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Thread: Lara Croft's MySpace page!

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    Thanks, cool.

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    Cool! Lara already has 3082 friends!

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    On the page it said its rude to ask a lady her age. But if u guys wanna play by the time the game was released, she'd only be 10...

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    So hey!
    If anybody's added Lara's MySpace page to their frineds list, why don't you go ahead and leave a link to your own page here?
    That way we can all add each other as well.
    Here's mine....
    and my band's
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    I just got your friend request, Deekman. Quite a surprise.

    I did post mine on here, but I'll do it again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mertz523 View Post
    I just got your friend request, Deekman. Quite a surprise.
    Why would you be suprised?

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    Cuz the last 20 or so friend requests I have gotten in recent weeks were from bogus profiles. I haven't approved a friend request since February. Plus the green beard made me smile, 'cuz I instantly recognized you.

    C-ya around

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    Yeah I get a lot of fake friend requsts that are really just a front for porn sites.
    I just hit "DENY". It's actually getting kinda tedious.
    I don't do all that much at my page anyways. I mostly use MySpace for the band.

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    Not very good..
    You should add something about her adventures

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    Smile I've joined as well
    I'm also at Second Life under the name Natla Agnomen

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    Welcome aboard Natla, Nice to see you finally posting.
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    Wink Thanks

    Thanks Ms. CS&P
    It was nice to meet you in Second Life the other day. You certainly look mighty fine in that catsuit Total hottie ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laura Croft View Post
    I created a Myspace dedication page for Tomb Raider.

    Check it out, see what you think. Made it a few months ago but haven't been on it in ages, so not sure how it's doing.
    I added you as a friend.

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    so how would one go about being added to Lara's friend list? Not that she doesnt have enough to begin with

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    I'm actually on her top friend's list. I don't know how that happened.

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    funny that a character has a myspace page she sure gets around!

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    awesome page!thanks.
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    well if you put in lara croft or tomb raider in on the myspace search, it comes, what 3 dozen, some poeple are too obessessed wiht a pixilated body or got too much time on their hands,lol

    and here is me

    my myspace

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mertz523 View Post
    I'm actually on her top friend's list. I don't know how that happened.
    I know it's a bit too late but anyway.

    I'm too lazy to create my own MySpace site...
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    Soo, errr, if, say, I message "Lara" on "her" myspace, who in RL actually gets the message??

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    i dont see laura listening to nin, especially the older stuff.

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    I don't see Laura at all, actually.

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    Thumbs Up

    Cool I didn't realize there were so many other ones as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CatSuit&Ponytail View Post
    Yes, she has her own MySpace page. This girl gets around.

    Head over and say hello! She won't shoot you, I promise.
    that was very interesting and also very clever

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