    Your views on this post, anyone?

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    Originally Posted by Bubba1029
    Should there be a World (Similar to The Mirage Arena in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep) that helps you level up?
    What do you think?

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    Should Zack's Final Stand be featured in Kingdom Hearts III?

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    Should every member of The True Organization XIII, have the ability to wield a Keyblade?

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    I got this idea from dreams that I had.

    A Frozen world where Sora, Donald and Goofy help save the Kingdom.

    The first visit is where they meet with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven. They have to help them find Elsa and restored summer. They also meet with Lightning from Final Fantasy 13. Lightning is trying to save her sister from her crystal state. This will take place during the Frozen movie. At the end, Sora, Donald and Goofy will face a heartless boss monster during a storm caused by Elsa. And then the rest will be based on the movie. After this, they'll get Olaf and Sven summon.

    The second visit will be a original adventure. This take place after the Frozen movie where Sora, Donald and Goofy come back to the kingdom only for the kingdom to be attacked by Prince Hans. Prince Hans has tricked his parents to believe that Elsa is an evil witch who has enchanted the whole kingdom into believing that she is good. The parents freed Prince Hans and sent him to stop Elsa. Sora, Donald and Goofy who is now joined by a new party member Elsa, must travel to other kingdom to met with Prince Hans' brothers. Anna and Kristoff will distract Prince Hans and try to slow him down. Sora, Donald, Goofy and Elsa have to defeat heartless in order to get rid of barriers that are surrounding each kingdoms. The last one will be a boss. After beating the bad guys and informing the brothers of Prince Hans' actions, the brothers join together to tell their parents of Hans' lies and to stop Hans from attacking the kingdom.

    In memory of Robin, we should have Aladdin world again and make this in memory of him. We will miss you Robin, thank you for all the films you stared in. i really enjoy watching them.

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    Here the dream that I had that gave me the idea for adding in Final Fantasy characters to Frozen in Kingdom Hearts. It also started this idea.

    My first dream is about me and my OC Kat who is a cute little kitten who can talk and has healing power. There were evil villains attacking and every heroes from video games, cartoons and anime were fighting against the villains. I watched as a billboard fell down the building and was about to crash onto the car belong. The car had just crashed into the building and stopped moving. Cloud from (Final Fantasy 7) saw what happened and jumped down after the bill board. He then used his swords to cut the board in half which stopped it from falling onto the car. I jumped down and follow Cloud into the building.
    The person who drove the car went into the building. It turned out to be the Hulk (from Marvel). This Hulk was based on the series 'Hulk and the agents of S.M.A.S.H. Jubilee (from the X-Men cartoon) was also there with me. We went into building and found a weird door shaped like a money vault. Kat started to pick the lock of the weird door. The Hulk said, "This door is securely lock, there's no way a kitten can pick it." Kat picked the lock and gave the Hulk a cheeky smile that says 'what were you saying?' At first I dreamt that Darkwing (from the Darkwing Duck cartoon) was with me and was the one to pick the lock and the Hulk said that Darkwing can't pick the lock... But I couldn't find Darkwing after that so my dream changed it to my OC Kat. The door was too heavy to open for me so Cloud started to open the door. The Hulk told Cloud to move it as he thought that Cloud is a weak human. Both Cloud and Hulk opened the door.
    We all went through the door. After going through, a female villain showed up outside the door and watched us enter through it. She wondered if we are able to find this powerful machine which will help us to defeat the villains. This powerful machine was based on an anime Gundam. It is revealed that nobody has ever make it to the gundam as the place that the gundam is sealed in is too difficult for anyone to get to it. She said if we can make it then she will find a way to manipulate us into working for her. Then she will use us and the gundam to beat all the heroes and villains (she doesn't like working with the other villains). She closed the door and locked us in.
    I was traveling in what looked like a sewer. There were metal mesh platforms on the floor above the glowing yellow water-like substance. I jumped on a metal platform and the platform sank toward the yellow substance. Cloud warned me that the yellow substance was a dangerous acid that can burn us. We quickly jumped across the metal platform even though I burned my feet on the yellow substance (my feet were hurting and felt like it was on fire, ouch!). There were two paths and I took one only for me to turn back and take the other path.
    The other path lead us into a room that looked like a bar. I see Elsa (from the Frozen) sitting on a chair. She was thinking about her sister Anna. She and Anna were sitting in those chairs, having fun talking to each other...that was until a villain kidnapped Anna and took her away. Now Elsa is looking at a empty chair that Anna was on. We went past her and found a weird looking wall. There was something behind that wall. I tried using my special power with Kat to destroy the wall but it failed. The Hulk tried to smash it but failed. Cloud tried to use his special attack on it but also failed. Elsa decided to help us and use her power on the wall, again, it failed. We went to the other path and Elsa followed us. Cloud told Elsa that she should get to a safe place as this place is dangerous. Elsa wanted to come with us to save her sister Anna.
    Elsa walked with me and Jubilee. She sang a song (I forgot the name, is the one with the words 'first time in forever') to us and then sang a new song about her sister Anna and how she wants to save her. I said that family are important to us. Jubilee agreed with me. Cloud understood as he cared for his mother and his family. Hulk said that it must be nice to have a family. We let Elsa joined us. Elsa told me and Jubilee about a song that her sister sang to her when they were little ('Do you want to build a snowman?').
    We made it to a room where we get attacked by monsters. Cloud told us that we need to work together to beat them. Elsa was being drag by a wolf-like monster. I rescued her by using my magic to attack the wolf. Elsa got back up and used her power to attack the monsters that were trying to attack Cloud and Hulk from behind. Jubilee back us up with her power. Hulk and Cloud did a team attack (like the one in the game 'Lego the Hobbit' when you need to team up to break down a big crack wall) where the Hulk threw Cloud at monsters which cause lots of damage. Hulk jumped into the air and Cloud jumped up and threw the Hulk into the enemies which cause lots of damage. The Hulk commented that Cloud is very strong than normal human.
    While walking, Elsa walked beside Cloud. She looked at Cloud's eyes and told him that his eyes reminded her of a beautiful winter with bright sky that has different shade of blue, and lots of snows.
    After defeating the monsters we went into a room where there were rainbow colours question mark boxes on the floor (like the one in Mario Kart on the Super Ninterdo). Jubilee went on one of them and got a bomb item. I told her to throw it before it blows up. Jubilee threw it at a bunch of little bad guys which defeated them. Elsa wanted a go. I was about to go on a question mark box but didn't as I want to let Elsa have a go. I told Elsa to come here to the question mark box on the hill. Elsa went on it and got a banana peel item. I helped by using my power to make a wall of ice to protect her from the little bad guys. Elsa threw the banana peel at the enemies which cause them to slip and fall. They fall in a perfect line. I went on a question mark box and got a green koopa shell. I commented saying that it would be easy to use a red koopa shell than the green koopa shell. I aimed the shell at the enemies so that I can hit them in a line. Jubilee got in my way so I had to quickly get her out of the way. I threw the shell at the enemies. The shell went crashing into the line of enemies. It hit the wall and came right back at us. I jumped out of the way and warned the other about the shell. The shell bounced back across the wall and hit more line of enemies.

    And then I woke up. I really enjoyed this dream, especially when I was working with the heroes.
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    This dream was the one to give me this idea of putting Frozen in Kingdom Hearts... However, it is very sad.

    I dreamt that I heard that the person who made the movie Frozen had original planned to get rid of Elsa at the end. However, they changed it so that Anna will be gone.
    The movie played the same as before except at the end, the part where there’s a storm and Prince Hans tried to get rid of Elsa. Anna tried to get to Elsa only for Hans to see that Anna is still alive. Hans quickly runs behind Anna and stabs her from behind. He wants to get rid of Anna before Elsa sees that Anna is still alive. Unfortunately for Hans, the storm was gone when he runs behind Anna. Elsa saw what happened and got angry. The love she has for her sister helped her to control her power. She unfroze everything and was standing on ice. She walked toward Hans who is swimming in the water. Kristoff was diving down in the water to try to find Anna. Elsa was about to get rid of Hans with her power but stopped as she realized that if she does that, it only prove that she is a monster when she’s not. She heard Kristoff diving down the water. She jumped in to try to find her sister. Kristoff found Anna and swam up with her. It was too late, Anna was gone.
    They threw Hans into the jail on the ship and sent him back home. Elsa walked into a room in the castle where she saw Anna ghost. Anna told Elsa that she now know why Elsa avoided her all those years ago. She remembered that Elsa has her power when they were little and how the troll has to change her memories in order to save her. Anna then told Elsa about her adventure when she tried to find her.
    Elsa got Kristoff to come with her so that she can give him his sleigh (not as good as the one Anna gave him at the end of the movie). Elsa told him that it is to replace the sleigh that was destroyed when he was helping Anna. Kristoff said to Elsa that he cannot take the sleigh and that the only thing that he wants the most is to have Anna back with them.
    Afterward, Elsa called a meeting with the countries’ leaders (except for Weasel town) where she explained to them about what has happened. After hearing her story, the leaders warned Elsa saying that Hans might try to lie his way out and will try to attack her kingdom. They suggested that Elsa should be prepare and form an army to fight back. Elsa replied that she can’t form an army as her kingdom is a peaceful place.
    Next Elsa and Kristoff went to the place where they buried Anna. They went to show their respects but were shocked to see that the place was destroyed by cannonballs. Lots of ships were sailing toward Elsa’s kingdom. The person in charge was none other than Prince Hans (I hate him!).
    It then changed to me seeing Sora, Donald and Goofy (from Kingdom Hearts) where they were in the castle with Elsa and Anna. They see the two sisters having lots of fun together. Sora, Donald and Goofy left the castle only for Sora to stop. Sora had a feeling that something is wrong in this place. Anna showed up and told them that she is actually a ghost. She explained to them about what happened and said that they are inside Elsa’s dream. She said that Elsa missed her which created this dream where Anna is still alive. Anna told Sora, Donald and Goofy that they must get out and help save Elsa. She said that Hans is attacking her kingdom and that Elsa needs their help to stop him.
    Back in the kingdom, Hans’ men were attacking the kingdom. Kristoff and Elsa tried to fight back but were captured by the bad guys. Sora, Donald and Goofy came in and fought the bad guy but they too were captured by them. The bad guys were holding Sora, Donald and Goofy up over their heads to prevent them from escaping. Hans came in and walked in front of Elsa. He punched Elsa in the face as he wasn’t happy that Elsa made a fool of him (I was shocked to see that. I absolutely hate him! Let me at him!). Sora pointed his keyblade at the bad guy holding Donald and fired magic at him. This knocked the guy out and freed Donald. Donald used his magic to free the others from the bad guys. It didn’t look good as there were too many of Hans’ men to fight. More ships came in only these belong to Hans’ brothers. They have come to stop Hans. I had no idea how that happened…until Sora explained to Elsa about how they were in her dream. When they got out of the dream, they were in front of a different kingdom ruled by one of Hans’ brothers. Sora, Donald and Goofy knew that Anna sent them here to get help so they told Hans’ brother about what was happening. After listening to their story, Hans’ brother told them that he will gather all his brothers and put a stop to Hans.
    Hans was not happy when he saw that his brothers were coming. He blamed them as they are the reason why he can’t be king (can’t he wait, I mean he will become king soon…well, not anymore after what he did).

    My alarm woke me up before I could carry on dreaming. Do you think any part of my dreams is a good idea to use for Kingdom Hearts 3? I thought some parts were good.
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    I want Final Fantasy characters like Rosa, Rydia (and other FFIV characters), Seymour, Tifa, Auron, Jecht, Barthandelus, and Kefka Palazzo and some other Final Fantasy Characters that we can't already assume will appear in Kingdom Hearts 3 (like Sephiroth and Cloud for example). I also also enjoy some plot event around fighting some non-villain characters from Final Fantasy during the middle and end stages of the game when Sora has more strength and abilities to face off against some more challenging foes.

    If Sora was able to be in a Final Fantasy world or have some type of glimpse or dream that allows him to understand or connect with some of these FF characters and gives contexts for allowing Sora into their environment.

    On the other hand having villains or even heroes from Final Fantasy have a motive in stopping Sora's adventures like how Maleficent has and then later in Sora's travels he finds and fights them. I think this would work well with how Tetsuya Nomura writes scenes and plots of villains working together with a common goal.

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    Hey what did happend to roxas?

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    Well not all of org 13 members
    I could see Demyx with a keyblade

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