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Sound problem

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    Sound problem

    I'm having problems with the sound in my game. the cutscene sounds work just fine but when i actually begin to play the sound only works for several seconds and then dies. Its getting really annoying playing in total silence. Anyone know whats up?

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    off hand i would say unpdate or rollback your audio drivers to a different one, that might solve it. i would also update your chipset at the same time. try that for a start.

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    Drivers are your best bet, make sure you have the latest and the old drivers were removed properly when installing new ones...

    Also there is an option in game settings for HARDWARE or SOFTWARE sound try tinkering with these two options as well...

    Good Luck.

    EDIT: there are a few other Threads about sound probs , SEARCH is always a good choice for forum troubleshooting hehe

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