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Missing backgrounds?

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    Missing backgrounds?

    FF7 has worked perfectly on my computer, and other than the missing backgrounds, the game runs fine. I run windowns xp with an Nvidia Geforce 5200 card and whenever I play, I will get missing backgrounds in pretty much every *town or city* map. There will be large black areas around the buildings and parts of the map with object art. They are minor problems, but occasionally the problem will escalate, such as after the motorcycle minigame when fighting the boss, when the ENTIRE BACKGROUND DISAPPEARED. Everything was black, except the characters. I restarted the game and problem solved, but the black areas around buildings won't go away =/. Sometimes the black areas even block out items and the Cloud avatar thingy. There are no other problems with crashing or anything, just the eyesores of having black spots all over the place.

    I tried patching, changing compatibility, the whole bit. With no results. Help would be appreciated.

    for those who still don't understand the problem, this is a picture of it.

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    i also got some weird problems with the backgrounds...all of them appear cracked in squares..and sometimes the game just crashes when i enter a random battle...what patches did you use???

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    I believe there is a patch with an nVidia fix right in the config. Should be easy to find anywhere.

    Once you get it, go into config, and select nVidia, then TNT I think it was. I think it should solve the problem.

    And the random crashes on battles.. I think thats caused by alt-tabing out of the game and then back into it.. Thats usually the only time I crash...

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