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Help on Rendezvous at Java Sea

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    Rolleyes Help on Rendezvous at Java Sea

    I have been having trouble beating the mission Rendezvous at Java Sea. I cannot keep my destroyers and cruiser alive against the enemy planes. Any tactics to beat this level?

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    aim ahead of the enemy planes, keep your ships moving add 2/3 crew to water and 1/3 to fire on all 3 ships as soon as you spot the enemy sub order 1 od the DD's to attack whilst keepin your over ships on course for the RV point when it comes to destroying the enemy BB use your sub as a suicide sub charge the BB and fire all your torps, this will criple it or maybe even sink it and use the DD's as cannon fodder for the IJN ships whilst you use your sub and CL/CA to do the objective. worked for me and I ended up with silver for the mission and the AA markmasnship medal

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    It's very easy on regular,just listen him

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    Help with thr Houston squadron in Rendevous at Java Sea

    The first thing I did was get as much distance between the ships as possible.This will split up the attacking aircraft,and make them easier to take out with AA fire.Even on veteran I usually have both DDs intact after the final attack by the Kates. I win this mission quite regularly, but I cannot seem to get the sub to dive the way it should. Any reason for this glitch?

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    It may be in the shallows around the island

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    I had the exact same problem as you, and I found a solution. The trick I found is to run all your ships away from the enemy BB. Use superior speed to outrun the Haruna and separate her from her destroyer escort. Two DDs should engage you. Turn around and fight the DDs with your CAs, then continue running.

    All that should be left is the DD and the BB. Send your submarine in, and use the head-on attack to sink the DD. Then simply get right behind the BB and unload torps to finish the mission.

    For more info, head on over to Strategywiki and search for "BSM". You should find it easily.

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    i keep the 2 CA's on the run and i send in all my remaining DD's
    the other DD's will attack your DD's, and they won't pay attention to your sub bcs they're in battle
    then simply put some torps in the Haruna with your sub
    that's how i did it

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    Originally Posted by AdmiralSparky
    I have been having trouble beating the mission Rendezvous at Java Sea. I cannot keep my destroyers and cruiser alive against the enemy planes. Any tactics to beat this level?

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    turn each one 1s evry 2 sec.

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    Post A little opinion

    During the air raid, what I usually do is this, I turn my ships so that the Vals are attacking from the side. That gives them a little bit more difficulty in hitting you. When the Kates arrive charge them head on, their torps will have more difficulty hitting you.

    Send the Houston away when the sub arrives and send one or two of the DDs to sink the sub. After the sub sinks, even if your not in the marked RV point, the game will proceed to the next cutscene.

    To take out the Haruna... do what the other guy said. Keep the enemy DDs occupied then send your subs to sink the BB. Sometimes sending every available ship to attack the Haruna works too. Just remember to set "torpedos" "on". so that the DDs and the British CA will fire them w/o you having you do it yourself.

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    Yea,Put your damage control crews on water and fire duty, order the destroyers onto free move and head directly east. Make sure to keep locked onto the very first wave, if you survive that then your in with a good chance of gettin he hree ships through the air raid. The sub is easy to sink, get through the first wave of ships. When the haruna spawns, send your destroyers off to different ends of the map, and just send the Houston off as far away as possible. Get up to 0.2 or 0.1 miles from the haruna with the sub, torpedo her, then dive to crushing depth as one destroyer always stays with her, follow her when your down in the depths, your speed submerged is roughly the same as hers' is normally. When you know the torps are reloaded rise to slam another spread of torpedeos into her. This took me a lot of attempts on veteran,Its defo one of the hardest levels in he game

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