Thread: Black, only i see is black

Black, only i see is black

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    Black, only i see is black

    When I'm starting FF7 only i can see is black screen. I hear sound in my headphones (only of eidos logo) than silence, can't alt+f4 or smth like this. I've installed xp patch 1.02, riva tuner and everything that this forum says.
    My computer
    Celeron 2.44 Ghz
    Ati Radeon 9250
    WIndows XP SP2

    hardware software, any combination of options is wrong

    Plz help 'cause im sick and tired, suicide is very close :<

    Cant even see the newgame window only black...

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    Same problem here.

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    step 1

    Ok this worked for getting tot he new game screen. _ Make sure the Num lock is on and press the enter key on the keypad then wait a moment. The New game / continue came up for me when I did this.

    Please note I had installed a FF7patch FF7xp.Zip prior to trying this. I am not certain whether the patch made that work or if i just stumbled on it.

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    sme prob :> and pressing enter on keypad dont work

    Window's XP Pro Edition SP 2

    Amd Athlon 3800+ Duel Core Processor
    GeForce 8600 GT Graphics Card
    1Gig 400 Mhz Ram
    (aint rly sure about MotherBoard)

    my Pc specs

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    i HAD a black screen problem... but its fixed now, not sure exactly what i did fixed it because i did a couple things at once....

    first i unistalled k-lite codec pack, then i installed ace mega codecs pack, (it said i should uninstall divx but i didnt (dont want to have to reinstall EVERYTHING! later...)) after ace mega codec pack finished installing i played ff7, and although the screen is jumbled up at start, it goes to black then starts playing fine so far ive had no more trouble with it (havent got to cosmo canyon yet ill post what happens there too for anyone who still has problems there.

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    the main problem actually was the FFDshow codec, i dunno how to disable it, so i uninstall it from my computer and then if u still found black screen, use true motion codec 2.0 try it and u will see the different

    BTW if u install it on win xp without any of service pack you won't got any trouble....only the chochobo patch needed

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