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Thread: Soo pretty!

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    Soo pretty!

    I just played AOD today after a long hiatus and I actually think AOD is the prettiest of all the games. Does someone know what the whole story was suppose to be (for all 3 gamess that were suppose to be the trilogy)? I was actually kind of excited to experience something new and I like the story line. Though the controls are a little crappy and I've heard it's really buggy.

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    No one knows what the rest of the story is supposed to be. I'd heard that she was supposed to go to Turkey in the second installment. There are petitions around for the story to be continued. You might be aware that AOD was converted to DVD format recently (where you play the story in your DVD player), hopefully the point of that is so they will continue second and third installments in that format but we shall see.
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    I'm so curious about that DVD game. Has anyone played it? Is it any fun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LisaB View Post
    I'm so curious about that DVD game. Has anyone played it? Is it any fun?
    I've played with it but don't really like it. You've got just a little control and if you chose a wrong direction, the game ends. But it's a good alternative if you wanted to know AOD but didn't want to play through the whole game.

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    Angel of Darkness is a Lamborghini Murcielago shell built over a push bike.
    It looks great, but there's no glory in its speed and handling.

    Unquestionably the worst handling TR game ever... Yet it looks great

    (and Lara herself is outstandingly pretty... aaaaahhhh, La La...) Whoops!
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    Mm...i liked Aod.

    I think it was revealed over on the TRforums to Rivendell that the next installments of the story were never written, but she was supposed to go to Turkey. The designers possibly had an idea of where the trilogy was going but not a detailed one. Shame, because I'd love to know what happens next.

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